Beretta Nano Review — 3 CRITICAL Facts Discovered

Beretta NanoI love going through the various handguns on the market. Today, I had the luxury of buying from a half a century old company. The Beretta Nano is an excellent example of how both time and money come together to form endless effort. I was sick and tired of getting scammed for 9mm pistols. So, I decided to try out the one company that had been around since forever.

I’m glad I did. The Nano has pleased me beyond bounds, save its own flaws. Below, I’ve listed the few things that stood out about the Nano. Take a look anddecide for yourself.

Things to Consider While Buying a 9mm Pistol

Buying a 9mm caliber pistol like the Beretta Nano is a huge risk. For one thing, you never know when you’re facing a scam. A 9mm pistol generally falls between .355 and .363 caliber. There are a few things to always look for in the best 9mm pistols.

First, look for ease of handling. Pistols should be easy to fire and should have a strong grip. You’ll immediately know when the pistol is good or not by simply holding it. In general, look for a grip frame made from strong polymers. The internal barrel should include a coating of nickel stainless steel.

Second, you’ll want to check out the magazine capacity. Most magazineshold up to 10 rounds. If you plan on buying a revolver, expect something closer to 6 rounds. Next, decide if you want to use the gun for concealed carry. Guns with shorter barrel lengths, more compact designs, and lighter weights are best.

You should also consider the finish of the handgun. Most have a black or blued finish. Take into account the price of the product as well. 9mm pistols between $300 and $1,000 or sometimes more. However, I would recommend anything above $400.

Overall, I would suggest 9mm pistols for people who want something a bit more powerful than .22 ammo.

Presenting the Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta is one of the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. Founded almost 500 years ago, it supplied barrels to Venice’s army at the Battle of Lepanto. And it has since upheld that same quality and reassurance. The Beretta Nano comes packed with tons of features and useful elements.

The Nano is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun pistol best fit for the common user. It has a barrel length of 3.07 inches and has a total length of 5.63 inches. This makes it the perfect pistol for concealed carry. The compact design will fit right into your hands.

The Beretta Nano is a huge upgrade from the Beretta Neos .22 Pistol. The barrel is much smaller, and the gun itself is generally easier to hold. I found that the Beretta Nano has one of the best sight systems. It uses a three-dotted system. The operation feels exceptionally smooth and accurate.


  • Compacter than other models. Fit for concealed carry
  • Accurate shooting. Almost no offset or printing
  • Gives a good grip
  • Adjustable sight system makes it much more customizable


  • May jam or fail to eject the bullet properly
  • The trigger is harder to pull

Features and Benefits

Concealed Carry

Carrying a gun concealed is crucial for self-defense. The Beretta Nano has a very short barrel length of only 3.07 inches. The overall length is 5.63 inches, and the weight is a little over 19 ounces. Because of the lightweight and the compact design, the Nano is a great candidate for concealed carry.

I recommend the Beretta Nano best for self-defense in terms of size and compactness, although it isn’t as accurate or deadly as its .22 LR variants. Still, you can use the Nano to deliver significant damage to the perpetrator.


The accuracy of a gun can be a matter of life and death. Although most of the accuracy depends on your shooting skills, a lot can change with the right equipment. The Beretta Nano is extremely accurate. It will shoot targets from over 20 yards away and is just as accurate as any other concealed carry weapon.

It may have a slight left offset, so that’s a bit of a let-down. However, in the case of rapid fire, it hits bullseye almost every round. This is what makes it so special.

Trigger Pull and Ergonomics

Trigger pull on the Beretta Nano wasn’t as smooth as expected. The trigger was harder to pull in both single and double action shooting. I had a hard time getting the unit to work. But apart from that, there was little to no inhibition in operation.

As for the ergonomics, the Beretta is small, compact, and very easy to hold. It fits right into your hands, and double-handed shooting is quite comfortable. Even single-handed shooting will land an accurate blow. The bullet flowed out pretty smoothly, and there was little to no problem in taming the recoil.

The following video will give you a good idea of the shooting range and ease of use.

Exterior Design and Aesthetics

The exterior design doesn’t really matter much, but having a good-looking gun can change the mood drastically. The exterior of the Beretta Nano is matte black, blocky, and minimalistic. You won’t find some of the extravagancies of other companies. The outside has a black finish, which will keep the gun safe from corrosion.

