Gerber Flatiron Review: All You Need to Know

Truth is, knives have always fascinated me. From camping trips to DIY activities and even helping out in the kitchen, they always had me hooked. The more I got to know about knives, the more curious I became about their range of capabilities.

I have had the pleasure of testing some of the most insane knives on the market and one thing I can tell you for sure is that price is not an indicator of quality.

Gerber Flatiron proves it — as it is a super low-cost knife that is shockingly high-quality.

For those of us who love and avidly collect knives, one look at this gorgeous knife is enough to fall in love with it.

So we took it out for a spin, held it, and got to know it a little better. Read on as we tell you about our date with this knife in this Gerber Flatiron review.

Our Gerber Flatiron Review

Gerber Flatiron - Folding Cleaver Pocket Knife - Desert Tan G-10 Handle [30-001495]

The Gerber Flatiron Folding Knife is a unique cleaver style blade with a stonewashed finish you don’t get to see every day. It comes in a Desert Tan G-10 handle and a Gray Aluminum handle.

The folding knife has a 7Cr17MoV stainless steel blade and a comfortable finger choil that allows for fine control while cutting or chopping.

The Gerber Flatiron boasts a 4.8 length that offers you a full-hand grip, a frame lock that ensures solid lock up and enough thumb hole to make opening the knife easy. The compact pocket clip makes certain the Flatiron is always with you.

It is a great fit for anyone who likes a regular knife. It’s especially useful for people who are looking for an everyday knife made for utility that allows you cut and chop with precision.

It’s a good knife to take along on camping trips, slice open packages, and for just about anything else you can do with a pocket knife.


  • Overall length is 8.5”
  • Blade length is 3.8”
  • Stainless steel blade material
  • Cleaver style blade
  • One hand opening thumb hole
  • Frame lock

Features and Benefits

What is so cool about the Gerber Flatiron anyway?


The Gerber Flatiron unique cleaver style is big without being bulky. Its blade has a hollow grind that gives its great slicing ability and makes sharpening easy. While the blade sharpens easily, don’t expect it to stay that way for too long, for the price, we don’t mind a few compromises.

Although the lack of a point curbs any fantasies involving piercing, the design allows for precise, aggressive cutting and chopping tasks.

The handle allows for a comfortable full-hand grip. The aluminum handle looks sleek but shows wear and can be slippery so the Tan G-10 is a great alternative.

The finger choil is such a great feature for me because it leaves your fingers with just the right amount of room to prevent cramping, prevents you from putting pressure on the frame lock and allows you to choke up the blade for better control and precision.

Lock and Blade Deployment

The frame lock is simple but reliable and gives no room for the blade to wobble. It supports the one hand open and close and rules out the risk of an accidental closure which makes it quite safe. With a smooth move of the thumb on the thumb hole, the blade opens.

The thumb hole is just big enough for your thumb so you don’t have to stuggle before you get the blade open. When new, the blade joint might need a bit of oiling to loosen it up then you can go right to flicking the blade open.

Pocket Clip

The pocket clip looks nice and is quite low profile so it allows for deep concealment. It holds the knife firmly to your pocket, whether you are hiking or camping. Thing is, the pocket clip might be a little too tight, it can be a little hard to slip over weighter materials but it’s bearable on lighter materials.

Gerber Flatiron Review Summary


  • Unique blade style is easy to deploy with zero wobble
  • Blade retains its edge, resistant to corrosion and can take the hard work.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low profile pocket clip hangs tightly on the pocket
  • Easy to clean and oil because of the open handle


  • Pocket clip cannot be reversed
  • Might not be too comfortable for left-handed users
  • Blade dulls easily so it will need to be sharpened
  • Knife isn’t lightweight, you will know it’s in your pocket


General User Impressions

It’s certainly important to know what other customers are saying about a product before you buy it. A close look at top online stores and websites, shows that most customers are pleased with Gerber Flatiron action, many gave it a 5-star review. Here’s what customers are saying about the Gerber Flatiron.

