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Welcome to the Best Takedown Recurve Bow Reviews.

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, the chances are that you saw a takedown recurve bow. This type of bow is incredibly popular because of its natural bow transfiguration, usability, and versatility.

If you are considering archery as a sport or if you are looking for a new bow to match your skill level, this recurve bow may be perfect for you.

In this article, we will be taking an extensive look at takedown bows, their benefits, and crucial buying considerations. There are many takedown recurve bow reviews on the internet; however, we have compiled all of this information into one place in a clear and concise manner. We have reviewed some of the best takedown recurve bows on the market, so you don’t have to! Keep reading to learn more about

Review of the Top Products

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown – Best Bow Overall

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow - Compact Fast Accurate 62" Hunting & Target Bow - Right & Left Hand - Draw Weights in 20-60 lbs - Beginner to Intermediate - USA Company Spyder-35R-WS


The Spyder takedown recurve bow from Southwest Archery is packed with several high-end features, making it a viable option for all archers. The features of this bow include:

  • A draw weight selection between 30 pounds and 55 pounds
  • A draw length of 64 inches
  • Redwood and maple limbs with fiberglass
  • Accessible for both hand orientations
  • A handcrafted riser

The Spyder is a high-quality bow with a decent draw weight selection that starts at 30 pounds, which is suitable for most beginner and intermediate target shooters. At the high end of the draw weight spectrum of 55 pounds, this is one of the best takedown recurve bows for hunting game like whitetail deer and elk.

The limbs are durable and made of hardwoods and fiberglass for added flexibility and strength. You can also choose between a right- and left-handed riser.

Unlike some other models in this list, the Spyder doesn’t feature any attachments, and the quality of the cap stringer is lacking.


  • Versatile and durable takedown bow
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Visually appealing design
  • Available to left- and right-handed people
  • A reliable bow that delivers a consistent accuracy


  • No attachments included
  • Poor-quality soft cap stringers

The Spyder has all the features you need in a takedown bow, including compatibility several draw weights and durable construction.

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Summit Archery Samick Sage Bow Package – Best Value for Money

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Bundle with: Summit Archery Deluxe Bow Package (Finger Tab, Armguard, Sight, Rest, Bow Stringer, and Bow Case) REG: $259.99 (Finger Tab: Medium, Right Hand, 40#)


This package from Summit Archery Products features an original Samick Sage, which is a popular takedown bow. Let’s take a look at this bow’s features:

  • A draw weight range between 25 pounds and 60 pounds
  • A recommended maximum draw length of 29 inches
  • Hard maple limbs with black fiberglass
  • Pre-installed brass bushings for fitting accessories
  • High-quality hardwood riser
  • A bow length of 62 inches
  • B-50 bowstring included
  • Available to left- and right-handed archers

While the Samick Sage takedown is a good entry-level recurve bow for beginner archers with its entry-level draw weight of 25 pounds, experienced big game bow hunters may also consider this bow a viable option since it is available at a draw weight of 60 pounds.

The riser has pre-installed bushings so you can attach several accessories to your bow, including an arrow rest, quiver, and finger tab. Included with the bow case are a bow stringer, arm guard, and bowstring.

Since the bow has a length of 62 inches, shorter people may not find the Samick Sage bow comfortable. The bow also has a loud arrow release, which can be a drawback to bowhunters.


  • High-quality bow made from durable materials
  • Wide draw weight selection for hunting and target shooting
  • Various high-end accessories included
  • Easy accessory attachment
  • Suitable for archers of all skill levels and hand orientations


  • Shorter archers may have difficulty with the bow
  • High noise and vibration levels

This Summit Archery kit features everything you need as an archer, including a high-end takedown bow and an assortment of handy accessories.

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The XGeek takedown is a lightweight, yet sturdy recurve bow that comes with several accessories. The XGeek’s primary features include:

  • A draw weight selection of 40, 45, and 50 pounds
  • A bow length of 58.”
  • Hard maple bow limbs with black fiberglass
  • BCY material bowstring
  • Only suitable for right-handed archers
  • Included with an accessory package

With its draw weight range between 40 pounds and 50 pounds, the XGeek recurve bow is suitable for several applications, including whitetail deer hunting and target shooting. The bow is ideal for intermediate archers as well, as it is easy to assemble and lightweight.

The XQMART XGeek is part of a kit that consists of twelve fiberglass arrows, a bow stringer tool, a bow sight, and an arm guard. The bow’s limbs are made of hardwood and black fiberglass, which is generally considered to be the highest-performing materials for limbs.

The XGeek is only suitable for right-handed handed archers. The quality of the included string may also not be sufficient, but you can replace it easily with the included bow stringer.


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Draw weight selection is suitable for multiple applications
  • Comes with a comprehensive tool kit and accessories
  • High-quality hardwood and fiberglass bow limbs
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Can fit riser with an arm guard


  • Included string’s quality is lacking
  • Only suitable for right-hand orientation

The XGeek is a versatile and durable bow for archers of any skill level, and it has an affordable price tag.

LarpGears Takedown LARP

The Takedown LARP is the perfect takedown recurve bow for beginners, especially children. The Takedown LARP’s features include the following:

  • A draw weight of 25 pounds
  • A total bow length of 53 inches
  • A maximum draw length of 30 inches
  • Ambidextrous design for both hand orientations
  • Available in blue and black
  • Fiberglass limbs

The Takedown LARP is a high-quality, yet affordable bow for beginners who need a bow for target shooting. The bow has a maximum draw weight of 25 pounds, which is not high enough for hunting, but it is perfect for young archers who are in the process of developing their skills and bow drawing strength.

