Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review


In this Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle review, we take a look at a very quiet air gun (as the name suggests), that still manages to generate a lot of power. Built with a synthetic stock that is resistant to weather conditions and is quite sturdy, physically, it utilizes a single shot system that packs quite a punch against its targets; which are usually rodents and game animals. This Gamo Silent Cat is exact, effective and resourceful for these purposes. Gamo’s ND 52 clamor housing framework verifies you get all the hard-hitting punch, yet with 52% of the ordinary “thunder” that you usually get from high-speed Air Rifles.Gamo-Whisper-Silent-Cat-Air-Rifle

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  • A quiet air gun:

Because this gun is made for killing annoying pests, it needs to be quiet, and it certainly is, thanks to excellent noise dampening abilities that cause a 25% reduction in the volume of shots. The noise dampener mounted to the barrel makes the firearm observably silent, particularly with higher speed shots. This dampener implies that games will not notice when the weapon is discharged. That way it is easier to shoot them.


  • PBA ammunitions results in amazing firepower:

Using PBA ammunition, it can fire at 1200 fps; though decreasing a little bit with 1000 fps when using 0.177 lead bullets. It comes with a 4X32 scope and mounts, which aids in accuracy against moving targets. The 4X32 scope is supported by an additional base for mounted shooting. For safety, its ventilated rubber pad decreases recoil and protects the user from any side-effects. The safety factor is further enhanced with an automatic cocking safety system, along with a manual trigger.

The weapon’s amazing firepower implies that exceptionally lightweight shots may be harder to keep exact. In the event that the shot goes supersonic, the commotion dampener will not help calm it down, and the shockwave will ricochet the ammo around. Picking heavier ammo to hold the velocity down disposes of this issue.


  • A break barrel system that you can depend on:

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle The break barrel and spring cylinder frameworks are, interestingly enough, suitable for both learners and more propelled shooters. These frameworks make the weapon simple to utilize and require almost no upkeep.

First-time shooters will have no issues with positioning the barrel, and even a legitimately managed youngster has the quality to load and shoot the target efficiently.
At dimensions of 48.8 inches in length and 6 inches in height, this 2.5-inch thick rifle weighs 7 pounds, which, when considering its strength and accuracy, is not that hard to carry around. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle is pumped by the one action mechanism and provides a high damage level just by that one shot alone. The recommended sighting scope length is 40 feet, which is considered the ideal distance for effortlessly picking apart unsuspecting squirrels and pesky vermin.


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  • Skeleton stock allows easy handling, similar to a thumb-hole stock or AR rifle grip.
  • This rifle is comfortable to use in all aspects, which provides faster muzzle against fast targets.
  • When shooting, the combination of noise dampening and overall design yields a quiet and quick shot without any disruption, making it great for hunting
  • Insane power of around 1200 fps
  • Comes with a decent enough single-piece mount scope


  • The trigger has a hard pull, so might cause errors during shots requiring extreme precision.
  • The scope may prove to be troublesome to fit during the initial steps of appliance.

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Black in color, this air rifle can even hide in the darkness to launch effective surprise blows. Above all else, our Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle review reveals this to be a great hunting gun with which predator-style stalking is possible as a result of its silence… It boasts considerable power, accuracy and is eligible for modifications that allow it to be better than usual air rifles used solely for hunting.

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