The Kizer Begleiter Review — The Sturdy and Trusty Pocket Knife

Kizer knives are like the Cinderellas of the knife world — not so flashy or fun but they are pretty reliable and they do get the job done (sorry, Anastasia and Drizella).

Remember the low-budget food truck that appears mysteriously in your street for two straight weeks before disappearing?

Great quality, great customer service but with prices so affordable, you’d be suspicious? That’s exactly how Kizer is.

Basically, if you’re aiming for a reliable design at a relatively affordable price, Kizer knives are your best bet. At this point, we would like to address the elephant in the room — the Kizer Begleiter, a knife so popular, we had to write an entire article about it.

Our Kizer Begleiter Review

Kizer Cutlery Pocket Knife with Clip Brown G10 Handles Material EDC Folding Knife, Begleiter (V4458A4)

When it comes to the Kizer Begleiter, most people talk about one thing: the price. In fact, we think that the price is the major buzz surrounding this knife.

Everyone says that the quality is good enough for the price but does that make it an outstanding knife?

If we’re going to be honest, the Kizer Begleiter can be sold for a slightly higher price but that’s just about it. Most users would feel cheated or ripped off if they had to pay more than a hundred dollars for this knife. In fact, we will probably cry ourselves to sleep if we had to pay a hundred dollars for it.

Don’t get us wrong. The Kizer Begleiter is a good knife. But is it spectacular? Uh, not really. Sure, it can be compared to a lot of top-rated brands out there but if it comes down to a real competition, we doubt this knife can beat the other higher-end knives.

There are way more outstanding knives out there. However, most people will readily pick the Begleiter over other knives within the same range because it costs less.

Its major selling point is its price and we think that’s the angle the manufacturers used for their PR strategy. Good quality for a reasonable price.

In essence, the Kizer Begleiter is a good knife. You definitely would not feel ripped off after buying this knife. In fact, it does the job pretty well without any hassle. However, at the end of the day, it is what it is — a good knife. Not spectacular, not outstanding nor fantastic. Just a good knife.

Kizer Begleiter Review Summary

Like you’ve probably already guessed, the Kizer Begleiter has a lot of endearing features and a few not-so-attractive features that we haven’t mentioned yet.

If you’re trying to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the Kizer Begleiter, here you go:


  • Super affordable
  • Can be carried around comfortably
  • Smooth to open and close
  • Tough, sturdy build


  • Pocket clip may interfere with the grip
  • The aesthetic design is nothing new


The Kizer Begleiter — Your Everyday Companion

Ever wondered what the word “Begleiter” means? In essence, Begleiter is German for “companion” and as the name implies, this knife should be your everyday companion especially if you’re a lover of knives.

Designed by Azo, the Kizer Begleiter has been around for some years and over time, it has garnered some pretty impressive word-of-mouth charm.

Now, we can’t exactly pinpoint a single reason why this knife has that much mojo, but it can definitely be chalked up to its low price and solid design.

One of the reasons people loved and still love it now is its low price. With less than $100, you can get yourself a super sturdy Begleiter that would be worth every dollar you spent.

Designed for people who prefer slim but reliable blades, this knife is known to deliver perfectly and can even compete with other top-rated brands.

According to users and PR, this knife belongs to the high-end category thanks to its solid, all-purpose design and the fact that it is crafted out of high-quality materials.

This has earned it the popular title “the sturdy gentleman” and we can’t help but love this title. But does it really live up to this title or is it yet another knife with exaggerated qualities? Is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

General Specifications and Details


  • Weight: 3.7 ounces
  • Blade Steel: VG-10
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
  • Blade Length: 3.58″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13″
  • Handle length: 4.6″

As you can see, the Kizer Begleiter packs a weight of 3.7 ounces, making it lightweight and super easy to carry around. The blade may look pretty long but trust us, it doesn’t feel that way. It is flat but not overly thin and can do a pretty good job even in rugged conditions.

