Ruger SR9C Review — Our Issues With This Centerfire Pistol

Ruger SR9CWhen making a statement with my favorite handguns, there’s always one thing I hate: field stripping. Sure, the process may last for only ten minutes. But I personally revile the tedious swabbing and oiling.

Finally, I have found a pistol that makes cleaning easier. Meet the Ruger SR9C Centerfire Pistol. It is one of the few guns in my collection that I seriously admire. Of course, it has its ups and downs. But the major part of it is beyond my expectations.

In the following Ruger SR9C review, I have listed down the various features and pros and cons of this Ruger SR9C model and talked in depth about them.

Things to Look for in Centerfire Pistols

Looking for a centerfire can be hard. Trust me when I say that picking out your average centerfire is no walk in the park. There are a few things that you need to look out for when buying centerfire pistols. Most of these can be generalized to every type of handgun. But be careful where you play a risk.

This should go without saying but look for durability. Most centerfires don’t last long, so you’ll want something a bit handier. Durability depends on the strength of the materials, the frame, barrel, slide, hammer, and trigger. It is a good idea to get a warranty or return period of three months or more.

Next, check the gun for how good it holds. Some guns are more suited to users with larger hands while others are made for those with the smaller palms. Look for the ones that fit your hand size and shooting style.

Another good thing to look for is accuracy. Test out the accuracy by firing rounds from varying distances. Bonus points if the gun shoots well with single-handed use or in rapid fire. The offset shouldn’t be more than a few inches.

Presenting the Ruger SR9C Centerfire

I’ve gone through countless Ruger handguns in the past so I know this company inside out. The Ruger SR9C is one of the best Ruger centerfire pistols made for everyday use. It has a barrel length of about 3.4 inches and the overall length of the slide is 6.85 inches. This makes it the perfect candidate for concealed carry and for shooting long distances.

Personally, the one thing I loved about the Ruger was the ammo size. It uses a 9mm Luger caliber. These bullets are the best for long-range shooting and can cause significant damage. I also loved the glass-filled nylon frame on the gun. It makes shooting a breeze.

One thing that stuck out to me was the incredible thick grease on the inside of the barrel and the slide. This is a signature feature from Ruger, but I find it’s too thick and might inhibit performance, so you have to field strip and swab the inside thoroughly before use.

Other than that, the gun is great. I would recommend it for those with smaller hands, and for those who can handle a lot of weight. The gun isn’t suggested if you’re elderly or handicapped and can’t hold too much weight.

Features and Benefits


Concealed Carry Weapon

I’ve discussed a lot about concealed carry weapons (CCW) in my previous writings. The Ruger SR9C, as with most Rugers, is a concealed carry weapon. This means that you can store it in holsters and waistbands and keep it ready for use in public.

The barrel is only 3.4 inches long, while the entire gun is only 6.85 inches long. This makes it relatively compact and easy to conceal. The weight is a bit above 23 ounces. So you might have an issue with the heaviness. All things aside, the Ruger SR9C makes for a great CCW.

Caliber Type and Uses

The Ruger SR9C uses a 9mm Luger caliber. In all my experience, I’ve found that the 9mm caliber is a great cartridge for self-defense and concealed carry. It causes significant damage to the perpetrator and you can expect little to no recoil.

The 9mm Luger (Parabellum) caliber is used by over 60% of the police forces in the US. This cartridge is best for long-range shooting. It can be deadly from even 50 meters away, but that also depends on which brand you’re buying from. Here’s a handy video which shows you how gorgeously the 9mm Luger shoots.



Field Stripping

Field stripping the Ruger SR9C is easy. I say this because I had to clean its barrel out right after I got it. Honestly, the stripping being easy does nothing to hide the poor customer service. Inside, I was shocked to find so much thick grease. I understand Ruger was trying to be extra kind, but the lubricant posed more problems than benefits.

I had to waste a whole ten minutes just cleaning out the barrel and applying my own diluted lubricant. This video shows how to field strip this new Ruger model.

Increased Capacity

Unlike most other brands that I’ve reviewed, the Ruger SR9C has a capacity of 17 bullets. This is a massive upgrade from the maximum 13 bullets that I’ve seen. The increased capacity creates a lot of caliber for this gun to shoot with.

And the best part? You get two extra magazines for free! So you can carry up to 51 rounds with you wherever you go. This is a whole lot more than what other brands offer.

