Redfield Revenge Review

Are you serious about your hunting?

If your personal firearm collection houses guns such as the 17 Super Magnum Savage, the 710 Remington .03-06 and perhaps even the Marling 35, you’re clearly serious about your hunting exploits and this Redfield Revenge review is just for you. Used in conjunction with the correct rings, the Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope will easily fit any of your hunting guns and give you between 3 to 9x magnification.

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Design & Features

Weighing in at a reasonably standard 14.7 ounces (2.1 ounces more than the Redfield Revolution), the Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope features what is now becoming a standard multicoated lens. This simply means that there are no visibly negative effects of any reflection, but that is also a feature that has become somewhat of a standard in any half-decent magnifying rifle scope. One only gets a true appreciation for this non-reflective feature when experiencing the problem of unnecessary reflection and slightly distorted sighting synonymous with lower-grade lenses.

This particular scope’s outward appearance is nothing too fancy, but the design is very functional and simply WORKS! Target sighting gets a bit interesting with this scope because it doesn’t use traditional mil dots. What Redfield has dubbed their 4-Plex Reticle is simply four arrows converging on the target’s center, with some impressive accuracy too.


While this Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope isn’t the absolute cheapest scope you’ll get, it is still available within what is considered to be the budget price range ($100 – $300). It barely breaks into the mid-range pricing bracket though and has the functionality to go with its great price. Are you serious about your hunting and want a PRACTICAL scope? You’ll definitely get some great accuracy with this particular rifle scope — something which is attributed to the vastly enhanced resolution offered by the multicoated lens. The eager hunter will also enjoy how the eyepiece allows you to focus very quickly on your target (very fast target acquisition) with a wide field of view to with that functionality.

What does all of this mean in practice though?

Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope with 3 to 9X Magnification, 42-Millimeters, Black Matte Finish Basically, you can adjust and reset the scope’s elevation as well as the windage to get a precise aim and there’s no need to worry about your adjustment of the magnification changing the zero as well. The zero is adjusted via the turrets and, depending on the distance you plan to shoot, you’ll get great performance on rifles such as the .30-06 710 Remington. 3x9x magnification zooms up to about 250 yards with great shot placement accuracy, but that probably falls short of the maximum shooting range of a gun such as the Remington. This takes absolutely nothing away from either device though because if you really did want to maximize the entire shooting range of a rifle such as the Remington, the Redfield 115208 Revenge Rifle Scope will maintain the zeroed accuracy, while the clarity of the view field is the one that gets a bit distorted. Basically, if you’re aiming at a deer, looking through the scope beyond 250 yards, you’ll still be able to make out what you’re aiming at, but it’ll be a bit blurry. Keep the center of the reticle on the target though, however, blurry it may be, and you’ll still get an accurate shot. The field of view also gets a bit smaller when the scope is sighting distances in excess of 250 yards, but again, for practical hunting purposes operating under these conditions counts as pushing the boundaries beyond the norm.

Is there an option for a Mil Dot Reticle?

If you’d really like a Mil-Dot reticle then perhaps you’d be a bit disappointed as far as the Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope goes. Taking nothing away from the impressively accurate and clear 4 plex reticle, a mil dot reticle can be something one gets very used to and comfortable with. Constantly switching between a scope that uses a mil dot reticle and the 4 plex reticle used by this scope can take some getting used to. As much as of an enthusiast as you may be though, you probably won’t go deer hunting every day, so the lag between reticle-type switches is all part of the process.

If you happen to find yourself having to shoot far beyond your zero, you will definitely experience some parallax error in the form of a considerably changed impact point. Again, this is probably something you won’t be doing anyway.


  • Great magnification over a great distance 3 to 9x over 250 yards
  • Durable and element proof (fog proof, shock-proof, waterproof)
  • Big field of view
  • Offers very quick focus (target acquisition)
  • High resolution-to-accuracy ratio
  • Controlled brightness
  • Adjustable elevation and windage add to the scope’s precision


  • Can be a bit challenging to get your head around the rails needed to mount on different rifles
  • The 4 plex reticle might take some time to get used to, but it’s marked difference from a mil dot reticle doesn’t hamper accuracy at all

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The Verdict

If there is anything you can confidently come away with from reading this Redfield Revenge review, it’s that you’ll definitely get a good deal for the scope’s price, reinforced by the type of quality associated with the Leupold brand since Leupold did indeed buy Redfield out. Used with the right rings, the scope will fit just about any hunting rifle and it will definitely enhance your accuracy and range with the 3 to 9x magnification delivered.