7 Best Tactical Tomahawks – Axe Buying Guide

tactical tomahawks Tactical tomahawks are versatile tools that can get you out of tight situations, or tools that can help you do your job better. Whether you’re buying a tomahawk for recreational purposes, or you’re buying them for tactical situations, it’s always good to know you own one of the best models. But finding the best tomahawk is like finding the needle in the haystack with so many models crowding the market.

In the following article, we present the best tactical tomahawks and reveal their pros and cons. We also explain how to find the right model for your needs, and how to decide which one is better for you.

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Best Tactical Tomahawks For Survival (Updated List)

1. SOG Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Tactical Tomahawks - Throwing Hatchet, Throwing Tomahawk, Survival Tactical Axe with Sheath and Emergency Breaching Tool with Spike (F01TN-CP) A tactical tomahawk is a good asset, there’s no doubt about it. The tomahawk can act as a close quarter’s hand-to-hand weapon, but it can also be used in extraction operations or to remove obstacles. If you’re looking for a high-quality tomahawk, you should take a closer look at the model produced by SOG.

This tomahawk comes with a glass-reinforced nylon handle that will improve your grip, ensuring that you can always use it reliably, even in rain. The ergonomic design of the tomahawk will allow you to use the tool for a long time.


  • Side Hammer – The head’s side can be used as a hammer. The impact surface is checkered, so you can use it to hit the same surface or object without slipping.
  • Lightweight – Weighing only 24 ounces, this tomahawk is light. The weight and the ergonomic design will allow you to use the tomahawk for a long time without tiring.


  • Small – This tomahawk is small, so you won’t be able to cut down trees with it. However, the tomahawk will work great for other necessities.

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2. Browning Tomahawk Knife

Browning Shock N' Awe Tomahawk Knife If you’re looking for a tomahawk you can add to your survival gear, you should take a closer look at the Shock N’ Awe model produced by Browning. This tomahawk is Molle compatible, so it will fit right in with all the other professional gear you own.

The tomahawk has an axe head and spike configuration, so it is very versatile. The axe head can be used with great results for splitting wood and making shavings for your fire. The spike head can splinter objects and smash through hinges.


  • Great Balance – The tomahawk has a great balance. The small size and the perfect balance will allow you to throw the tomahawk reliably.
  • Nice Grip – The handle wraps provide a secure grip, so you can use the tomahawk without any problems when it’s raining or when your hands are wet. The handle wraps can even be used for snares or as a tourniquet in a survival situation.


  • Large Sheath – The tomahawk’s sheath is pretty large, and it might be uncomfortable to wear on your hip. You might be better off wearing it on your back instead.

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3. Columbia River Tomahawk

CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath: Tactical T-Hawk with Spike, Black Powder Coated High Carbon Blade, Checkered Handle Scales, Molle Compatible Sheath 2725 A tomahawk doesn’t only need to be efficient, it also has to be durable. A durable tomahawk will withstand anything you put it through without lowering its performance. If you’re looking for a durable tomahawk, the model produced by CRKT should speak volumes for you.

This tomahawk is made from a single piece of steel. Not only will this make it more durable, but it will also increase its balance and performance. The tomahawk has an axe head and spike configuration. This configuration will help you split wood and smash through objects without a problem.


  • Single Piece Steel – The single piece steel construction is a major advantage over other models. This construction doesn’t rely on screws or bolts to keep the axe head on the handle, so it doesn’t have a weak point
  • Great Sheath – This tomahawk’s sheath is Molle compatible. The sheath is small, and it will allow you to carry the Tomahawk under your arm, on your belt, or strapped to your backpack


  • Handle Can Be Uncomfortable – The tomahawk’s handle is slightly curved. The edge of the handle can batter your pinky finger if you use the tomahawk for a long time. However, you can cover the edge with grip tape to eliminate this problem

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4. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

GERBER DOWNRANGE TOMAHAWKOne of the great things about tomahawks is their versatility. Once you own a tomahawk, you don’t have to carry around many other tools. A good example of how versatile a tomahawk can be is the Gerber Downrange.