Frame and Barrel Material

The frame of this Ruger design isn’t some cheap classic polymer. Instead, it uses glass-infused nylon as the frame base. This makes the frame extra strong and durable. The glass provides it extra sturdiness and control.

The barrel includes pure stainless steel construction. I’ve heard of the wonders of stainless steel, so I’m not surprised. With these materials, I was able to make the gun last for over a year! It’s still going, although there is a slight delay in ejection. Still, it’s one of the most durable models out there. It’s a 9 out of 10 for me.

Pros and ConsRuger SR9C Review


  • Uses a 9mm Luger caliber. This is the best caliber for long distance shooting and for concealed carry
  • Dimensions are compact and Pocketable. Has a barrel length of 3.4 inches and an overall length of 6.8 inches. Makes for a very tiny and super compact pistol
  • This Ruger model has an increased magazine capacity of 17 bullets. This means that you can carry more rounds with you without it being too inconvenient
  • The frame is made of glass-infused nylon, and the barrel is made from stainless steel. The product will last for long and will be easier to clean
  • Field stripping is very easy and timely. You’ll be able to remove any dirt, grease, or gunpowder from the barrel in no time. Cleaning the Ruger is a breeze


  • The inside includes heavy lubrication. Many might find this as an extra feature. But, in my experience, it was mostly a demerit. I had to spend a whole ten minutes stripping the gun to remove all the unnecessary grease. It was pretty easy to field strip though
  • The pistol weighs a bit over 23 ounces, which is slightly heavier than standard handguns. So, if you can’t handle the extra weight then don’t use the Ruger SR9C. Specifically, if you’re disabled or elderly and can’t hold extra weight
  • The decocking mode can be a menace. It has a safety feature which stops you from using the gun for a long time. A gunsmith can easily undo this, but you don’t want to wait for that. The decocking mode requires a ½ cycle to work again, and most users don’t have time for that, especially during a magazine exchange.

General User Impressions

There were running trends among customers who used the Ruger SR9C. One of the trends that stuck out was that many people loved its concealability. They counted carrying it with them at home, to work, or even while traveling. They loved how it fit neatly in their hands.

Other users found that simplicity is key. They talked on and on about how simple and user-friendly the Ruger was. Surely, the Ruger SR9C is a great example of how extravagance isn’t always the answer.

The users did find that the extra weight meant extra hassle. They especially didn’t like that, given how simple and easy the gun was, it was still so heavy. Still, the gun impressed them enough to give the Ruger an 8 out of 10. This is a well-deserved rating and I hope to see similar products from Ruger.

Our Opinion

As for what I thought of the Ruger SR9C, I’ve stated it all. This gun is action-packed with all your favorite features. I especially love the nylon frame. It sticks out from all the other “polymer” frames. Most companies don’t even bother to describe what type of polymer they’ve used, so this was a plus.

I didn’t like the extra weight either. Since the weight was borderline above average, I felt the manufacturers could have avoided it. This just makes carrying it a whole new burden. However, I did love the small and compact design. It didn’t bother me when pocketing my pistol. I even let my wife carry it in her purse.

Of course, every gun has its ups and downs. For the Ruger SR9C Centerfire Pistol, I would recommend it for concealed carry and for the durability. It’s also good for long-range shooting and self-defense. I wouldn’t recommend it to the sick and elderly.

From my side, the Ruger is a 9 out of 10. This is because of the simplicity and minimalism used in this handgun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a 9mm Luger cartridge?

A 9mm Luger cartridge is best for long-distance shooting and for self-defense. It makes for a great weapon that is very easy to clean.

What’s a centerfire pistol and why do I need one?

A centerfire pistol has the primer located at the center. It is much more efficient and accurate than a rimfire pistol.

What is the Ruger SR9C Centerfire best for?

The Ruger SR9C Centerfire is best for the durability, concealed carry, and long-range shooting. It is highly recommended for healthy individuals who can carry some weight with them.

Final Thoughts

As a final thought, I would say that the Ruger SR9C is one of the easiest pistols to clean. The field stripping is extremely easy, although I found that it required cleaning every now and then. But at least it wasn’t a pain in the neck.

I would recommend the Ruger SR9C for people who have stronger hands, though not for the elderly or the differently abled.

If you’re still interested, you can buy the Ruger SR9C here. They have the best deals. As always, remember to shoot straight and keep your arms sturdy. And stay safe!


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