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Hunting has never been the same since I started using a trail camera. Knowing the size, sex, habits, and other attributes of the game you are pursuing makes it easier for you to make hunting decisions. That’s where trail cameras come in handy.

There are numerous wireless trail cameras available today…and not all of them are made the same. In this article, we review some of the best wireless trail cameras on the market and also share tips to help you find the ideal one.

Our Top Pick

All of the trail cameras below are great in their own rights, but the Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flash has truly captured our attention. The camera is small but packs a punch. It allows you to connect to 15 other cameras with CuddeLink connectivity from a single, strategically positioned camera. The other trail cameras don’t have this convenient feature.

Top 9 Cellular and WiFi Trail Camera Reviews

1. Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flash – Best Model Overall

Our top pick, the Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flash, is designed to deliver excellent quality images, with sharp contrast and deep field of view.

Cuddeback CuddeLink Trail Cameras

Key Features

  • 25 seconds trigger speed
  • 20MP sensor
  • IR & Black dual flash system
  • 100-foot flash range
  • 4 high-capacity D batteries
  • Compatible with other CuddeLink cameras

The most remarkable thing about this CuddeLink trail camera is that it features invisible black infrared (IR) and low-glow IR LEDs. And with its 20MP sensor, 0.25-second trigger speed, and only 2 seconds of recovery time, the camera offers excellent image quality, with impressive sharpness.

The dual flash camera also produced good quality videos. The flash range can go beyond 100 feet and works perfectly with the detection range. It’s powered by four D-cell batteries, which give it up to one year of battery life. Other valuable features are the 24-hour time lapse and five-image burst modes.

We really love that you can connect the camera to a network of up to 15 other CuddeLink cameras with just a single SIM card or data plan. Unfortunately, the camera can’t record video when the CuddeLink system is running; it also can’t transmit video remotely. Something else we don’t like about this model is that its D-cell batteries make the camera heavy.


  • Can switch from no-glow to low-glow LEDs
  • Improved battery life, thanks to D-cell batteries
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Can connect 15 cameras


  • Can’t link camera in video mode
  • D-batteries are quite heavy


Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flush is a serious tool for a serious user. Its cost is commensurate with its build quality and features. And the convenience of networking with other CuddeLink devices is worth the price. Check out other Cuddeback trail cameras here.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5.0


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2. Spartan HD GoCam – Best for Warranty

The Spartan HD GoCam comes with everything you need to start capturing videos and photos. Its most remarkable feature is that it utilizes AT&T wireless technology. You simply need to activate your AT&T data service, and you’ll be able to operate your Spartan HD GoCam camera right from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Spartan HD GoCam (4G AT&T Version, Model#GC-A4Gb, Blackout Infrared) 4G Wireless UTowel Bundle Deal Bundled with UTowels Edgeless Microfiber Towels

Key Features

  • No SIM card needed
  • 4G LTE wireless, infrared
  • Mobile app and web portal
  • 8 megapixels
  • 720P video format

The GoCam is a totally stand-alone camera; you won’t need to add any accessories, cables, or other attachments. Moreover, the camera allows you to send photos in an encrypted form for improved security. With 8 megapixel (MP) and 720P HD video resolution, the camera delivers clear images and videos.

The GoCam is powered by 12 lithium AA batteries and is made of hardwearing plastic, making it resistant to water and moisture. It’s capable of capturing clear images, day or night, as far as 70 feet away.

What we didn’t like is that the sharpness of nighttime pictures is lacking.


  • Can be fully operated from the app
  • Supports video transmission
  • Transmits daily status report, including the battery level
  • 4G LTE transmission broadband
  • 8MP sensor for quality color images


  • Nighttime pictures not quite sharp
  • Limited battery life


The GoCam is one of Spartan’s best trail cameras. Besides its valuable wireless features, backed by a powerful network, it’s a solid unit that is sure to deliver a gratifying hunting experience.

