The 7 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

How To Dehumidify A Gun Safe? After extended periods of time moisture will cause metals to rust and corrode. This can happen to your guns if you do not keep the moisture out of your safe. There are different types of ways to dehumidify a gun safe so you will have to find the best gun safe dehumidifier that meets your expectations.

There are two kinds of dehumidifiers on the market.

  • Electric dehumidifier
  • Desiccant dehumidifier

If you do not have an outlet near the safe or you, choose not to drill holes in the safe you can go with the desiccant dehumidifier. The desiccant dehumidifier is like a sponge. It will pull all the moisture from an enclosed area. A desiccant dehumidifier can be reused for several months if you choose a good brand. If you have an outlet near your safe or you do not mind drilling holes in your safe, you can always go with the electric dehumidifier. An electric dehumidifier is more popular among gun safe users. An electric dehumidifier does pull out moisture from within the safes tight corners, but you will have wires running from the safe, and they have to be plugged into a power source at all times. You can find the best dehumidifier whether you prefer to work with the desiccant dehumidifier, or you do not mind having holes drilled in the safe and would prefer the electric dehumidifier. They all perform the same task no matter that one you choose.


Overview: Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

  • Electronic
  • 10 minutes to install
  • Releases only enough heat to keep it dry
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  • Coverage for up to 100 cu. Ft
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Does not get too hot to touch
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  • No batteries required
  • Can pull moisture from 100 cubic feet
  • Has a moisture indicator
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  • Cord is removable
  • Does not get too hot to touch
  • Installed in approximately 5 minutes
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  • Works in areas up to 333 cubic feet
  • Operates silently
  • No Battery required
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  • No electric needed
  • Easy-to-use solution
  • Easy to recharge
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  • Non-toxic
  • No batteries needed
  • One-year warranty
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Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers (Updated List)

1. Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod, 12" The Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod is electronic. It is available in different sizes so you can find one that fits in your safe. This dehumidifier circulates warm air throughout your safe. This keeps the humidity and condensation away, so your safe does not mildew. The dehumidifier comes with mounting brackets so it can be quickly mounted low inside your safe. The cord does not have the plug attached so you can cut the wire to the length that you want then connect the plug that is included. Highly recommended if you live in a humid environment.


  • This dehumidifier releases only enough heat to keep it dry.
  • This dehumidifier stays low to the floor of the safe, so it is out of your way at all times.
  • Same great quality as Golden Rods but it is priced lower.
  • Takes ten minutes to install.


  • Gets too hot to touch. On the other hand, it does not get hot enough to cause a fire.
  • The plug is cheaply made. You can purchase a better plug from a hardware store for a low price that is of better quality.

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2. GoldenRod Original Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Lockdown Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier, 18-Inch The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier will cover an area of up to 100 cubic feet. The plug comes unattached from the cord making it easy to hookup. If you have holes drilled in your safe already, it will take around ten minutes to complete the setup. This dehumidifier will keep your safe around seventy degrees to keep the humidity down. Unlike many other dehumidifiers, you do not have to worry about this one getting too hot to touch. The company is sure you will love their guarantee, so their products have a lifetime warranty.


  • Does not get too hot to touch.
  • The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier can drop the humidity to fifty percent that is considered museum quality.


  • The legs that support the dehumidifier are not sturdy.
  • You will have to get more than one if you have a large safe.

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3. Stack-On SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

Stack-On SPAD-100 Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier for Stack-On Long-Gun Safes This will absorb the excess moisture from your safe or security cabinet. It is electronic but doesn’t require batteries. There is a moisture indicator on the front that will bring it to your attention that it needs to be recharged. After you charge the dehumidifier, it will absorb moisture for up to six weeks before it has to be recharged. It does take overnight to recharge the device.


  • Requires no wires, so you will not have to drill holes in your safe.
  • Has a moisture indicator on the front that is easy to read.
  • Does not require batteries.


  • It has to be recharged
  • After recharging it will be too hot for you to touch it for at least thirty minutes.