This tomahawk comes with an axe head and hammer configuration, and the bottom of the handle act as a pry bar. These tools will allow you to complete most tasks without needing anything else. The tomahawk’s sheath is Molle compatible, and you can attach it to your backpack, body armor, or to a webbing.


  • Gerber Downrange Tomahawk [30-000715] Excellent For Breaching – The tomahawk acts as a hammer, axe, and pry bar. You don’t need anything else to open a door. If you’re in a hurry, you can turn the door to splinters. If you’re not, you can simply pry it open. Nothing will stand in your way.
  • Good Weight – The tomahawk is light enough to carry comfortably but heavy enough to do some real damage when it needs to.


  • Doesn’t Come Sharpened – This tomahawk is not sharpened when it arrives. You can either sharpen the tomahawk yourself or take it to a professional to handle it.

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5. Browning Black Label Tomahawk

Browning Shock N Awe Tomahawk Tan If you’re looking for a small tomahawk you can carry anywhere without too much effort, you should take a closer look at the Black Label model produced by Browning. This tomahawk weighs slightly over 2 pounds, so you will be able to put it in your backpack and carry it around.

The Tomahawk comes with an axe head and spike configuration that will allow you to do most of the chores around a campsite. You can use the axe head to chop down branches and prepare shavings for the fire. You can use the spike to splinter logs or put holes in trees to anchor your hammock.


  • Glass Breaker End – The end of the handle is angled, so it can be used as an emergency glass breaker. This will allow you to avoid being trapped in an emergency situation
  • Compact – This tomahawk is compact, so it won’t take up too much space. The tomahawk comes with a Molle compatible sheath that can attach to your other professional gear.


  • Paracord Wrap Grip – The paracord wrap grip might not feel comfortable at first, but you get used to it. As a plus, you can use the paracord in survival or emergency situations

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6. Smith & Wesson SW671 Tomahawk

Smith & Wesson Extraction and Evasion SW671 15.9in Full Tang Tomahawk with a 3.9in Steel Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC Whether you’re looking for a tomahawk for recreational purposes, or you’re looking for one because it can help you with work, you should take a closer look at the Smith & Wesson SW671. This tomahawk model is sturdy, and it can really pack a punch.

The tomahawk comes with an axe head and spike configuration, so it can be used with good results for camping or in an emergency or survival situation. The tomahawk comes with a simple but effective sheath that will keep the edges covered.


  • Heavy – Some people consider the weight of the tomahawk a disadvantage. This tomahawk is indeed heavy, but the weight also adds to its reliability. You can easily use the axe head to split wood or to cut down trees.
  • Cheap – Even though this tomahawk is very effective and has a solid build, it comes at a really low price. You shouldn’t consider as proof of the tomahawk’s lack of quality because that’s not true.


  • Grip Can Be Uncomfortable – Some customers complained that their tomahawks came with handles that are not flush with the steel. This can make the grip uncomfortable, but you can wrap a string around it to fix it.

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7. Estwing EBTA Tomahawk

Estwing Tomahawk Axe - 16.25" Lightweight Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EBTA If you’re looking for a reliable tomahawk that can do some damage, you should take a closer look at the Estwing EBTA. This tomahawk might only weigh 7 ounces, but its balance and durability make it a formidable tool.

The tomahawk comes with an axe and spike configuration, and it’s forged out of a single piece of steel. This increases the tomahawk’s durability and makes it almost indestructible. The tomahawk has a good balance, so you can use it for a long time without tiring.


  • Easy To Handle – The tomahawk is lightweight, and it has a good balance. This will allow you to handle the tomahawk with ease for a long time without breaking a sweat
  • Durable – Both the axe head and the handle are forged out of the same piece of steel. This increases the tomahawk’s durability, and it lowers the chances of anything going amiss while you’re wielding it.


  • Large Grip – This tomahawk’s grip is slightly larger than those of other models, so some people might have a hard time wielding the tomahawk comfortably.

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Tomahawk Buying Guide

What Is A Tactical Tomahawk? Why Would You Need One?

