Daisy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle Review


Our Daisy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle review explores just why this is Daisy’s most popular air rifle. It has amazing power and on top of that it can shoot both BBs and pellets. This is a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that is available in the dark colors of black and brown.

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  • Structure gives a traditional vibe:

This Powerline 880 is a leader of the Daisy products line. It not only looks good with its wooden grain handle and smooth steel barrel, but handles very easily as a result of its light weight. It can also be adjusted to incorporate a scope and extension if needs be.


  • The freedom of using both BBs and pellets:

You can shoot BBs up to 750 fps and pellets up to 715 fps with this gun. This is made from Synthetic Monte Carlo stocks and comes with a raised cheek piece for easier usage. The amazing thing about this gun is its dual ammo capacity. You can load 50 BBs in this beast. Otherwise, you can opt for a pellet. It comes with a fiber optic front sight. You can also fix your targets efficiently with a 4*15 scope which is great for practice purposes.

If you’re planning on shooting BBs, it’s a much easier load (small side-hole) than when you want to shoot pellets, which can be quite a pain to load one-by-one. That’s as far as the pain goes though because once loaded, this is about as good as air rifles get.

New -Daisy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle


  • Ease of use:

It comes with a flexible stock; this makes it user friendly for diverse age ranges. It is a decent BB firearm for children .They will like how it looks and get used to it pretty easily.

This power line kit also comes with a safety glass, 750 BBs and 650 daisy pellets. Even though this gun is marketed as a repeated BB shooter, you can also use it as a single pellet shooter. This rifle is perfect for target shooting and plinking. It only weighs 3.10 pounds. As it is very light, you can shoot with this rifle for a long time without getting tired.


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  • You can shoot up to 291 yards with this rifle, which makes plinking easier.
  • The gun provides variable powers with options of both 50BBs and pellets.
  • The fiber optic front provides accurate shots.
  • It has a good trigger weight which does not need much force while shooting.
  • Its lightweight enables easier carrying capabilities.
  • Great for teaching beginner shooters
  • Very well-built and powerful, even though it has a plastic body – it will considerably lacerate a water-filled can at about 25 feet away with a pellet, while a BB will give you a “cleaner”
  • Shooting power can be varied, based on how many pre-shooting pumps you give it


  • The safety mechanism is not that good. You have to be extremely safe while shooting with this gun, despite not needing to wear safety goggles while shooting.
  • Pellets are a bit hard to load. You need to practice a lot before getting it right.
  • Time between two shots is lengthy. So if you need follow up shoots, then you will be in a pickle.

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This firearm may be considered a mixed bag as far as guns of its caliber are concerned, but from our Daisy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle review, it is obvious that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. This is the kind of gun that will provide the user with an amazing service, leaving little room for complaints. Yes, it has some flaws, but they are not major and can be avoided if a bit of care is maintained. For beginners, who are just testing out new guns, this will be an amazing purchase.