This bow has a lightweight design. As a result, it is easy to position, draw, and aim for long periods without losing stability or becoming fatigued. This LARP’s riser has an ambidextrous design that left- and right-handed people can use.

The LARP is specially developed for beginners and is not suitable for hunting or professional archery. You also don’t have a wide draw weight range selection available.


  • High-quality and lightweight design
  • Perfect for target shooting
  • Strong nylon bow riser
  • Flexible fiberglass limbs
  • Suitable for both hand orientations
  • Available in several color options


  • Not suitable for hunting or long-range target shooting
  • Limited draw weight selection

The Takedown LARP is a suitable and affordable option for beginners or kids who want to find out if archery is for them.

Little Tiger 54” Takedown Recurve bow

The Little Tiger 54” is made by the same manufacturer as the Samick Sage, and it is suitable for beginners or people who have small frames. The bow comes with several high-value features, including:

  • A draw weight selection between 14 pounds and 29 pounds
  • A draw length of 54 inches
  • Maple and fiberglass limbs
  • Pre-installed threaded bushings for accessory upgrades
  • The choice for both hand orientations
  • Coated to withstand moisture

This takedown recurve bow has a high-quality design and construction, and is suitable for people who have low draw-weight requirements. The bow is available to both right- and left-handed archers, and short people will find this bow comfortable to shoot with as well.

You can easily remove and attach the takedown limbs with large fixed screws that don’t require any tools. The bow also has a laminate black and orange color banding for visual appeal.

While this recurve bow is perfect for target shooting, its draw weight does not make it one of the best recurve bow for hunting options. If you want to hunt small game, you will need a bow with a draw weight of at least 40 pounds.


  • High-quality, lightweight bow
  • Suitable for small and shorter people
  • Pre-installed bushings for secure accessory attachment
  • Strong maple and fiberglass limbs


  • Not a suitable bow for hunting

The Little Tiger 54” is a high-end bow that offers a stable draw, precision, and accuracy. If you have a low draw weight need, this bow is worth considering.

Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we will look at the components of a takedown recurve bow and discuss crucial buying considerations that you should keep in mind.

What is Takedown Recurve Bow?

A recurve bow is a type of bow that gets its name from the bow’s curve. In the center, the bow curves towards the shooter, and at the tips, the bow’s limbs curve away.

Takedown bows are a recurve type, and unlike conventional recurve bows that consist of one piece, a takedown bow consists of three parts: the riser and two removable limbs.

Benefits of Choosing a Takedown Bow

Takedown bows are popular among target shooters, bowhunters, and beginners. There are several benefits to takedown bows:

Different Draw Weights

The most significant benefit of a takedown bow is that you can replace the limbs to increase the draw weight of the bow without replacing the bow itself. This feature is especially handy for beginners who want to start at a draw weight of, for example, 30 pounds but still want room for skill development without outgrowing their bow.

Easy Transport and Storage

Traditional recurve bows are quite big, especially if their strings are removed, and finding a safe storage space or getting the bow into a vehicle can be a challenge. Since you can remove the takedown bow’s limbs, storing and transporting your bow.

Buying Considerations

Although takedowns are specialized bows, there are not all the same, and there are many models available. To select a bow that is right for your needs, you have to take some buying considerations into account before making a decision.

Intended Use

If you want to use the bow for target shooting, any draw weight will be suitable. However, if you want the best takedown recurve bow for hunting small game like whitetail deer, you need a draw weight of, at least, 40 pounds. If you’re going to hunt big game like elk, you need a high draw weight of 50 pounds or higher.

Competitive archers may also need a high draw weight, depending on the relevant regulations. If you have a takedown bow, you can increase your draw weight by replacing the limbs.

Draw Length

Draw length refers to how far you can draw the bow back. To determine your draw length, stand with your arms spread out, so they are parallel to the ground. Then, measure the distance between your fingertips in inches and divide the answer by 2.5.

It is crucial to find the bow length suitable for your height and the length of your arms.

Bow Length

The bow’s length is the measurement between the tips of the bow’s limbs. The ideal bow length depends on your draw length and how far you want to shoot. Because longbows generally shoot farther and provide better accuracy, they are recommended for hunting large animals.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is the force required to draw back the string of your bow to launch an arrow.

Most beginners can comfortably shoot with a bow that has a draw weight of 20 pounds. Stronger adults will be able to pull with the 30-pound draw weight.

Beginner archers will typically have to spend time developing their archery skills and strength before they are proficient with hunting bows of draw weights of 40 pounds or more.

Limb Quality

Limb quality determines your bow’s longevity, reliability, and accuracy. Ideally, you want hardwood limbs that are laminated with fiberglass.

Riser Quality

The riser is the part of the bow that you grip. Recurve bow risers are typically made of aluminum, hardwood, or hardwood laminate. The riser design determines the hand-orientation of the bow. Some risers are only suitable for one hand orientation, while others have ambidextrous designs that are suitable for both left- and right-handed people.

Some risers can be fitted with recurve bow accessories like a sight, stabilizer, or quiver. You can also install a shelf to your riser that serves as a rest for the front of your arrow.

A shelf stabilizes your draw and the arrow release to enhance accuracy and precision. Some bows have a tray fitted to the riser, so you don’t have to bay and attach one yourself.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of the takedown recurve bow reviews!

When investing in a new takedown recurve bow, you have to select a suitable draw weight for your purpose. You also have to choose a high-quality bow, even if it has a low draw weight.

The Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown offers a wide selection of draw weights, it features a durable riser with a comfortable grip, and it has strong limbs that you can easily remove.

If you want value for money, consider the Summit Archery Samick Sage Bow Package with the popular Samick Sage bow and wide range of high-value accessories.

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