Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle Review


In this Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle review, we explore why this is a rifle not likely to be used exclusively for plinking, but rather one which can be used to hunt for game birds and eliminate mince and other pests. It’s definitely one of those air rifles that you would want to consider as an investment, so let us get right to the specifics of this gun.

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  • Amazing fit and finesse:

As far as an air rifle goes, an ambidextrous hardwood stock and rifled steel barrel just screams the word ‘serious’. At an overall length of 44.5 inches and a weight of 7.4 lbs., the Crosman Nitro Venom is easy to carry around, especially during aiming and shooting a running target.


  • Firepower and average speed:

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) powered by Nitro Piston Its seriousness continues with an impressive pellet velocity of about 800 fps. This increases when an alloy pellet is used instead, as it rises to a far more impressive 950 fps. Supported by a .22 caliber, this break barrel rifle utilizes a Nitro piston power source, which allows the break barrel to be unlimited in the number of shots (though requiring cocks after each shot). With this break barrel system, this rifle can have a range of 35 yards.

As opposed to other spring pistons, the Nitro Venom is controlled by a fixed volume of idle nitrogen gas, which packs and extends amid the positioning/terminating the cycle. The advantages of this gas cylinder innovation are multiple. The primary thing that you will see (particularly in the event that you have shot springers before) is that the Nitro Venom cocks more effectively than a spring controlled partner and shoots all the more easily. Without the greater part of the substantial spring mass uncoiling and after that withdrawing after the shot, there is substantially less vibration and significantly less “kick” with this gas slam as well. Also, after this rifle is softened up, you will likewise appreciate relatively calm shooting – once more, to a great extent a consequence of the less moving parts in the force plan.


  • Superb Optics:

New -Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air RifleWith a precise CenterPoint scope of 3-9×32 mm in size, this rifle is very easy to mount. The cheek piece can be raised, making it amazingly easy to hold during shooting. In most cases, scopes on reasonable air rifle combos get pummeled barbarously; be that as it may, the Centerpoint 3-9×32 model that is effortlessly introduced on the included weaver rail (decent touch) is shockingly steady.

It is prescribed to set the extension to 9x at the same time and to utilize a picture situated at the coveted distance and modify until you have accomplished visual clarity – for instance, put an item at 35 yards and, while looking through the degree, turn the ring clockwise until it comes in clear, then basically set the top back on and fix. You should not require more than a complete turn of the ring to dial things.


  • Ease of use:

Crosman Nitro Venom has a fluted muzzle break with 21 fps of power, complemented with a rubber pad and safety lever to sustain recoils. With Picatinny style optics rail, this rifle promotes the special Artillery Hold position. It is built to feel easy on the hands and provide comfort even during shooting. The recommended dome-shaped .22 caliber pellets are very accurate and add power during the shooting process.


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  • The break barrel system allows variable uses, from pest eradication to target shooting.
  • The Nitro piston, compared to coiled springs, is easier to cock.
  • Shooting has significantly less recoil than similar models.
  • The shot cycle has 70% less noise compared to coiled springs due to better noise dampening modifications.


  • The break barrel system is not for beginners; as it requires a professional level of accuracy to pull off well.
  • The rifle does not contain iron sights, so if the scope is removed, accuracy might be compromised.

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The conclusion we came to after completing this Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle review was that it simply delivers some serious performance… This rifle is a mixed box of power, accuracy, and versatility in its applications. It is a helpful tool to carry around for a number of different purposes. Despite the stiff trigger and lack of support for newer users, this rifle is a must have for all professionals!