A tactical tomahawk is a versatile tool that can be used in various ways. It can be used with great results in tactical scenarios, emergency cases, or survival situations. Of course, you can use a tactical tomahawk for hand-to-hand combat as well.

These tomahawks act as different tools. They use axe heads, spikes, pry bars, and hammers to help you in every situation you find yourself in.But a tomahawk and a hatched are totally different tools.

tactical tomahawks reviews Tomahawks are one of the most effective tools you can use in a survival, emergency, or tactical situation. But finding the best one on the market can be a little tricky because of the vast numbers of models available. Keep in mind that you will need to use tactical gloves and as well as tactical glasses in some situations.

In the following section, we take a look at what makes a tomahawk efficient, and how to spot the best ones.

  1. Grip

It doesn’t really matter how sharp your axe head is, or how hard you can swing the tomahawk if it doesn’t stay in your hand and it flies right off with the first occasion. Not only that, but an uncomfortable grip can also limit the amount of time you can wield the tomahawk properly. Here are the main grips manufacturers use, and their advantages.

  • Wrapping Grips – Some tomahawks come with grips that are wrapped in paracord or other types of material. These grips usually fit well in your hand, and the wrapping offers protection against slippage. If you find the paracord grips uncomfortable, you can simply take it off and wield the tomahawk without them. Better yet, you can take them off and wrap another material for an enhanced grip. If the grip is the uttermost priority then choice a broadly designed survival knife which would be a good choice.

One of the advantages of using tomahawks with wrapped grips is that you can use the wrapping in emergency situations. Paracord is one of the best materials you can use in such a situation because it’s very versatile. You can use it to make a temporary tourniquet, to create snares, or to build your shelter.

  • Polymer Grips – All the tomahawks on our list have polymer grips. Polymer is preferred over other materials because it’s highly resistant to the environment. Polymer can withstand both cold and hot temperatures without any problems. This material is also very durable. True, you may scratch or nick its surface from time to time, but the grip will last for a very long time.

Another advantage of using polymer for a grip is that it can be molded into different shapes. Depending on the manufacturer, you will be able to find models that come with grips shaped like scales or that are specially designed to provide an ergonomic grip.

Polymer grips are also lightweight. They won’t affect the tomahawk’s balance, so you will be able to wield it for a long time without tiring.

If you’re looking for a tomahawk, the most important thing is to make sure you can grasp the grip properly. If you can handle the tool with ease, the rest of the problems won’t really matter.

  1. Type Of Handle

best tactical tomahawks

Tactical tomahawks come with two types of handles. Some of them have a short handle, while others have a long one. The type of handle will influence how you can wield the tomahawk.

  • Short Handle Tomahawks – Tomahawks with short handles are usually lighter than those with long ones. They are easy to wield, and most people will be able to wield them one-handed for a long time before tiring. They are easy to carry around. They can fit into your backpack or they can be attached to it. You can wear them around your waist, or you can attach them to your tactical vest.

Short handled tomahawks are very effective, and they can be used for both emergency situations or tactical scenarios. They are efficient in survival situations, but they won’t excel in these scenarios. Cutting down a tree with a short handle tomahawk is almost impossible, and you won’t be able to use one to break large objects.

  • Long Handle Tomahawks – Long handle tomahawks are usually heavier than the short handed models. They can be used with only one hand, but some people might find it more comfortable to wield them two-handed. It’s more difficult to wield a long handle tomahawk for a long time, and it’s also more tiring due to the increased weight.

Long handle tomahawks are more difficult to carry. Some of them come with sheaths that are Molle compatible, but you won’t be able to attach them to your other professional gear due to their larger size. However, you might be able to wear a tomahawk across your back, even if you wear a backpack.

These tomahawks can do more damage than a short handle one. They can be very effective in an emergency or a tactical situation, but they are also harder to carry. In a tactical situation, a long handle tomahawk will make breaching and entering a simple chore. In a survival situation, a long handle tomahawk excels. You can use it to cut down trees, build your shelter, split firewood, and break large objects.

