Bushnell AR Optics Review – FFP Illuminate AR-223

Are you looking for a great scope that is durable and will last a lifetime? Let us look at the Bushnell AR Optics Review for FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle AR-223 Rifle Scope. There are several reasons this scope is such a great and dependable addition to your rifle. Features like scope illumination, which offers great low light shooting experiences and the target turrets that offer a great way to zero in on a target in the most accurate fashion. Also, the scope is light and will not add very much to the overall weight of the firearm in any way.


BTR-1 Illumination Reticle


When shooting in low light situations it can be difficult to use optics at all. However, the illumination feature takes what little light there is in the environment and concentrates it into the reticle of the scope. When hunting in America, most states allow you to hunt one half an hour “after” sunset. A reticle like this can be useful for such a situation as it will make any shot you need that much easier in the dark. Reticle illumination is commonly used by law enforcement on their AR model rifles as well because of their great performance in a low light situation.

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Throw Down PCL

There are times that a shooter will need to quickly adjust power levels of a scope. This is common in Law Enforcement when an officer needs to quickly acquire a target at a much closer range than he is already shooting. The Throw Down PCL allows the shooter to quickly adjust from a distance accurate scope to a close range scope. With a convenient handle mounted on top of the scope that can be standing up or laying flat depending on what type of shooting you are doing. This style of scope has many benefits for the professional shooter and competition shooter as well.


Feature Target Turrets

The target turrets allow the shooter to quickly dial in on accurate shooting. But this is not just an adjustment that has to be made at the range. These click dial turrets offer a great way to adjust your aim in the field as well. These turrets are one click millimeter and can make or break a shooting experience. The dials themselves are made of a high-quality construction grade aluminum. The aluminum build allows them to be durable, yet light. With both vertical and horizontal adjustments, the shooter can quickly adjust and dial into even the most complicated of shots for an accurate shot every time.


Durable and Reliable

Durability is a key factor in what you need in a scope. Now the down side to this particular scope is that it does not offer any official “water-proof” & “fog-proof” ratings or standards. However, it is made of a high-quality aluminum, which gives it a great deal of durability and can also help to maintain the overall weight if the product. The multi-coated lenses offer high image quality and a great field of view.

Bushnell Optics, FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Riflescope with Target Turrets and Throw Down PCL, Matte Black, 1-4x/24mm



  • Great durability and lightweight.
  • Easily transfer viewing from close range to long range.
  • Low light Illumination offers a great shootability for low light situations.
  • Multi-Coated lenses offer a high quality image.

This scope’s selection of great in-use features come together to have it deservedly featuring in our list of the best AR 15 scope reviews.


  • The scope itself is not certified water-proof & fog-proof.
  • Other reviewers have complained about condensation entering the scope.
  • Larger size makes the scope a bit of a burden to the rifle.


There are great features here for sure. One of them is the “Throw Down PCL” which can offer a  great range of shootability for the price that you pay. There is also the great reticle illumination feature that can make shooting in low light situations much more easy and enjoyable. The downside it that this scope is susceptible to the element as it down not have a water-proof or a fog-proof rating at all. The scope itself is also a little bulky, causing the rifle to lose some of its compact size. Overall the scope is a great scope for those who are competitive shooters or even law enforcement thanks to the quick accuracy changes this model can make. As far as use in the field is concerned, you may want to consider other options due to the lack of waterproof and fog-proof features that others have. Here completed Bushnell AR Optics Review in this page.

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