Overall Rating: 4.6/5.0


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3. Browning Defender 940 WiFi Trail Camera – Top New Model

Browning Defender 940 is one of the latest wireless trail cameras on the market. It was introduced less than a year ago and boasts outstanding features.

Browning Defender 940 WiFi and Bluetooth Trail Game Camera (2-Pack) with Focus USB Card Reader Bundle (3 Items)

Key Features:

  • 20 megapixels
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution
  • 4-second trigger speed
  • 8-second recovery time
  • Adjustable IR flash
  • 80-foot detection and flash range
  • Up to 8 multi-shot images
  • Up to 8 rapid-fire images
  • Bluetooth/WiFi compatible
  • Supports up to 128GB SD card
  • 5 to 60 seconds programmable picture delay
  • 4-CR123A batteries

Featuring a camo finish, the Defender 940 is designed to capture clear and bright daytime photos with impressive depth. You can credit the photo quality to the camera’s 20MP interpolated photo resolution sensor. Night time photos are also of great quality, thanks to no-flow convert infrared.

The Defender 940 trail camera conveys data through a WiFi hotspot. With this, you can receive photos to your mobile app from 50 to 100 feet away. You can also operate the camera remotely with this app.

The Defender 940 also offers great battery life, thanks to four CR123A batteries.


  • Exceptional resolution and detection range
  • View photos remotely
  • Easy setup


  • Limited data transfer


The Browning Defender 940 is exceptionally fast, takes excellent pictures, records high-quality videos, has large storage capacity, and can transmit photos to a smartphone. Its major shortcoming is the limited transmission range. If you want a wireless trail camera that can transmit data over 40 feet, then the Defender 940 won’t work for you.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5.0


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4. Stealth Cam GXW – Best Value

If you are looking for the best cellular trail camera that works on almost all GSM networks across the globe, try the Stealth Cam GXW.

Stealth Cam GXW 12MP 1080p HD iOS & Android Wireless Game Trail Camera, 2 Pack

Key Features

  • 12 megapixels
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • 25-second trigger speed
  • iOS & Android app access
  • Can transmit photos and videos
  • Powered by 12 AA batteries
  • 12-volt external battery jack
  • Programmable start/stop time
  • Transmit instantly, hourly, twice a day, or once a day
  • Link account to Google Drive
  • 2-16GB SD memory cards included

With 12 MP picture resolution, the GXW produces clear color daylight photos, with impressive contrast and depth. It has outclassed many trail cameras with better megapixel counts. This camera records 1080P high-resolution videos up to 3-minute increments. Moreover, it can transmit those videos wirelessly. In fact, GXW is one of the best cellular game cameras on the market that can transmit both videos and photos.

With a 0.25-second trigger speed, the GXW is one of the fastest cellular game cameras, and the camera’s detection zone is broader than the picture frame.

Unfortunately, this trail camera has a somewhat slow recovery time—about one minute. It also requires that you use an application to send and receive images. We also noticed that the clarity of nighttime images is somewhat wanting.

Nonetheless, it’s a solid choice for cellular trail cameras for daylight photography and truly black-out night operation.


  • Transmits both photos and videos
  • Impressive daytime photos
  • Full-color LCD display
  • Features time-lapse mode and PIR override


  • App needed to send photos
  • Slow recovery time
  • Nighttime images not as clear


The camera is a solid choice if you are looking for a low cost, high-performance trail camera that doesn’t spook animals. It offers excellent battery life, making it a good pick if you use it in areas that are far from home or difficult to access.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5.0


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5. Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor – Best for Customization

Manufactured by one of the world’s premier optical products manufacturers, the Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor is packed with features to deliver a gratifying user experience.

Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera, Brown

Key Features

  • 14 megapixels
  • 1280x720P HD video resolution
  • 3-second trigger speed
  • 48 No-Glow Black LEDs with 60′ range
  • Free iOS and Android app
  • Adjustable PIR (low/med/high) or Auto PIR
  • Multi-image mode: 1-3 images per trigger
  • Programmable video length: 1-60 seconds
  • PIR sensor to 60′
  • Weatherproof

With 14 MP photo resolution, the 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor delivers clear, color-rich daytime photographs, with excellent depth range. This camera also takes great nighttime pictures, thanks to its 48 no-glow black LEDs. Its motion sensors can be triggered up to 60 feet away.

We love that you can control the 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor remotely through cellular wireless technology. It runs on the AT&T network, and you’ll need to set up a user account through Bushnell’s website. If you’re on a tight budget, check out the Bushnell game camera model featured in our post here.

The major drawback is that the 12 AA lithium batteries deliver merely average battery life. However, you can enhance it by adding a Bushnell Solar Panel. Nonetheless, the Aggressor is one of the solid choices in our cellular and WiFi trail camera reviews.


  • Clear pictures, rich in color
  • 3-second trigger speed
  • High-quality videos
  • 4” LCD display screen
  • Transmit images to email, website, social media, and smartphone


  • Average battery life


The Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a customizable trail cam that will deliver high-quality images and video. However, if you live in a region with poor signal, this antenna-less game camera may not be a good choice.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5.0


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6. Covert Blackhawk LTE – Best for Low Maintenance

Here’s another trail camera that can send both pictures and videos. The Covert Blackhawk LTE is one of the most economical cellular game cameras to operate, yet it is equipped with a host of valuable features.

Covert Blackhawk LTE Wireless Live Video Photo Game Trail Camera + 16GB SD Card

Key Features

  • 4G connectivity
  • 13 megapixels
  • 1280×720 video resolution
  • 100-foot range, built-in IR flash with 60 invisible LEDs
  • Wireless video transmission
  • 8-second trigger speed
  • 40-second recovery time
  • Time-lapse supported
  • 8-AA Lithium batteries

With its 13 MP sensor, the Blackhawk LTE can capture clear daylight photos with stunning color and contrast. The camera is equipped with a no-glow infrared flash with an 80-foot range. It also can shoot high-quality videos in 720P resolution and can transmit those videos wirelessly, unlike most of the cellular game trail cameras on the market today. The Blackhawk LTE also delivers better nighttime photos compared to many other no-glow trail cameras in its class.

Unfortunately, we found that the 0.8-second trigger speed and over 40-second recovery time are sluggish. Another notable drawback is that movement causes objects to pixelate.


  • Can transmit both pictures and videos
  • Better battery life than most competitors
  • Captures stunning daylight photos
  • Simple setup


  • Poor quality nighttime videos
  • App has a lot of bugs


The Covert Blackhawk LTE is a solid cellular game camera. While the app exhibits some functionality issues, the device takes impressive photos, is fast, and boasts excellent battery life.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5.0


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7. Covert Special Ops Code Black Camera ­- Best Detection Area

Here’s another one of the best wireless game cameras from Covert. Operating on AT&T’s 3G network, the Covert Special Ops Code Black Camera allows you to send emails and personal messages with an attached photo.

Covert Special Ops Mini Nano Hidden Spy Video Cam + SD Spy Cam, Security, Hunting

Key Features:

  • 8 megapixel
  • 640 x 480 video resolution
  • 2-second trigger speed
  • 52-second recovery time
  • 90-foot detection range
  • 60 invisible flash LEDs
  • 60-foot flash range
  • 12 AA batteries

With 640 x 480 video resolution and 8 MP sensor, the Special Ops Code Black trail camera allows you to view images within one minute of being captured. The camera captures daytime photos in full color and nighttime photos in black and white.

What we really found lacking about this trail camera is that the trigger speed is slower compared to its competitors.


  • Flash technology
  • Expansive detection area
  • Support up to 32 GB SD card
  • Long battery life
  • Ability to send text messages and emails with pictures attached


  • Slow trigger speed


Covert Special Ops Code Black comes with many valuable features. The quick recovery time is very useful, and besides capturing excellent quality pictures, it also has great battery life.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5.0


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8. Snyper Commander Cellular Trail Camera – Easiest to Use

With its simplicity, exceptional battery life, and long detection range, the Snyper Commander 4G LTE is another feature-rich unit in our cellular and WiFi trail camera reviews.

