Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle Review


Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle (.22) This Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle review explores why the Bolt Action is considered as an “American classic gun” among the staunchest enthusiasts. It is a multi-pump pneumatic rifle that comes with a polished synthetic wooden MonteCarlo stock.  This sleek looking gun also comes with a black rifled brass barrel. It can shoot pellets up to 685 fps. However, if you increase the number of pumps, the velocity will vary.

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  • Efficient Firepower:

To start with, it is a hard-hitting, particularly for a multi-pump rifle. The 392 model in the .22 gauge is equipped for sending a conventional lead pellet at 685 fps (amalgams around 800fps) and is appraised at a noteworthy 14.9 FPE. This obviously surpasses the general guideline least 12 FPE for a genuine chasing gun. When considerable firepower and accuracy come together, you get Crosman Benjamin performance that continues to transcend time. You can almost feel the pistol getting lighter as you empty out the iron sights (if you do indeed choose to use iron sights).


  • Accuracy:

In terms of accuracy, any old-school client of the 392 will tell that it is precise – destructively exact. Since they utilize compacted air, these rifles do not experience the ill effects of springer force and are normally straight, predictable shooters right out of the container, although now and again you may need to chip away at the windage.
Also, if you are truly searching for laser-like murders, you can match this air rifle up with a respectable degree and truly take your diversion to the following level. The immense thing about checking this model is that you do not need to be concerned with overwhelming backlash beating on the extension itself, or the barrel misalignment issue infrequently connected with break barrel springers. It also needs a dovetail mount.


  • Perfect for shooting small games:

This gun is perfect for shooting small games and pest control. But you will also enjoy shooting spinners and plinking with this gun. It is one of the oldest air rifle made by Benjamin Crosman. But that does not stop them from putting extra finesses in the craftsmanship in this gun. They even have developed a swelling in the arm to make the pumping process easier.

The Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Air Rifle hits the target very hard. It can shoot lead pellets up to 685 fps and alloys up to 800 fps. This is a superb hunting gun. It can take down a larger prey easily. As it has multi-pump action, shooting practice and plinking is easier with this. This gun uses compressed air to cause damaging shots, so springer recoils are unlikely. This is why it can shoot straight and provides a more accurate result.


  • Extended Performance:

If you’re an experienced shooter (even if only with air rifles) you can extend the performance of this particular Benjamin rifle. Play around with the valve a little (advanced users only) or simply use iron sights (like Williams peep sights) and you’ll easily hit 3-inch targets as far as 40 yards away. Check out the video below to see a practical demonstration.

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New Benjamin 392 Pump Air RiflePros

  • A scope can be added easily for laser-like precision. Crosman B272 inter-mounts work well in this case.
  • Incidents of barrel misalignment are highly unlikely.
  • It is budget friendly for most newbies.
  • It comes with a rear sight that can be adjusted in case of windage and elevation
  • Sharp accuracy makes it great for hunting
  • Has very low springer recoil, allowing user to maintain shooting stability
  • Deadly shooting power of up to 800fps


  • Sometimes the trigger is a bit harder to pull.
  • It is a little loud for an air rifle so the lack of noise dampening is annoying.
  • This gun needs a lot of pumpings. But as it is a variable air rifle, it will provide you with an amazing result.

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This Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle review reveals this to be an an amazing rifle that comes with superb hunting capacity, sharp accuracy, and low springer recoil. By adding a good scope, it will be very easy to turn it into an exemplary hunting rifle. Overall, it is a durable, compact and light air rifle and is very easy to carry around places, especially for active shooting. This inexpensive air rifle will provide you finer results than some high-end over-hyped rifles.

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