Primary Arms Red Dot Review

Primary Arms Advanced Series Red Dot with integrated AR Height QD Mount

New -Primary Arms Red DotBoasting an impressive array of highlighted features any red dot sight manufacturer would be proud of, the question of whether you’re getting full value for your money is what this Primary Arms Red Dot review aims to answer. The Primary Arms Advanced Series Red Dot with Integrated AR Height QD Mount will set you back between $120 and about $180, which comparatively speaking is technically still in the budget range of red dot sights.

Red dots in this price range are fast becoming very popular and common, however, especially popular amongst standard consumers whose enthusiasm for firearms is more out of necessity than something like a hobby or special interest.

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Design & Features

As of the publication of this review, Primary Arms has touted this red dot as their best-quality red dot in the series so far and it comes with the option of a kill flash for good measure. See how it compares with scopes featured in our lists of the best red dot sights for AR 15s. The nitrogen purging process that was employed to manufacture the product simply means more durability, practically manifested through the sight’s superior resistance to fogging and any condensation that could interfere with the internal electronics. Basically, you’re assured of a long-lasting red-dot sight that won’t give you any problems as far as the fundamental functionality goes — it won’t fail procedurally. This also means that the device is water-resistant and everything about it suggests that the nitrogen purging process shaved off about an ounce to an ounce-and-a-half from its in-use weight, since the very fine margins of condensation, due and dust weight could otherwise have added to the weight. Naturally these are very small margins, but when you want peak performance as a practical shooter, the smallest of margins have huge implications in performance.

Check out this quick overview by a user who just purchased the Primary Arms Advanced Series red dot sight:


New -Primary Arms Red Dot 2Do you make frequent visits to the shooting range or are you an avid hunter, or even a competitive shooter? If any of these apply to you, there are some very specific things you’d want out of the Primary Arms Advanced Series Red Dot. Mounting versatility and easy deployment; you can interchange the mount very quickly and easily, but not quite with the supplied wrench that comes with the sight. You’ll be better served getting a different wrench because those screws can be a real nightmare. How much battery life do you get? The Advanced Series Primary Arms Red Dot sight is powered by a single CR 123A battery which is included with the factory shipped purchase and it will give you good 50k hours of use. The eight-hour automated shut-down feature extends the long battery life, and you’ll enjoy up to a dozen brightness settings with a duo of Night Vision compatibility modes that operate at two of the lowest settings. If you want to compare this sight with others that also have night vision capabilities, the Eotech 512 12.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight comes to mind, although the design is a little bit different. Otherwise the Vortex Sparc 2 MOA Red Dot Sight is a viable alternative to consider.

What is the Advanced Series like in action? While the lens is slightly tinted, it’s still extremely clear and the tint won’t bother you at all. What the tint actually does, is filter out direct light very well, so no target will emit a disturbing glare — no matter how illuminated it or its surroundings are. Simply put, you can aim at a target that has the sun facing you and you’ll still be good. The sight will fit your S & P AR-15 with the integrated factory-shipped mount, but if you want to co-witness your AR platform at 1/3, you’ll have to change the mount.

The knobs are easy to adjust and they give off a very reassuring clicking sound when moved. It’ll be zeroed pretty much straight out of the packaging and it also holds zero quite impressively.


  • Tight-fitting caps that remain properly closedPrimary-Arms-Advanced-Series-Red-Dot-with-integrated-AR-Height-QD-Mount1
  • Clear lens, regardless of tinting
  • Lens tinting filters out direct light very well
  • Included battery provides up to 50 000 hours of life
  • Good variety of brightness adjustment settings (12 with 2 Night Vision settings)
  • Nice and light
  • Water-resistant
  • Offers 1x magnification
  • Holds zero well


  • Quick-release mount screw is a bit of a nightmare to operate (the supplied wrench is simply not good enough)
  • Some blurring can take effect, through which the red dot assumes an unusually larger appearance (very close to what looks like 4 MOA)

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The Verdict

One thing you’ll definitely take away from this Primary Arms Red Dot review is that it’ll fit your iron sited AR-15 perfectly, which opens up the door to a perfect fit with many other firearms. All in all, this is a good red-dot sight, especially for its price. To extend a bit on the AR-15 benchmark with which it is most likely to be used, this Primary Arms Advanced Red Dot will zero at about 50 yards. This sight will serve you very well at the shooting range and perhaps anywhere else where you might want to use it.