Best 300 Blackout Ammo — Reviews & Comparisons


There are few things that get me more excited than this particular type of ammo. The .300 blackout ammo is, to put it mildly, a force to be reckoned with, especially with a short barrel and can get you those extra yards.

In truth, we’re lucky to have access to this kind of ammunition at the consumer level. While we do, let’s take time to review and compare some of the better-quality products available on the market.

I can conclude early on that the overall winner as best all-around product must be the trusty Magtech First Defense. Once we shoot into the specifics of it all, the reasons why will become obvious. Let’s go.

At a Glance: Our 5 Best .300 Blackout Ammo

What Is .300 Blackout Ammo?

.300 blackout ammo are rounds of firearm bullets that are significantly larger compared to all other commercially sold ammunition.

They’re intended for use in semi-automatic, long-barrel rifles. Due to the large design of the ammo, the rifles are usually of similar proportion. They’re not the typical handguns you’d keep next to your bed.

This kind of ammo is most commonly used in situations of warfare and hunting and it’s designed to bring down the largest of targets. There are also certain leisure activities that make use of this kind of rifle and ammo combination such as clay pigeon shooting.

Most .300 blackout ammo has the ability to pass through walls and furniture with little resistance. You’ll recognize famous movie scenes where long-barrel rifles blast holes in just about anything; the characters would be making use of .300 blackout ammo, in most cases. Pretty cool, right?

There is an ongoing debate surrounding the suitability of .300 blackout ammo for the purpose of self-defense and outdoor target training. The ammo has been described as too harsh or too destructive to be effectively used for this method. Many people believe its usage should remain in the hands of military personnel and game hunters.

For me, I’d like to think this ammunition is whatever you make of it. If the nature of your surroundings allows for the use of it as self-defense ammo, then it’s well worth the investment. If not, then shooting a few rounds for the simple fun of it when the opportunity presents itself will have to do.

For this reason, there’s no real isolated use for this versatile ammo.

Who Can Benefit?

The widespread availability of .300 blackout ammo leads to benefit a number of individuals. For hunters, this ammo allows them to take down game of proportions that they previously may not have been able to. This is thanks to the weight and casing strength of the standard rounds. The ammo is, however, most effective for hunting over short distances.

The creation of .300 ammo has seen extensive benefits for military units worldwide. The ammo is rarely used as a means of taking down human beings, thankfully, and is more effective in the use of destroying physical boundaries.

Soldiers are able to take down construction, landmarks, forts, and even modes of transport with this ammunition. You name it, this ammo has the potential to destroy it. It doesn’t offer the most on target performance with smaller targets, but bigger ones are easy to take care of.

Aside from these two more obvious benefits, there is also much to gain by any solo individual choosing to make use of this ammo. Despite concerns .300 blackout ammo can, in certain instances, prove to be fully functional self-defense shooting ammunition. With sufficient practice and the right firearm, there’s no reason why you can’t greatly benefit from having this as a form of protection.

It’s particularly great for those who live on farms or in crime-prone areas such as trailer parks or camping grounds. While you’ll probably never actually need to fire the ammo at a person specifically, letting off a .300 blackout round into the air is enough to frighten the life out of intruders for good.

Debunk the Controversy

I acknowledge it might be tempting to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to .300 blackout safety. There is thought that this kind of powerful ammo should be left in the hands of trained professionals only.

While I share any and all safety concerns when it comes to guns & control, I must disagree with the popular opinion on this one. I believe that with the right practice and information, there’s no more threat in a .300 blackout round than there is in a .40 S&W or .45 ACP. It all comes down to the shooter in question and the attitude in which they handle the responsibility of using the ammunition.


Our Reviews for the Top Rated Products

Magtech First Defense: Best Overall Product

The first look is at my overall winner in this roundup of five .300 blackout ammo products: the Magtech First Defense.

The rising popularity in this kind of ammo has seen prices in the industry take a significant fall. This was no different for Magtech which needed to stay relevant in the game. You’ll be paying considerably less per round than ever before.

The ammo is affordable, reliable, and extremely easy to shoot. The high-quality FMJ projectiles are coated in thick layers of brass casing. This contributes to the naturally rust-free nature of the Magtech bullets.

The most notable features of the Magtech are the following:

  • A speed of 2230ft/second
  • Bullet weight of 123-grain
  • 500 rounds
  • The case is the FMJ type

Magtech First Defense is a great ammunition option to purchase in bulk and have on hand for all training purposes. It’s a solid choice for anyone who needs it for either serious situations or serious fun purposes. The performance remains the same throughout.


  • Rustproof exterior
  • Consistent performance
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can become expensive when buying bulk stock

I’m never one to trust the overly cheap or the overly expensive ammo option on the market. For personal use, I always suggest going for one that is priced somewhere in the middle. You might spend more than you’d like, but at least you aren’t compromising quality. Therefore, I’d choose this ammo as best overall product every time.