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4. Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier

Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod This dehumidifier is eighteen inches long. It is intended to be used in safes thirty inches or larger. You can take the cord off to install it like many other dehumidifiers. Many people have said it works like a GoldenRod, but as you can see the price is a lot lower. Many electric dehumidifiers get too hot for you to hold. The Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier can be held, but it will be a little uncomfortable to hold for more than a few seconds. The warranty depends on where you buy the product, but Browning will give you an extra one-year warranty when you register the product on their website.


  • Does not get too hot to touch but it is a little uncomfortable to hold.
  • It can be installed in approximately five minutes if you already have a hole in your safe to run the electrical cord through.


  • You have to disconnect the whole cord before you install the dehumidifier instead of disconnecting the plug like most other brands.
  • Many buyers have mentioned they have to use a desiccant dehumidifier along with this one.

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5. Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier

New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier The Eva-Dry dehumidifier is small enough to fit in most gun safes, even in nightstand models. This works without consuming batteries or electricity, and it will absorb the moisture in your safe silently.

One of the things we liked about this model is that it’s easy to track. The dehumidifier uses renewable silica gel beads to absorb the moisture, and the beads change their color as they hold more water. Every two to four weeks, the beads will reach their maximum limit and change their color to pink. When this happens, you can take the dehumidifier out and plug it into an outlet that’s located in a well-ventilated area. After 8-10 hours of recharging, the dehumidifier is as good as new. This process can be repeated for up to 10 years.


  • This dehumidifier operates silently
  • Can be used for a long period of time
  • Doesn’t need wires to run


  • Doesn’t hold a lot of water
  • Needs constant monitoring

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6. Dry-Packs Silica Gel Canister

Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier - Moisture Indicating The Dry-Packs silica gel canister is a cheap and easy-to-use solution to the humidity that builds up in your safe. Despite its compact size, this small dehumidifier is effective enough to capture the moisture that builds up in both small and large gun safes.

One of the good things about this model is that it will remove the humidity in your safe without making any noise. Moreover, this dehumidifier relies on visual indicators to let you know when you need to reactivate it. To reactivate the dehumidifier, you only have to follow the written instructions you’ll find in its case, which means you’ll have to heat the unit in your oven for a couple of hours.


  • This dehumidifier is very effective at capturing the moisture in your gun safe
  • This unit is easy to recharge
  • The instructions are easy to follow


  • The dehumidifier’s aluminum case is fragile
  • Doesn’t hold a lot of water

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7. Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel Dehumidifier

Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel Dehumidifier This dehumidifier prevents rust, corrosion, spoilage, and mildew. This particular dehumidifier only covers a space up to 57 cubic feet. Many of the other brands cover more area so you will need more than one of these for a large safe. A built-in indicator will let you know when the silica gel needs to be reactivated. The dehumidifier comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It is non-toxic even though it has silica gel inside.
  • You do not need batteries or an electrical outlet to reactivate the silica gel. You place it in the oven to revive the silica gel.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty but the company states that it will give you a lifetime of protection.


  • You will need another dehumidifier or more than one of these since it does not cover a significant
  • You have to keep the dehumidifier in the oven for up to four hours to reactivate the silica gel. I would recommend using an electric one so the silica gel will last longer. Alternatively, you could use more than one of these models.

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Gun Safe Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Finding the best gun safe dehumidifier might seem like a challenge in today’s crowded market, but you shouldn’t worry about it. In the following section, we explain how to find the right model for your needs, and how to use it to its maximum capacity.

Here are some features you should look for in a dehumidifier.