The exterior also comes in a multitude of colors. The main frame includes a polymer construction. You can buy them in four different styles. This gives the Nano diversity and fluidity.


One of the biggest reasons why I have fallen in love with the Beretta Nano is the amount of customization. You can attach multiple lights and aiming gear to the rail provided with the Beretta Nano. The sights are adjustable and interchangeable. This means that you can alter the aim according to your needs.

Furthermore, the Beretta comes with two magazines included. This is a great offer since so many of us hate to spend on extra magazines.

Pros and Cons


  • Features adjustable interchangeable sights. Uses a three-dotted design. The sights help to aim better and give an accurate estimation of where the bullet will land.
  • It has a very compact and minimalistic design. In fact, the Beretta Nano was designed for concealed carry and is one of the most suitable for this.
  • The Beretta Nano also features tons of customizations. I recommend it best for the customizability. The Picatinny rail and adjustable sights are an added plus.
  • It has a black finish polymer frame. The frame is resistant to weather and rain, and will not corrode very easily. This is much better than a blued frame.
  • Very accurate shooting. Can shoot at bullseye within a range of 20 yards. Best for rapid-fire shooting and single-handed use. Has a slight offset which you can correct using a screwdriver.


  • The trigger is hard and gritty to pull in both single and double action. This makes the pull longer, essentially lowering shooting time. You can choose to tolerate the delay, but it may cost you heavy.
  • The Beretta has a very slight left offset which can be tricky to master. Using a screwdriver to fix it can be tedious and many may not know how to do it.
  • There were a few models which I tried in which ejection was delayed. The bullets got jammed in the barrel and this made working with the Nano a pain in the neck. However, you can correct the failure to eject in multiple ways.
  • This gun cannot adapt to every ammo you give it. It is selective and picky, so that’s a bit of a pain.

General User Impressions

Other users were incredibly happy with the Beretta Nano and its functioning. They pointed out that the field stripping was exceptionally easy and fun. It literally took the customers no more than a few minutes to clean up the entire barrel. One user stated that the gun never rejected or jammed a bullet, even after shooting it a thousand times. Most seemed to love the durability.

The same cannot be said for the others, however. A running pattern we found among the displeased customers was that their pistols were jamming. The Nano kept getting jammed, which made operation a whole lot harder. This makes it especially harder to keep yourself safe in case of an emergency.

Overall, customers rated the Beretta Nano a 4.0 out of 5. This shows just how intricate and modern Beretta’s design is. It is recommended most for concealed carry.

Our Opinions

My opinions on the Beretta were mostly neutral and varying. At one point, it seemed like the durability and accuracy couldn’t be better. At another, I felt compelled to comment on the poor ejection and trigger pull. If you ask me, the Beretta is great for a number of reasons.

It is best for concealed carry. The small and lightweight design is best for use in public and for self-defense. That aside, the Nano is a beautiful little accurate beast so if you want more accuracy and personalization, the Nano seems fit.

With that being said, there are a few things that the Beretta Nano got wrong. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re considered about timing. The trigger is hard and gritty to pull, and you might end up hurting yourself. It also doesn’t have many safety mechanisms. Overall, the Beretta Nano from my side is an 8 out of 10. If you could pull the trigger pull and excessive jamming, this would be a wonderful sidekick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Beretta Nano single action or double action?

Quite fortunately, the Beretta Nano can be both. When in single action mode, it works best for women and the differently abled. I would recommend it for all types of users, but for women more.

Does the Beretta Nano have trigger safety?

Yes. The Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol comes with trigger safety and protection. The hammer will automatically lock down in case of an accidental pull. Just be sure to test out the safety features before using them.

Can this be kept in holsters?

The Beretta Nano is best suited for concealed carry. So, by all means, keep it tucked away in holsters ready for use.



To conclude, the Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol is a top-notch high-quality semi-automatic that is best for concealed carry. At present, I would definitely recommend it for sturdiness and accuracy. If you don’t mind the slight left printing, then the Beretta is the perfect choice for you.

The Beretta solves the problem of lowered accuracy and is a great way to hit the bullseye. Just be sure to vamp up your shooting skills to get the best out of it. And, if you’ve decided to go ahead and buy it, then click here to get the best deal.

Happy shooting!

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