4GLTE Cellular Trail Camera Snyper - Commander 4GLTE Trail Camera 12MP/1080P Wireless Trail Camera with 2" LCD Screen - Sends to Any Network Phone. GPS Camera Tracking.

Key Features

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • 12 megapixels
  • 1080 HD video resolution
  • GPS camera tracking
  • 2″ LCD screen display
  • 4-second trigger speed
  • 56 no-glow infrared LEDs
  • 80-foot detection range
  • 12 AA lithium batteries
  • External 12V power jack

Equipped with 56 no-glow infrared LEDs, 12MP resolution, and 0.4-second trigger speed, the Snyper Commander takes good quality photos; night photos are taken in black and white, without comprising the contrast and depth of the photos.

We love this trail camera’s great battery life, and you can also use a solar panel or external battery, as it is equipped with an external 12V jack.

Moreover, the camera is equipped with an AT&T SIM card, and you can share unlimited photos for $10 a month via Snyper’s website.

What we found to be the major downside of this model was that night photos get overexposed on closer shots.


  • 4G LTE transfer speeds
  • Impressive daytime pictures
  • Good quality nighttime photos
  • Long detection range


  • Lens fogs over in cool, humid weather


The Snyper Commander 4G LTE is a really good cellular trail camera. However, it is equipped with unsophisticated operating software, which may not impress you if you’re a tech-savvy user.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0


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9. HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera – Most Affordable

Closing our best cellular and WiFi trail camera reviews is the HCO SG580M infrared wireless trail camera—a simple and affordable trail camera that can get the job done.

HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera

Key Features

  • 5 megapixels
  • 640x480P video resolution
  • 5-second trigger speed
  • 5-8 seconds of recovery time

With a 5 MP sensor and 640×480 video resolution, the HCO SG580M takes satisfactory pictures. Also, with its no-glow flash and low-powered PIR sensors, this camera does an impressive job at night. Furthermore, it can immediately send pictures to your smartphone.

One thing we don’t like about the SG580M is that the picture resolution is quite wanting.


  • Compact and robust design
  • Indicates image stamp
  • Wireless connectivity to view photos and videos on multiple devices
  • Consumes less power on standby


  • Low-capacity memory card (8GB)
  • Low resolution for photo and videos


The HCO is an excellent choice for someone looking for a compact, feature-packed camera at a pocket-friendly price. However, it can be a tricky game cam to use wirelessly; we suggest using the free app for setup.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0


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How to Choose the Best Wireless Game Camera

There are several factors to consider before you purchase a trail camera to ensure you get one that suits your requirements. Let’s explore:

1. Megapixel Count

Don’t be hoodwinked by high megapixel counts. Some manufacturers use low-quality lenses that deliver poor-quality pictures, but they mislead consumers by advertising high megapixels.

Here are a few things you should know to avoid being duped:

  • Some cameras with a high megapixel count have cheap lenses and produce poor-quality pictures.
  • Some companies use interpolation to improve their camera resolution, which doesn’t improve image You also can’t zoom in an interpolated picture to see more detail. This technique can also affect picture size and recovery time.
  • Consider comparing unedited pictures from several trail cameras before picking the best one; keep in mind resolution, contrast, color, and clarity of pictures.

2. Burst Mode

Choose a trail camera with burst mode option. In burst mode, the trail camera captures several photos in a row, very fast. This allows you to have a clear look at any animal, no matter how fast it’s moving, once the camera is activated.

3. Time-Lapse Mode

This is another feature that a great trail camera should have. In time-lapse mode, the camera automatically takes a picture at set time intervals. With this feature, you can see when and from what direction your prey enters a given spot, how long it stays there, and when it leaves.