If you have a history or a penchant for dropping things, you’d definitely be skeptical when buying a pocket knife. However, you have no worries when it comes to the Kizer Begleiter. Its build is sturdy enough to let you get away with tons of accidental falls.

One feature of the Kizer Begleiter that really caught our attention was the VG-10 steel. Now, we, like most knife lovers, love VG-10 steel. However, word on the street is that Kizer uses VG-10 steel that’s harder than most.

We can’t confirm how true this rumor is but what we can tell you is that the blade is durable and it maintains its impressive edge even after months of use. It also maintains its anti-corrosion quality as long as it is kept dry.

If used extensively, the blade may wear down a little but it’s nothing a little honing can’t take care of. With a little sharpening every now and then, your Kizer Begleiter will feel as sharp as the first time you took it out of the box.

Kizer’s Ergonomics

If there’s one thing we should appreciate the manufacturers of this knife for, it’s the ergonomics. The Kizer Begleiter is definitely one of the most comfortable pocket knives you can find. It has a natural feel, making it easy to carry around.

This knife has a definite silkiness that you would notice as soon as you try to open it. It features rounded dual thumb studs that let you flip the knife open deftly without feeling any abrasion at all.

However, you may notice that the pocket clip is a tad uncomfortable as it pushes into your palms sometimes.

The knife also features G-10 scales that are soft to the touch, unlike most aggressive ones out there. The liners also have rounded edges.

The manufacturers were thoughtful enough to ensure that all the little details around the knife were beveled to prevent them from digging into the hands. Trust us, this particular feature may keep you attached to the knife.

We need to point out that the length and thickness of the Kizer Begleiter may cause a little awkwardness each time you raise your legs. However, over time, you would pretty much get used to it. You may not even notice how it rides awkwardly in your pocket anymore.

General User Impressions

Since its launch, the Kizer Begleiter has received a lot of positive reviews from buyers who found it unexpectedly nice. For people who have used this knife, it feels like buying super quality without paying the super quality price (their words, not ours).

A majority of users were impressed by the superior quality of the blade and how smoothly the knife flips open. For some users, the blade may be a little too big but then, that’s a matter of personal taste.

As we expected, most users have a grouse with the pocket clip but the knife makes up for this flaw with its overall quality and great price.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pocket Knife

Now, this may probably come as a shock to you (no, it doesn’t) but before you get a Kizer knife –or any other knife for that matter, you need to consider a number of things.

For starters, you would definitely need to consider your preferences. What exactly are you looking out for in a knife? Size? Ergonomics? The strength of the steel?

If you prefer knives crafted out of soft steel, the Kizer Begleiter definitely isn’t a great choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a hard steeled knife that can cut through anything, from plain old veggies to cloth, this knife just may be the one you’re looking for.

In the same vein, if you prefer blades with a little more belly, you might want to consider other options since the Kizer Begleiter’s blade is so slim, it resembles a durable slicer.

At the end of the day, getting a Kizer Begleiter knife boils down to your personal preferences. If you still aren’t sure whether this knife is right for you or not, we would provide a clearer insight into its details and why it is one of the best economy knives out there.

Kizer Begleiter FAQ

Q: Is It German Or Made In China?

A: The Kizer Begleiter knife is manufactured in China.

Q: Is This Knife Spring Assisted?

A: No, it is unassisted.

Q: What Type Of Grind Does This Knife Have?

A: It has a flat grind.

Final Thoughts

The Kizer Begleiter knife is a great choice if you’re looking for an efficient knife that won’t have you setting up a Gofundme account just to buy it. It may not be the most outstanding pocket knife out there but it definitely does get the job done and that’s what you need in a knife, right?

We can’t promise that you would be overwhelmed or filled with sheer wonder when you buy a Begleiter but here’s one thing we can assure you of: you definitely won’t be underwhelmed. Like we’ve said a thousand times already, it’s worth every penny you’d spend on it!

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