Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol Review


Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol For anyone weighing up their options as far as automatic air pistols go, this Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol review not only serves to better acquaint you with one of the market’s hottest options, but also serves to give you a benchmark against which to measure other options available. The Desert Eagle Airsoft CO2, weighing at 2.47 lbs., with short magazine and full auto pistol can fire semi or fully automatic. With a body made of metal and ABS plastic, this air pistol has a capacity of 21 rounds. When used in full auto mode, this beast of a pistol can unload an entire clip in less than 2 seconds. Talk about being powerful!

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  • Strong metal build:

Desert Eagle Airsoft is one of those air pistols that give a strong metal impression. The only plastic present in its body is the clip, but that too is a strong abs plastic. This gun is quite heavy as its all metal. But that does not stop it from firing shots with amazing accuracy.
The gun feels solid and the CO2 tanks can be easily adjusted.


  • Amazingly fast in a rapid fire mode:

This gun has a cartridge which is 12.0 grams and use CO2 gas. With a 10.6” overall length, the air pistol is known to make a medium amount of noise when in use. The build is excellent and the size is huge. Depending on the weight of the ammo, this pistol can shoot at a velocity ranging from 300 to 390 fps and has a range of 150 feet. For instance, using 0.12-gram pellets you can reach up to a velocity of 394 fps, but use  0.20 grams pellets and that velocity comes down to 305 fps. Powerful, accurate and shoots a long distance. What more do you want?


  • Safety and warranty:

This gun comes with both trigger and grip safety. Children can also use it for target practice, given they can actually lift it. It also comes with a yearlong warranty from its makers.


  • Desert-Eagle-Full-Auto-Airsoft-PistolFront sight gives a better view of the target:

While the rear sight is fixed, the front sight has a blade and ramp setting to give you as accurate view of your target as possible. The barrel has a smooth design and looks for it while there is the option of a manual safety. It has strong recoil and blowback system as well as an adjustable spin up shooting system. For optimized performance and the durability of the gun and magazines, it is recommended that the magazines return to normal temperature before you use it again.

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  • Contains an effective balance between power and accuracy.
  • The body is built sturdily, using mostly metal and a minimum amount of plastic.
  • This gun is quite user-friendly and cost effective, which helps to sustain popularity.
  • Can be used either in semi- or full-auto mode
  • Manufacturer specifications indicate a decent velocity of up to 394 fps, using 0.12 gram BBs


  • The gun needs to be regularly cleaned for smooth functioning and to prevent jamming.
  • The noise dampening is near to non-existent, so it can be very loud.
  • The gun uses up the gas pretty fast.
  • The size is too irksome and not compact for easy application.

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This is a gun that you will love using but will require your time and effort in maintaining it so it does not dwindle down of performance. It is recommended to lube the gun up once you take it out of the box so it is easier to slide the magazine in with less friction. While our Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft review detailed this specific gun’s unique features, the information you’re encouraged to take away will give you a clear set of guidelines with regards to the very wide range of standards apparent throughout the entire auto air rifles market. This particular gun is great for gift giving or just good old personal use and it is going to be quite a hit with gun aficionados. Go get it!