Benjamin Discovery 22 Air Rifle Review


Crosman BP9M22GP Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump In this Crosman Benjamin Discovery 22 Air Rifle review one of those guns that people long for is dissected to see what all the fuss is about. If you are a gun enthusiast and like hunting in general, then this air rifle is perfect for you. Crossman Benjamin is one of the biggest gun makers of the world, so they always try to put up their best products in the market. Crossman Benjamin Discovery is a pre-charged pneumatic PCP CO2 air rifle. This gun comes with 0.22 calibers, although you can also find .177 caliber versions in the market.

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  • Superb fire power:

Armed with dual fuel features, you can either use this with CO2 or 2000 psi. It is also able to provide a velocity of 900 feet per second. This gun comes with a one year warranty, which helps to cement its usage without any worries whatsoever. The gun utilizes a large tank of highly pressurized air for shooting pellets, making it one of the best airguns in terms of power. Professional shooters, who want the best fire powers, will be happy to get this one in their collection.


  • Amazing finesse in shooting targets (if you replace the factory-fitted trigger):

The gun’s trigger can really affect your shooting performance, particularly in terms of accuracy. As it turns out, the trigger problem isn’t unique to our test rifle and is rather a factory-built issue with the spring. You’ll have to add between $22-$50 to the overall spend on this air rifle however, by replacing the built-in trigger with either one from Alliance Hobby or a cheaper but equally good Bryan & Associates brass trigger.

The trigger-replacement is so important that it makes or breaks the overall value and performance of the gun. See video(s) below to for a step-by-step on how to replace the trigger.

  • Ease of use:

This is a pre-charged pneumatic firearm. Also, despite the fact that it has the capacity to power itself through mass fill CO2, with the end goal of this aside it is better to stick to HPA.

Pre-charged pneumatic rifles are powered through high weight air (HPA) which goes about as a fuel gas. The gas is put away in a supply inside of the air rifle and this takes into account various shots to be discharged before the need to refill. On a general note, you ought to have the capacity to get around a decent 15 shots out of the Benjamin Discovery before you have to re-pressurize the firearm.

One positive part of picking a pre-charged pneumatic over something like a spring cylinder is you do not need to manage pull back, which can truly botch up your scopes.


  • A low maintenance firearm:

Crosman Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle is a trouble free air rifle since it requires no pumping for its application. Another fact is, the outdoor air temperature will not have any effect on the shooting. The gun itself is pretty low maintenance as it does not usually need too much looking after to ensure a long lasting lifetime.


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New - Benjamin Discovery 22 Air Rifle



  • This gun provides you with a good sight. It can be fully adjusted for elevation or windage.
  • It does not need recharging often like other PCP air guns.
  • It has an amazing firepower and accurate shot counts.
  • It is smaller than most PCP airguns, making storage easier.


  • The gun may prove to be quite loud at the first few shots.
  • The price discourages newer gun users into trying out the product.

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For people who are new to the world of PCP guns, this is a match made in heaven. Even though our Crosman Benjamin Discovery 22 Air Rifle review exposed the rifle to make a lot of noises while shooting, that can be fixed by using a silencer of the same brand. This gun provides accurate shots and is one of the best rifles for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is made for plinking, target practice or shooting small games, as it is also an entry level PCP air gun. Although it is a bit pricey, you will not regret buying this in the long run.