Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol Review


New -Crosman American Classic Pump Air PistolExploring an air pistol crafted for uncomplicated and quick loading, this Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol review goes beyond its stunning looks to investigate how it performs in a typical deployment environment. Weighing up to about 32 ounces, this pistol proves to be hard to put down and could make use of varying power. With the ability to control the number of pumps, the owner could make use of this pistol to better their aim with relative ease.


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  • Fast trigger pull:

The 1377’s bare trigger has a weight of about 4.5 ounces. This may appear a touch light for a gun and marginally substantial for a rifle, however, the trigger on our test weapon was remarkable. It broke neatly and reliably, with no killjoy and no over-travel, and feels like the best chasing rifle trigger you’ve ever shot.

  • Ergonomic structure:

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol (.177) The 1377 has fantastic shooting ergonomics: the trigger is short and fresh. Both the grip and stock can be sufficiently adjusted. While it measures 30.5 ounces as a basic pistol, the addition of a shoulder stock brings it closer the weight of an all-steel Government Model 1911.

Be that as it may, this is a multi-stroke pneumatic, and you’ll invest more energy pumping it than you will pointing and working the trigger. This pumping obliges moderate exertion, which isn’t made any less demanding by the state of the fore-end/pump lever. You can’t wrap your fingers around it (or you’ll crunch them) and you would prefer not to wrap them around the barrel for included influence, in light of the fact that you can see the barrel flex marginally in the event that you do and this can’t be useful for precision.

  • Easy on the pockets:

The American Classic Pump Air Pistol is quite affordable, proving to be an effective weapon for target shooting, albeit you buy certain add-ons. Additionally, this handgun is also useful when it comes to killing pestering rodents around the house. The long barrel is the reason behind the accuracy on shots, adding to the uniqueness in the look of this air pistol. Interestingly, this gun is more powerful than it looks, helping the user shoot at speeds as high as 600 FPS (feet per second).

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  • This pistol could be used by both right-handed and left-handed people, thanks to its ambidextrous grip.
  • A higher rate of accuracy is guaranteed with the help of the pistol’s long barrel and long sight radius.
  • There are many upgrades available for this unit, ensuring a commendable after-product.
  • Due to the presence of the pump action, the user does not need to purchase CO2 cartridges over and over.
  • One of the most powerful air pistols, outputting 600 fps in muzzle velocity, according to manufacturer specs
  • Can be used with a number of different pumps, which means you can vary the power it outputs


  • The trigger is heavy, which makes it almost impossible to shoot with just one hand.
  • Unfortunately, this pistol needs to be pumped after each shot. This makes a range of shots time-consuming, which is problematic, especially if the user is trying to achieve pest control with the pistol.
  • The stock sights are not all that great, providing accuracy to up to 20-30 yards only.
  • The pump handle is rather narrow, which could be problematic and slightly painful for the user.

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In short, this pneumatic pistol is quite accurate, along with being flexible when it comes to upgrading. Since the gun itself is inexpensive, purchasing several add-ons to enhance the experience of shooting does not cost the customer a hefty amount. Although single-hand shooting is tough with this front-heavy pistol, its accuracy does well to keep the users content. In conclusion, our Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol review revels this to be a must-have for all beginners who wish to up their game in plinking. However, to practice target shooting, one would necessitate a bunch of upgrades for this pistol.

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