  1. Absorption Capacity – As you could see in our short reviews, there are multiple dehumidifier models you can use in your gun safe. As you can imagine, even though some of the models we reviewed are similar, all of them offer different absorption capacities. Most gun safe dehumidifiers rely on silica gel beads to capture the moisture. Dehumidifiers can hold more water if they contain a larger quantity of silica gel beads. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to silica gel dehumidifiers, the larger the dehumidifier, the better
  2. Size And Coverage – You should always make sure that the dehumidifier you choose will fit in your gun safe. The best way to make it will fit is to measure the inside of your gun safe and compare the measurement with the dimensions you find in the dehumidifier’s description. Besides making sure the dehumidifier will fit in your gun safe, you should also be certain it will be able to keep the moisture low in the safe. You can see how many cubic feet the dehumidifier can cover in most product descriptions.
  3. Ease Of Installation – Some dehumidifiers are easier to install than others. For example, dehumidifiers that rely on silica gel beads to capture the moisture do not need a power source, so you can simply place them inside the safe and that’s about all the installation they need. On the other hand, electric dehumidifiers will need access to a power source, so that might make the installation process slightly complicated. If your gun safe comes with pre-drilled holes for anchorage, it will be easy to install an electric dehumidifier. You will only have to pass the electric cord through one of the anchorage holes and plug it into an outlet. However, if your safe doesn’t have any holes, you will need to drill your own. The best approach to drilling holes in your safe is to either read the manufacturer’s instructions or to contact the manufacturer to see where it’s safe to drill without damaging the safe and to lower its security.
  4. Ease Of Use – Most safe dehumidifiers are pretty easy to use if you’re careful to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Each model has its plus and minuses, and it’s better to know what to expect before purchasing one.
  • Electric Safe Dehumidifiers – Electric safe dehumidifiers are very effective at keeping the moisture at low levels, but they might get too hot to touch at times. Since they’re too hot to touch, it might be safer to place them away from the ammunition, especially since the gunpowder inside them will be dry. Another thing you should be careful of when using such a model is to keep it away from flammable objects.
  • Silica Gel Dehumidifiers – Even though they might have an easy installation, silica gel dehumidifiers have a slightly higher maintenance than electric models. Silica gel dehumidifiers capture the water with their silica gel beads. The more beads they have, the more moisture they will be able to capture. However, no matter how effective they are at removing the moisture from the air, these beads will eventually become saturated, and you will need to recharge them.
  1. Price – Even though most gun safe dehumidifiers come at reasonable prices, there are some models that will make you think twice before buying them. And despite their high prices, you might be surprised to find that they’re really worth it. Here’s how to determine how much to spend on a dehumidifier for your gun safe.
  • Check Their Coverage – Gun safe dehumidifiers usually have a small coverage. Most of the more expensive models offer a better coverage than their competitors, which make them more appropriate for large gun safes. However, you should only invest in a dehumidifier that has a large coverage only if you own a large gun safe. Otherwise, you might end up spending money without having to.
  • Evaluate Your Guns – Even though you should always keep your guns dry to prolong their lifespan, some models are more affected by moisture than others. Antiques or replica firearms might be more affected by water than modern handguns and rifles. If you know some of your guns are susceptible to water damage, investing in an expensive dehumidifier might be worth it in the long run.
  • Check Their Maintenance Necessities – Some dehumidifier models are more expensive because they have lower maintenance necessities. If you know you’re one of the people who doesn’t really check their gun safes frequently, investing in a dehumidifier that has a lower maintenance level might be a sound decision. However, if you’re always cleaning your guns and taking them out, an inexpensive model that has a medium or high maintenance level might do the trick.

3 Main Benefits Of Using A Gun Safe Dehumidifier!

Using a gun safe dehumidifier offers a lot of advantages. These units don’t do much besides keeping the moisture levels low, but they offer multiple benefits.

  • Keeps Your Ammunition Dry – Ammunition is expensive. Whether you use a reloading press and make your own ammo or you buy cases of it, you know that losing ammunition is no laughing matter. Every type of ammunition comes with a limited shelf life, and if you store the ammo in a humid environment, its shelf life will be reduced significantly. And the worst part is, not only the ammo’s shelf life will be affected by the humidity, its performance will also suffer. Humidity will start degrading your ammo instantly. The process is slow at first, but over time you might find that your stockpiled bullets are no longer accurate, or worse, it won’t fire at all. Using a dehumidifier will reduce the moisture in the air and prolong the shelf life of your ammo by a long margin.
  • Keeps Mold Out Of The Safe – If you’re thinking that a safe will protect your guns from burglars and from the mold at the same time, you’re gravely mistaken. Sure, mold will most likely not grow on your safe’s walls, but chances are your safe came with a shelf or two that have a foam coating to protect your guns from scratches. Well, the foam is great at preventing your firearms from getting scratched, but it will also accumulate over time. And the accumulated moisture can lead to a mold growth if you don’t take some precautions. One of the most effective precautions you can take is installing a dehumidifier in your gun safe. Another good measure would be to install your safe in a well-ventilated and dry area.
  • Protects Your Safe From Rust – Your safe might seem strong and sturdy, but even the best gun safes can be affected by rust. And rust build-ups can cause permanent damage to your safe. Using a dehumidifier will not only keep your firearms dry, but it will keep your safe dry and rust-free as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Recharge My Dehumidifier?