Overall rating: 10/10


Fiocci SST: Best Value Product


.300 blackout ammo is notoriously more expensive than your normal everyday rounds. That’s why it’s important to jump on a good deal whenever the opportunity arises.

Although the bullets come in much smaller rounds, the overall costs of this ammo combined with performance work out to give you better value.

Features to note about the Fiocci are:

  • Speed of 2200ft/second
  • Bullet weights of 125-grain
  • 25 rounds
  • The case is the BLK type

These bullets are designed to deliver controlled expansion over exceptionally high velocity. This means they’re far more on target than most other ammo of this size—making them perfect for big game or otherwise.

The great thing about these bullets is that the copper jackets and lead casings don’t separate on impact. This makes them extremely powerful little units that pack more of a punch than you might expect.


  • Value for money
  • Impressive velocity abilities
  • Stays together on impact


  • Needs to be bought in rounds of 25 at a time

I recommend this product for anyone looking to try .300 blackout ammo as a means of self-defense. Please keep in mind that successful use requires practice and training over time. .300 blackout ammo isn’t the type of ammunition you master at first attempt.

Overall rating: 9/10


Winchester Deer Season XP

As most hunters know, deer is tricky game. On the one side, they are quick, agile, and very cautious in most grounds throughout the US. But, for their speed, they are incredibly resilient and would easily run away after a hit from a smaller caliber rifle. That is why Winchester has made the .300 blackout ammo with 150 grains.

Some features worth noting include:

  • Bullet weight of 150-grain
  • 20 round packs
  • 1900 ft/second bullet speed

These cartridges work well in both suppressed platforms and regular loud platforms. In suppressed platforms, they’re almost silent but still ensure stopping power and the perfect shot. The rounds are slightly slower than 110-grains and will drop for about four inches after fifty feet. Thankfully, this drop is fairly consistent, and the weight of the bullet meant that there will be less influence from any air currents.

Blackout rounds are considered by many to be a humane range of ammo for deer hunting. This is because the bullets expand upon impact to maximize penetration and the wound cavity and put the animal down almost immediately. There is no prolonged suffering of the animal, even with a less than optimal shot.


  • Humane choice
  • Good stopping power
  • Work well in suppressed platforms


  • Expensive

The only downside to these rounds is the very limited range on the yard length that they’re able to cover. This ammo doesn’t run cheap, and wouldn’t recommend it for daily target practice. But, as it has very good stopping power, it both saves the animal from any needless suffering and reduces the amount of ammo that you will need to use.

Overall rating: 9/10


Sellier & Bellot

This is one of the most versatile .300 blackout ammo ranges I’ve been able to find yet.

Features to note about the Sellier and Bellot ammunition are:

  • Speed of 1060ft/second
  • Bullet weight of 200-grain
  • 500 rounds
  • FMJ type

I recommend using these in conjunction with a slower suppressor. The subsonic loads are slightly lighter and consequently the 200-grain moves a bit faster. This translates into extra energy build up that has the bullet moving at impressive speed.



  • Slow ammo isn’t preferable to some people

In summation, this ammo provides a slow yet smooth performance every time. It can be used over long range as easily as it can over short. A great .300 blackout ammo all around.

Overall rating: 7/10


Nosler Ballistic Tip

Nosler is a well-known and trusted name in the .300 blackout ammo industry. Through the use of the right firearm, its bullets have proven to reach impressive speeds per round.

The most notable features of the Nosler are the following:

  • A speed of 1971ft/second
  • Bullet weight of 125-grain
  • 50rounds

This ammunition is widely used in military-based operations around the United States. In more commercial use it’s one of the favorites for home security in terms of self-defense. Users find peace of mind in the competitive speeds.


  • Versatile for self-defense
  • Widely used brand


  • Prone to wear and tear

There is much debate among gun enthusiasts as to whether the speed of these bullets distracts users from seeing their poor quality. The casings aren’t cast in protective metals and are prone to misfiring as a result. In spite of this, they’re still great rounds to have to lay around in the event of an emergency or for some recreational use.

Overall rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts

As predicted, the Magtech First Defense reigns supreme at the end of this roundup. It’s the winner of the best overall product for .300 blackout ammunition.

Its versatility allows it to cover all areas of potential use, be it military, hunting, recreational, or defense purposes. For a high-quality unit, the rounds are reasonably priced and not too unrealistic a splurge to buy in bulk.

I particularly enjoy that each jacket features a brass casing, enhancing each round’s longevity. Knowing you can purchase in bulk without risk of rust is worth a few extra dollars in my opinion.

Want to try something new this year? Look to Magtech for your .300 blackout rounds today and start exploring the many benefits it holds.

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