RWS 22 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle & Review


According to its makers, The RWS .22 pellet Model 34 combo rifle was made keeping three things in mind: power, style, and accuracy. With those three pointers in mind, we put together this comprehensive RWS 22 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle review to help you make a better decision if you’re considering it as an addition to your personal arsenal The firearm features a built-in spring piston technology and an amazing firing speed of 100 fps, this gun surely lives up to its claim. It is totally hassle-free in terms of maintenance. Also, it has a classic wood finish that comes from the top-notch hardwood stocks.

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  • Top notch Power source and amazing firing speed:

RWS Model 34 comes with the gift of a lightning-fast accuracy and top notch craftsmanship. This gun utilizes the break barrel, spring piston technology as a power source. It will provide the shooter an amazing fire speed of 800 fps with .22 caliber pellets. In case someone wants to try .177 caliber pellets in it, he/she will get an amazing speed of 1000 fps.


  • Ease of Safety Checking:

This gun provides a superb safety checking. It is a single shot air rifle that comes with a T06 trigger that can be adjusted in two steps. Another amazing thing about this gun is that the makers of this gun provide a lifetime warranty for an RWS 34 Combo rifle.


  • Accuracy of shooting and flexible optics:

Aptly named the master shooter, its front, and rear sights provide absolute accuracy in case of windage and elevation. The RWS 34 combo provides top-notch scopes and open sights. It has fiber optic sights on both front and rear ends. This gun also scope able. An 11 mm dovetail will suit it just fine. It only takes a few tweaking with the mount to make it a perfect shooter for hunting games or shooting practices. RWS Model 34 Combo rifle will provide you the finesse of a professional shooting rifle at a reasonable price. It is a must-have for all the gun enthusiasts out there.
As you expect from its German makers, this unit has a great feeling on the shoulder. Additionally, it has a solid feel to it. The T06 trigger that it comes with it is light and breaks crisply.
RWS model 34 comes with a 3-9*40 air gun scope and an objective that can be adjusted easily.

RWS Model 34 is also known as the Master Shooter. It has two adjustable triggers. Its front and rear sights provide absolute accuracy in case of windage and elevation. Rifled barrels, automatic safety and scope rails make it even more unique. And it also does not hurt that the company provides you with a lifetime warranty. This gun is perfect for small range shooting and plinking.

Diana RWS Model 34 Break Barrel Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle, .22 Caliber, Gun with 4x32mm Scope


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  • Solid & amazingly well made.
  • Comes with ambidextrous cheek pieces.
  • It has a split barrel that bolts up tight with zero barrel squirm.
  • Rear sight has click modification for both windage and elevation.
  • Wood stock makes the rifle look pleasant.
  • Not noisy at all, if used with lead pellets.



  • Not suitable for people who are young, as this is fairly elongated even for a grown up person.
  • The stock needs checkering at the grasp.
  • The front sight is light-weight plastic, which sometimes looks cheap.
  • At the point when the barrel is completely positioned & you stack a pellet, the wood stock juts past the break barrel joint.
  • The wood is thin, so it appears to be inclined to harm in the event that you are reckless and knock it into something.

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Aptly named as the Master Shooter, our RWS 22 Model 34 Combo Rifle review reveals it to be built for those people who seek a combination of finesse and power in their firearms. Although it is a bit costlier than the average air rifle, you get what you pay for. If you want quality and value in a same gun, then RWS model 34 is a safe option for you.

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