Best Gun Safe Door Organizers – (Reviews & Guide 2017)

Every gun owner needs a gun safe door organizer in order to be organized. A clutter in your gun safe can cause numerous problems. The main problem with having a cluttered gun safe is if you have the gun for protection you could risk losing your life and risk your loved ones being assaulted if you have to dig for your pistol. A gun safe door organizer will also keep everything organized so your guns will not be damaged or scratched. If you plan on using your safe for storing small valuables, you can put them in the organizer to keep more space open for future gun purchases. Some safes come with an organizer. If yours did not come equipped with one, you could purchase one anywhere that sells gun safes. There are many features available so you can find one that will fit your needs.



1 – American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

This is a gun safe organizer for large gun safes. It has plenty of pockets for whatever you might want to store. It is also equipped with four pistol holsters which will make your weapons easier to access. You can purchase more pistol holsters for the organizer. It also has compartments for your ammo, so it does not spill into the safe. It will also allow you to put separate your ammo by caliber. This organizer will mount to the inside of steel or drywall gun safe doors. The mounting brackets are included.


  • Comes with different size clips so it can be mounted in any large gun safe.
  • Has many pockets so you will have room for all your valuables to be stored in the safe along with your weapons without causing clutter.
  • You have a little decision on where you want your pistol holders located.
  • Many people do not use them, but you can also store two rifles in the door organizer.
  • Many other gun safe organizers are bland and have pockets that don’t allow you to see the contents. This organizer has a few clear pockets for you to store the small things you have to access quick or the things you use most often.


  • They offer extensions for the strap that goes to the bottom of the door. You might need the extensions depending on how large your safe is. These extensions have to be purchased
  • The holsters cannot be placed in a position where they can be accessed with either hand. Left-handed people will have to adapt to obtaining their gun with their right hand.
  • If you use the rifle storage in the organizer, it will keep you from accessing some of the pockets.
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2 – LIBERTY SAFE 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel

New -LIBERTY SAFE 10584 18 GUN SAFE DOOR PANELThis is a highly rated gun safe door organizer by Shooting&Safety Editors. It is equipped with four quick draw holster like many other organizers. It has features that are unique too. It is fitted with a cool pocket. The cool pocket is fireproof and will be useful for storing important documents.


  • Is equipped with a cool. The cool pocket is fire proof. This gives the contents of the pocket an extra layer of security if your safe is also fire proof.
  • This organizer is easier to install than others that are on the market. It has hooks for each side of the safe then you pull the straps to tighten it against the door.
  • It will allow you to store your pistols in the organizer so you can clear some shelf space if needed.
  • This organizer will allow you store your pistol and holster depending on what size the holster is.


  • Has elastic bands for you to store extra magazines instead of actual magazine holders.
  • Some people have ran into the problem that the hooks that are included with the safe would not work on their safe. If you run into this problem, you can use screws to hold the organizer in place.
  • If you have a vertical divider in your safe, it might cause your safe not to close if the cool pocket is full. I recommend you put the most important valuables in the cool pocket, so you do not run into this problem.
  • Sometimes the hooks will not allow your safe to close as tight as it should. When you run into this problem, you can push the hooks back into place, and it will allow your safe to close properly.
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