There are two ways to recharge a silica gel dehumidifier. Some models can be plugged into an electrical outlet and they will recharge automatically. These dehumidifiers will get warm and the water inside them will evaporate, allowing the silica beads to capture more moisture. A full recharge might take as long as a whole night, but you only have to do it once or twice per month on average. Other silica gel dehumidifiers cannot be recharged using electrical outlets. These models have to be recharged manually, following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can recharge these models by following these instructions. First, you will need to remove the canister’s lid. Second, you will have to preheat the oven until it reaches 300 degrees F. Once the lid is removed and the oven is preheated, you will have to put the canister into the oven and let it dry for about two or three hours. Make sure you don’t touch the canister with your bare hands after you take the canister out and let it cool before you place it in the safe again

  1. Does Using A Dehumidifier Have Any Cons?

Honestly, using a dehumidifier can have some cons, but the pros outweigh them by a serious margin. Each type of dehumidifier has its own cons. The most popular are;

  • Increased Power Bill – Electric dehumidifiers rely on electricity to keep the moisture levels low. This means that using them will slightly increase your power bill.
  • Difficult Installation – Electric dehumidifiers can be difficult to install, especially if your safe does not have any pre-drilled holes.
  • High Maintenance – Silica gel dehumidifiers will need a high maintenance if you live in a humid area. If there is a lot of humidity in your safe, you might have to recharge the dehumidifier on a weekly basis.
  1. How Often Do You Have To Change A Dehumidifier?

Not very often. Most models will work flawlessly for several years. However, you should change your dehumidifier as soon as you notice it’s not able to handle moisture as it used to.

Best Dehumidifiers Comparison Chart

LOCKDOWN DEHUMIDIFIER ROD$ Easy install quick plug attachment Dries approxRemoves moisture from gun safe interior Slightly increasing and maintaining the air temperature inside your gun cabinet
GOLDENROD ORIGINAL GUN SAFE DEHUMIDIFIER$Coverage for up to 100 cu. FtLifetime warranty the most power of any dehumidifier on the market
STACK-ON SPAD-100 WIRELESS RECHARGEABLE DEHUMIDIFIER$ Absorbs excess moisture Can pull moisture from 100 cubic feetNo batteries required Designed with the usability and comfort
BROWNING SAFES EVERDRY ELECTRIC DEHUMIDIFIER$It removes humidity from the interior of a safeCord is removable for installation without the electrical outlet
CANNON SAFE SGD57 SILICA GEL DEHUMIDIFIER$57 cu feet protectionIndicator system is built to signal when silica gel is saturated and needs reactivating

Other Useful Accessories?

A gun safe will keep your gun in good condition and away from anyone, but you also have to keep up the maintenance on your gun safe. The accessories will keep your safe in good working order longer than you would expect. There’re many products on the market to make your gun safe meet your standards whether you need a light inside, or you need an accessory to keep the moisture out of the safe. Keeping the moisture out of your safe is a big thing since the moisture could damage your valuables or pistol. You can also purchase other accessories such as organizers, pistol racks, and alarms. The organizers can be purchased as door organizers or panel organizers so you can organize your small valuables making them easier to retrieve. Check out our gun safe door organizer reviews for more details. Many gun safes do not come with a pistol rack, but you can purchase an aftermarket rack that will make keeping your pistols stored a better experience. It will also make them easier to retrieve in an emergency rather than placing them in the safe in an unorganized matter. While some safes come equipped with alarms other don’t. You should not let it stop you from purchasing the safe you want if it does not have an alarm. You can always buy an alarm for your gun safe to make it meet your expectations rather than going through the hassle of searching for one with all the features you want. There are also alarms available that will alert you via text or email if someone gains access to your safe.

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