SecureIt Agile 52 Review: What it’s a Great Gun Storage Option (Plus DIY Assembly Tips)


Are you looking for a simple, budget-friendly, and above all, secure cabinet to keep your firearm out of sight and reach of children?

If your answer is yes, then you might want to look at what our SecureIt Agile Model 52 gun safe has to offer. The Model 52, while not fire-resistant, is more than tough enough to meet your basic gun storage needs. Here’s a detailed SecureIt Model 52 review to help you decide if this gun safe is ideal for you and your family. But before we look at the SecureIt gun safe review, let’s explore some of the things you need consider to ensure you purchase the right gun safe.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Personal Needs

How many guns do you own? How much space do you require to store them? Do you plan to store other items in your gun safe?

Answering these three questions will make a difference when choosing a gun safe. You want a gun safe that can accommodate all of your firearms and leave room for more. The safe you choose should also be able to fit into the space available in your home.

Safety Features

It’s important to take into consideration the safety features of a gun safe; if you own a firearm, your number one priority should be to secure it. Safety features include the door and the door frame, locking mechanism, and security layers. Look out for electronic locks, bolting locks, re-lockers, as well as hardened lock-protecting layers.

Consider comparing different brands and models of gun safes. Not all safes are created equal. You can then choose a safe with the best level of security and that is within your budget range.

You want a gun safe that can only be opened by you and those to whom you have granted access. Safes have many different safety opening mechanisms, such RFID tags, fingerprint, numerical codes, Bluetooth signals, and even voice command.

Fire Resistance

The fire rating is another important aspect of a gun safe. It’s advisable to invest in a safe that has at least a 1200° Fahrenheit, 30-minute fire rating. This feature is lacking in this model, and while this may not be a big deal for some, those who need this feature can go for certain Sports Afield models or something even more high-end.


A good gun safe should have a comprehensive warranty. Warranties normally last a year, as that’s typically the period within which malfunctions due to faulty manufacturing would occur. However, it is advisable to choose a gun safe with a lifetime warranty, so you can always have peace of mind.

Our SecureIt Model 52 Review

The SecureIt Model 52 is a top-rated, heavy-duty firearm storage unit. It is designed to serve all the functions of a traditional, heavyweight gun safe, while remaining lightweight and portable. The 115-pound SecureIt Model 52 gun safe is 52 inches tall and 20 inches wide.  

Secure It Gun Safe Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet: Holds 6 Rifles and Includes CradleGrid Tech, A Heavy Duty Safe with Keypad Control, Stores Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols, Easy Assembly

It can accommodate up to six long barrel guns, up to 24 handguns, or a combination of both. The Model 52 is built with SecureIt’s patent-pending KnockDown™ Technology; as the Model 52 comes in separate pieces, this innovative system allows you to transport your gun safe easily. You can assemble it in about 30 minutes, and it also utilizes SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology, providing well-organized and adaptable gun storage.

Here’s an overview of the SecureIt Model 52 gun safe specifications:

  • Material: 14-gauge Steel
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 52 inches
  • Volume: 15,600 cubic inches
  • Weight: 115.6 pounds
  • Shelves: 6 upper cradles
  • Bases: 3 stock bases
  • 3 locking points

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The Pros

  • Sturdy and heavy duty, despite weighing only 115 pounds
  • Easy to assemble and transport, thanks to the simplicity of the SecureIt KnockDown technology
  • Can comfortably fit 6 long barrel guns or 24 handguns, or both in different combinations, thanks to the ultimate storage flexibility of SecureIt’s CradleGrid mounting system
  • Robust electronic locking system, along with two backup keys

The Cons

  • Limited security and minimal fire protection
  • Pricy for its available features
  • No anti-tipping safety bolts

SecureIt Model 52 Gun Safe Features and Benefits

SecureIt Agile Model 52 gun safe has a number of features that ensure the safety of your household and security of your firearms, including:

Electronic Lock System

The safe is equipped with an electronic keypad lock. This lock is powered by a single 9V battery. It is fully programmable, allowing you to choose a combination of codes, allowing you to select ones that you can easily remember. This ensures that no one else can have access to the contents of your cabinet, unless you provide them with the passcode. The safe is also equipped with two override keys; these handy options are available for use if the battery runs out, or in the rare instance where the keypad may fail.

