Smith & Wesson 586 Review


Smith & Wesson 586 2255001 Pellet Air Revolver 425fps 0.177c This Smith & Wesson 586 review explores the features of a gun that comes in two options, the 4-inch barrel and the 6-inch barrel, with a view of finding some justification for the firearm’s comparatively high price. It is a 10-shot revolver that includes 2 rotary clips. With a 12 gram cartridge, this gun has a weight of 2.6 lbs. and is frequently used for plinking and target shooting practices. Pellets are usually used as ammo and this 0.177 calibre air pistol can make the pellets reach a velocity of 426 fps.

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  • Breath-taking build:

Another casing size? A completely under-lugged barrel? Developed to hold to the more sweltering magnum loads we were utilizing just before the beginning of the auto pistol? By all means get a new Model 586 next, and it will be totally justified, despite all the trouble.

It’s the first blued, 4-inch L-Frame and accounts for one of Smith & Wesson’s finest firearms ever. It adjusted well and maintained its common profile (performed as is expected of it in varying conditions). The manufacturers did a great job extending the completely customizable, micrometer-click-flexible back sight. Some extra weight on the front definitely improved the .357 Magnum backlash and, despite the fact that the rib on top was not ventilated, it handles temperature variations quite well (heat distribution off-sets any significant changes that might possibly cause discomfort).

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  • Ammunition Capacity:

The Smith & Wesson 586, 6-inch barrel air pistol has a capacity of 10 ammo and this 10-shot magazine easily makes up for efficient and quick replacing and loading. It comes with a plastic gun case and has a barrel length of six inches while the total length of the air pistol is 11.5 inches.


  • Marvelous Optics:

There are three front sight blades, one of which comes attached to the gun. You can pick and choose amongst the three blades, which come in different widths, to select the one you are most comfortable with and that which is likely to give you the most accurate shots. The rear sight is open and can be adjusted for windage and elevation, again keeping accuracy in mind. This is a semi-automatic air pistol and does not boast of any safety type be it manual or automatic, so you need to be careful with who is handling it and where you are keeping it.


  • Smith-&-Wesson-586,-6-inch-Barrel-air-pistol1Ease of use:

This air pistol is gas powered (CO2) and comes with a matte black finishing and the rubber grip accents the pistol. It makes a medium amount of noise during usage and a brand new Smith & Wesson Air Pistol comes with a one year warranty which should not be a problem if cleaned regularly and thankfully this air pistol is easy to clean and unload.

Gun enthusiasts will be delighted to see the Model 586 back in Smith & Wesson’s line-up. The firearm offers the majority of the benefits of the first L-Frame for the blue-is-delightful group, alongside the full parts bolster that is no more accessible to the more seasoned collectibles.

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  • The easiness of the application encourages newer users.
  • Has a good balance of power and accuracy; it’s very hard to miss your target
  • Requires little effort to clean and look after
  • All the metal construction gives the air pistol a good finish, plus great strength and durability too
  • Offers extended shooting capabilities with one full revolver mag – 10 shots
  • Offers single or double-shot shooting action


  • There is no safety feature so inversely, newer users may be discouraged.
  • It makes a considerable level of noise while using, which is due to ineffective noise dampening.

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Admittedly, Smith & Wesson 586, 6-inch barrel pistol is expensive, but you get what you pay for. There is no compromising on quality with this machine. It is very accurate, powerful, long lasting, and if taken good care of, it will be a loyal companion for a long time to come. As indicatively suggested by the revelations uncovered in this Smith & Wesson 586 Review, 2015 appears to be another great year for what is widely considered to be an iconic firearms manufacturing brand.