According to user reviews, the Gerber Flatiron is a sturdy knife with an excellent design that certainly gets attention when in use. It feels great to handle without any uncomfortable edges, ideal for campfires, food preparation, or outdoor grilling.

There were complaints that the blade isn’t of the highest quality and dulls easily but is quite easy to sharpen and handles the hard work pretty well. A few said that when new, the knife could be stiff but oiling it seems to do the trick.

Some customers complained that they had issues opening it one-handed and the pocket clip didn’t fit in jeans. Regardless of some negative reviews, the buyers agree that it’s great for everyday travel and the price is a good bargain. Others say it made them feel more manly.

Our Opinion

We think the Gerber Flatiron is an overall success. There are a few things that are really cool about the Gerber Flatiron and others we think could be better.

The Gerber Flatiron’s look and design is one of its best features. The Flatiron’s unique cleaver style blade with satin finish is satisfying to look at.

The aluminum handle makes it look sleek, while the Tan G-10 gives it a tougher look, so if tough is more your style, you know which handle to look out for, the Flatiron rocks a handle that gives you a comfortable full-hand grip and a nice curve that helps the grip, a solid feel that is almost unbelievable for the asking price.

We think highly of the Gerber Flatiron design, not just because of how nice it looks but its ergonomics points. The finger choil is a favorite feature because it helps to choke up the blade for more precision and better control, it doesn’t hurt that it keeps your fingers safe while the blade is in use too. The open design is a great plus because it makes for an easy clean.

Yes, we totally love how affordable it is. Are there better knives out there? You bet! For a knife with great aesthetic value, a 7Cr17MoV budget stainless steel resistant to corrosion, perfect centering, amazing framelock with no room for wobbling and great finishing, does Gerber Flatiron top the list? We think it does!

What we do not like is the pocket clip. We know it’s a good functional piece but it doesn’t have to be so hard to clip onto the pocket.

When you finally clip it in, you can bet it won’t be slipping but before taking it out, be ready for a small tug of war. Also the clip isn’t interchangeable, it only works as a point/tip up carry.

We also don’t like that the Gerber Flatiron isn’t built for piercing. It limits its uses but also makes it the best option for emergency workers or playing hero, let’s say you want to help someone out of a jammed seat belt, you wouldn’t have to worry about piercing the person.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pocket Knife

Choosing a knife can be something of a chore if you don’t know what to look out for. There are thousands of amazing knives in the market and you might become overwhelmed, so to help you choose the one best suited for you, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Ease of Use

Nothing is a bigger let down than having a good knife that is hard to use. If it’s cool and easy to use, you have made the right choice.

You want to go for a knife that is comfortable to wear and easily concealed, easy to open, rocks a full-hand grip and a handle that makes grasping easy.


It is almost easy to forget the price of a knife when you want it so much. Well, almost, because the price is still a major factor to consider.

I recommend buying one within your budget, but of course it’s great to exceed it if you are sure you’d get your money’s worth.


If you are an avid knife user, you no doubt have had your share of knives fall apart on you. A durable knife is like an old friend, so look out for one that has a good exterior and solid center.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How Much Does The Gerber Flatiron Cost?

You won’t be breaking the bank for this one. It is sold on Amazon and other online stores. It sells for $42 on Amazon.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Knife?

This will depend on how often you are cutting and what you are cutting. Sharpening the blade frequently will keep your blade always sharp. It is also easy to sharpen. There is also the option of sending it back to Gerber for sharpening services at a small fee.

How Do I Clean My Tool?

It’s very important to maintain your tool to keep it in the best of conditions. After each major use your tool shouldn’t be kept dirty. Rinse your tool in clean water to remove dirt then dry thoroughly. When dry, oil the metal and pivot area to keep it from being stiff.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are looking to get your first knife, the Gerber Flatiron is a safe option. If you have always wanted to try out a cleaver style knife then you really want to consider

The Gerber Flatiron is a good choice for an everyday carry to help open boxes and cut cartons or plastic. It is not only a tough knife that can take the hard work but it is quite safe and affordable. You should definitely buy one.

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