Customizable Storage

The Model 52 is equipped with SecureIt’s CradleGrid mounting system. These are louvres that allow you to mount various optional hangers, cradles, and bins in different positions. That way, you can customize the safe, to store your guns and other valuables the way you want in the cabinet.  

Easy To Install

We’re proud of our product! Take a look at the many SecureIt Model 52 reviews online—you’ll see that many users are impressed by its ease and flexibility of setup. The SecureIt Model 52 gun safe features pre-cut holes on all sides, save for the front: It has four holes on the back, top, and bottom, and each of the sides feature six holes. These holes make it easy to mount the cabinet on any surface. You can also use the holes to stack several of the cabinets on top of each other, or to attach them together side-by-side.  

Here’s an installation video:



At 115 pounds when fully assembled, the Model 52 is so light that you can reposition it with one hand. And if fully assembled, it also needs only two people to move it from one spot to another. If you do not have a helper, you also have the option of disassembling it and then reassembling it in another location.

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Our Opinion

In this SecureIt gun safe review, we refer to the Model 52 as a safe. However, it is not actually a safe, as indicated in its name, but a cabinet. And in case of a fire, depending on the severity, you may not be able to salvage any contents of the Model 52.

Moreover, it doesn’t come anywhere close to the performance of a reinforced gun safe that can withstand a heavy, physical attack. An experienced burglar can pop it open in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a gun safe that can protect your guns from fire and burglars, then the Model 52 isn’t a good choice for you.

This gun cabinet is only capable of keeping firearms away from unauthorized access. It is also light enough to move from one location to another. You can move it one a piece at a time and then reassemble it, usually in less than an hour. This cabinet is also competitively priced within the available gun cabinet product line on the market. We’d recommend it to anyone looking for a budget-friendly, but convenient and reliable firearm storage solution.

It is great value for a secure storage solution that not only allows you to access your gun quickly, but also offers excellent portability that you may not find in traditional gun safes.


Is the SecureIt Model 52 fire rated?

SecureIt Model 52 is not fire rated. It’s like most traditional gun safes. In fact, many gun safes have a fire rated sticker, but they are actually not fire rated.

Is the SecureIt Model 52 California DOJ approved?

None of the SecureIt products are approved by the California Department of Justice (CDOJ). SecureIt has yet to find the significance of having their products CDOJ approved, as the rules are not very clear.

Does the SecureIt Model 52 come with a key override?

Yes, the Model 52 is equipped with a key override. You can find the keyhole behind the “Agile” label on the front of the cabinet’s door. With the key override, you can open the cabinet even if your battery runs down or in the event the electronic lock malfunctions.

How can I replace the battery on the SecureIt Model 52?

On the inside of the door you will see a small, black, rectangular box. Press down the tab on the top, and then pull out the battery box. The box will fold down, leaving the battery exposed. Keep in mind that the battery box is permanently attached; don’t try to force it off.

Final Thoughts

A gun safe is an integral component of responsible gun ownership. There is a wide selection of gun safes on the market, designed to suit different needs. For a gun owner looking for a modest storage solution to keep their guns secure, especially from children, the SecureIt Model 52 would be a great choice.

Model 52 provides a moderate level of security. It is better than a polymer case, but not as robust as a comprehensively crafted gun safe.  In virtually all SecureIt gun safe reviews, the cabinet’s ease of assembly and transportation is the number one feature mentioned.

The electronic locking system allows for easy and quick access. Overall, this a great gun storage solution, if you don’t mind the lack of fire protection. View more gun safe options here.

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