  1. Versatility

A tomahawk is a very effective tool because it can be used in multiple ways. However, not all tomahawks are built in the same way. Some of them have more uses than others. Here is a list of the most common uses you’ll see in modern tomahawks.

  • Axe – You cannot have a tomahawk without an axe. The axe head is the most important part of the tool, and it can be used for a lot of different reasons. You can use the axe to go through doors or walls, or you can use it to build a shelter. Some axes come with a razor-sharp edge, some have a sharpness similar to that of a meat cleaver, while others have a dull edge and you have to sharpen them yourself.
  • Hammer – The hammer is a versatile component of a tomahawk. You can use it to smash your way through doors or obstacles, or you can use it to get yourself out of a tight situation. Some manufacturers place the hammer at the opposing end of the axe head, while others place it on the side of the axe head. The placement of the hammer is very important. You won’t be able to apply very much force when you use the side hammer because the handle won’t allow it without smashing your fingers.
  • Spike – The spike is not very versatile. It can do only one thing, but it can do it accurately. A spike can create holes. Now, you can use a spike to make a hole in the door’s handle, which will allow you to kick the door open. You can use it to make holes in obstacles and smash them to pieces. And a spike is a very dangerous opponent in a hand-to-hand struggle. It can puncture tactical vests, so it might be more effective at this than other tools.
  • Pry Bar – Having a pry bar can be very helpful, especially in a tactical situation. You just stick the pry bar between the door and the door frame, apply leverage, and the door opens like magic.
  • Glass Breaker – The glass breaker can be a very good tool to have in the case of an emergency. It can be used to escape a tight situation fast, without putting yourself at risk

Keep in mind that most tactical tomahawks only come with 2 or 3 of these tools. A person who wants a tomahawk as a camping tool might choose a different tomahawk than a person who wants to use one as an accessory in the Armed Forces.

  1. Durability

The tomahawk’s durability is affected by many factors, but if you really want to find a durable model, you should look out for these factors.

  • how to carry tactical tomahawksSingle Piece Construction – If a tomahawk has a single piece construction, it will be more durable. This means that both the handle and the axe head have been made out of a single piece of steel. This lowers the possibility of the head breaking from the handle.
  • High-Quality Sheath – If you’re going to use your tomahawk, chances are you won’t be using it in friendly environmental conditions all the time. A high-quality sheath will protect the tomahawk.
  • Snug Grips – If the grips are not snug to the handle, they can be deteriorated in time.
  1. Why You Should Practice Using Your Tomahawk

Tomahawks are not the kind of tools you use during the family picnic. Most of the times, tomahawks are used in emergency situations when every minute counts (similar purpose: tactical boot knives). If you’re going to use the tomahawk in an emergency situation, knowing how to wield it beforehand will be very important. Once you buy a tomahawk, practice with it. For hunting, use a strong hunting knife because a tomahawk is not so effective as a primary weapon when hunting.

Get to know its weight, and how to use every tool it offers. You don’t know it yet, but maybe this knowledge will one day save you from a life-threatening situation.

Best Tactical Tomahawk Reviews

SOG Tactical Tomahawk
$420 Stainless steel15.75 inches1.5 pounds
Browning Tomahawk Knife
$$High Carbon 1055 Tool Steel10 1/2"3.5 ounces
Columbia River Tomahawk
$$$$SK5 Forged Carbon Steel13.75"1.8 pounds
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk
$$$$$420HC steel19.27"1.9 pounds
Browning Black Label Tomahawk
$$$1055 high carbon tool steel10 1/2"3.5 ounces
Smith & Wesson SW671 Tomahawk
$$1070 High Carbon Steel
15.9 inch2.69 pounds

Wrap Up

As you could see from our short reviews and comprehensive buying guide, tomahawks are really valuable tools. They are versatile, easy to carry, and they also look bad-ass. If you are looking for a knife alternative to tactical tomahawk then a decent strong machete is the way to go.

We’re certain that after reading this article, you’re now able to determine which is the best tactical tomahawk for your needs. Not all the models we presented to use the same tools, so make sure you choose one that is better for your particular needs.