Shooting-and-SafetyWorried about what gun to use when you hit the range? Or which gun accessories to choose? Well, we’re here to put those worries to rest!

Think of us like an old uncle who scolds you for every wrong turn you make. The only difference is we’re not your uncle and we’ll be giving you sound advice that will make your shooting experiences better.

When it comes to guns, there’s a wide range of choices that can often confuse you. From rifles to air pistols, the sheer choices may make you want to buy them all. This is where yours truly come in!

What Do We do?

Apart from sipping beer and posting crudely funny jokes, we pride ourselves on our immense gun knowledge. Our main goal is to cater to all the noobs, amateurs, gun owners and hunting enthusiasts, and help them become as gun-savvy and cool as we are!

We can help you:

  1. Become more gun-savvy by knowing all that you need to know about guns. This can include knowing terminologies used by professionals and the different types of guns. For example, our guide to pellet guns can help you identify the different types of pellet guns in the market.
  2. Pick out the right type of air gun and accessories. Being a group of experienced amateurs, we’ve tried every gun there is! Our real-time reviews can help you find how they hold up against their promises.
  3. Look the part. We also review a variety of tactical gear such as ear muffs, flashlights, glasses, etc. In addition, you can choose the right kind of holster for yourself by following our guides. Dress to kill with our top choices in tactical pants and shirts.
  4. Learn everything there is about gun safety. This way you won’t have to worry about blowing your hands off! Yep, we’re proudly experienced in this department too! No, not blowing up our hands, we’re talking about gun safety just to be clear.
  5. Choose from a variety of options to keep your guns safe and hidden within your household or your car.
  6. Laugh or cringe, depending on your sense of humor.

Why You Need Us?

Well, we already told you how we can help you. We know what you’re thinking! Your grandpa didn’t need buying guides or someone else to tell him what to buy. But, your grandpa also didn’t consider quality too much.

However, people are clever and brands are cleverer today! You might end up with something that falls apart after the first shot. You need a high-quality, sturdy piece of equipment that can last decades! And that’s what we help you with.

Our reviews can help you find out which guns, gear, and accessories hold up better than others!

Who are We? Myth, Legend or Just a Bunch of Amateurs?

A difficult question to answer given our ongoing existential crisis, but we are a team of gun enthusiasts who want to share and help beginners and amateurs. Given the fact, that we were once amateurs too, we know where you might be facing difficulties.

Our Team:

You might know the big faceless companies that simple churn out useless content like a mill. Not us! We’re a small group of close-knit people from all walks of life united by our passion for everything gun-related.

Aiden Williams

Aiden-WilliamsFounder and Editor-in-Chief

Hey… I’m Aiden Williams, a die-hard gun enthusiast. I started my journey quite early playing around with fake toy replicas and shooting nerfs at my friends. I soon realized my passion for guns and started reading up on them. You can imagine my passion as I had to scour the library for books because there was no internet back then. Still, I did so happily. I basically read all these books until they were dog-eared.

At 15, I finally went to a shooting range and had my first shot with a real gun. The rest is history! 20 years later and I decided to teach others what I love. Not only are guns perfect for self-defense and hunting, but they are generally fun to own and maintain.

I hope to help everyone who is still struggling with maintaining their gear or finding out the perfect pistol for them. My journey has undoubtedly been an extraordinary one, but a lonely one. With you, my potential readers, I hope to accompany you on your journey as a guiding hand and help you find only the best.

Alex Pesci

Alex PesciMedia and Marketing Manager

Being an Italian, Alex loves all things guns and pasta. He works on the team as a media manager and takes care of all the pictures and videos. He works with brands and helps us to find the next big thing on the market.

Alex is an avid hunter but admits that he has no brand loyalty when it comes to his rifles. Whatever is currently best on the market, that is his favorite gun.

Erin Johnson


Erin works as a co-editor, often reviewing new guns and vintage designs. She grew up in Wyoming, the Cowboy State, with her father who was a proud gun owner. From a young age, she could easily name one gun from another. She is the brains behind all of our guides and consistently strives to make fresh content.

Asked to pick out her favorite gun, Erin started listing the stats, situations, and circumstances where she would pick different pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Her personal piece is an old .38 revolver, both because of personal reasons and a firm belief that a problem that she can’t solve with six rounds is a sure sign of the apocalypse.

Pete Woods

Pete WoodsSocial Media Manager

Pete is the youngest in our team and helps us stay relevant to folks of all ages. He keeps our social media updated with every little thing we do. From team meetings to new content, he ensures the world is aware of what we are up to. He also prides himself at taking the best Snapchat videos, a skill that is only overshadowed by his amazing shooting.

He claims that his preferred weapon of choice is his phone, but he has had a permit since he was 18 and is a proud open carry proponent. With a 9mm Glock at his waits, he is the shining example of the no-nonsense generation that still manages to be silly most of the time.

Gun Pro-in-Training, You

You, our readers, are the most important part of the team. It’s you who drive us forward each day. Your feedback helps us refine our content and improve it. Your problems and suggestions are the fuel to our fire! So, whatever problems you face with guns or self-defense, be sure to contact us and learn from our wisdom. You can even contribute to our content and share your knowledge and views with the rest of the world!