Some advanced trail cameras offer nighttime time-lapse mode.

4. Flash Type

A camera flash is essential for capturing pictures during the night. Game trail cameras usually use one of three types of flash for nighttime image capturing:

  • White flash – If you want to capture color pictures, you need a trail camera with a white Keep in mind the bright flash of light can also scare animals away. It can also be seen by people, which means they’ll know where you’ve mounted your camera.
  • Red-glow infrared flash – If you don’t want to scare animals away, this is a great choice. It gives out a faint red glow when taking nighttime photos, and produces black and white pictures. Red-glow infrared flash is still visible to humans, however.
  • No-glow infrared flash – These are not visible to animals or humans. However, they produce black and white pictures that are darker and grainier compared to those taken with red-glow infrared flash.

5. Detection Zone

The detection zone refers to the area within which a trail camera can detect and capture an image. It encompasses the detection width and the detection range.

6. Trigger Time

Another important factor to consider when shopping for the best wireless game camera is the trigger time. The trigger time refers to how long the camera takes to take a picture from the moment it first detects motion of an animal. Obviously, you would want to choose a camera with a faster trigger time. A camera with a slow trigger time may only capture the image of the tail end of the animal as it runs by.

7. Video Capturing Capability

The video resolution is another important consideration when looking for the best cellular game camera. It’s advisable to choose a camera with at least 720P video resolution.

8. Cellular Signal for Cellular Trail Camera

To choose the best cellular trail camera, you should also consider the following factors:

  • Mobile service providers that the cellular game camera can work with – You want to choose a trail camera that works with operators that have the strongest and most reliable signals in your location.
  • Data plans – Cellular trail cameras require data plans to transmit data. Before purchasing a camera, you should find out if the operators it works with have data plans that suit your needs.


9. Camera Battery Life

You want a trail camera that has a long battery life. This can save you a significant amount of money over the entirety of the camera’s life. Here are a few things to be aware of about the battery life of a trail camera:

  • Does your desired trail camera use lithium or alkaline batteries? Alkaline batteries are more affordable. They are ideal for daily use. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, are quite expensive. However, they can last up to four times longer than their alkaline counterparts. Moreover, unlike alkaline batteries, their effectiveness is not affected by extreme cold or hot conditions.
  • Consider investing in rechargeable batteries, or even solar charging. Some wireless trail cameras come with an external power jack, allowing you to use an external battery or solar panel. With such additional remote powering options, you’re assured of uninterrupted action even when the camera’s internal batteries run out of power.

10. Camera Recovery Time

Recovery time refers to how long the camera takes to be ready to capture another image after taking the first one. It is another critical factor to consider when looking for the best wireless game camera.

Many trail cameras on the market take one to five seconds to capture the subsequent image. However, there are also trail cameras that can take at least one minute. Consider getting a camera with exceptionally fast recovery time, like 0.25 seconds. Otherwise, you risk missing out on some great game photo opportunities.

11. Camera Storage Options

Cellular and WiFi trail cameras come with one of two main storage options:

Cameras that support local storage have micro SD card slots. They store all captured photos and videos locally in SD cards. You can view those photos and videos remotely via devices like smartphones and PCs. You don’t need to pay any subscription fees to access this information.

With cameras that support cloud storage, all captured photos and videos are uploaded to the cloud. This is the safest storage option for your data. With cloud storage, you can access your data at any time, from anywhere, through a number of devices.

View more great trail camera options in our roundup post here.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to game scouting, tracking, or hunting, you want a reliable camera that features a fast trigger time, a fast recovery time, a reasonable megapixel count and video resolution, as well as good battery life. The Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flash is our highest-scoring camera for many reasons—but most of all for its unique connectivity feature, CuddeLink. It is the only one on our list that can boast this great little bonus, and despite the extra weight the D-batteries add, we feel the extra life you get out of them make this easy to overlook; the other cameras on our list doesn’t come close with their AA battery power.

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