Trijicon MRO Review: Indeed the Most Popular Among Firearms Optical Sights

Trijicon MRO Review

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My latest rifle is a CZ Scorpion, and I’ve been looking for an MRO to mount on it. I gravitated towards Trijicon because, well, I’m very familiar with this brand and it just gives me this feeling that I really can’t go wrong with it, even if I have to shell out a little bit more.

I have red dot sights installed on most of the pieces I own, because they do make target practice that much more enjoyable. (I always like to take the help where I can get it.) So for my rifle, I decided on the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optics. Experience has taught me that I can count on a Sijicon to help me with accuracy and precision, so I can get those coveted tight groups in my paper targets.

I can’t be blase about red dot sights. I find it incredible how technology helped develop better optics for firearms. It’s no secret that Trijicon is at the forefront of these developments. I’ll talk about it more in my review as I get into Trijicon MRO’s specs, price, strengths, and whether or not it’s something you should install on your own rifle.

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Optical Sight

Whether it’s for hunting, or long-range and target shooting competition, the accuracy you can get depends on the quality of your optical sight. 

There’s a big market for optics, and when I first started hunting for what I wanted to buy, I got overwhelmed with the choices available. If anything, two of the most significant considerations that you need to look at are the brand and the durability of materials used. Why, you ask? It’s because opting for a product made by a reputable company will go a long way and will last you longer than cheaper brands. You’ll also need to decide on the specifications that you’re after so you can narrow down the options that you’ll choose from.

Magnification and lens are determining factors as well, alongside the weight and durability of the optical scope. It has to be weather-proof because you’ll never know what the elements will bring you. 

My Trijicon MRO Review


Trijicon is one of the most popular brands of firearms optical sights. It was the brand I first sought when I was looking for a scope for my pistol when I started getting serious with my hobby. They specialize in self-luminous optics, which uses radioactive isotope tritium, fiber optics that gather lights, and of course, the traditional batteries. 

They’re also the main supplier of the US Military’s optical sight needs. While they provide the ACOG accessories and RX01 reflex sights that the military uses, Trijicon products are also available for civilians to purchase. They’re designed to be rugged and perfect for all-weather use, and surprisingly, they’re made to be affordable as well.

There are many reasons why Trijicon is chosen by law enforcers and gun enthusiasts and you would agree with them when you use it for yourself. It’s smaller than the usual zero-magnification optics, which makes a firearm lighter and easy to maneuver even with the added accessory. The battery life lasts long, and you can leave it on so it’s always ready when you need to use it. 

As for Trijicon MRO, below is a summary of this sight’s pros and cons.


  • High value in performance and quality for its affordable price point
  • Mounting accessories are included
  • Only takes five minutes to mount
  • Changeable brightness settings 
  • Allows ambidextrous operation


  • Still has slight magnification even though it’s advertised as zero mag
  • Brightness settings are not adequate for bright environments
  • Red halos are visible when brightness is set at the highest setting
  • Emitter is sometimes visible in certain lightings
  • Price still not within the ‘budget’ range

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Key Features


Like all other red dot optics, you can adjust the aiming point’s brightness to your liking. There are 8 available settings for the Trijicon MRO, so that you can use it at night and full daylight.  

The knob is located on the top of the optical sight, which is easily accessible for adjusting. The off position is in the center, while the medium settings are on either side to still allow accuracy when you quickly need to turn the sight on for use. 


You’ll only need one CR2032 lithium battery to power the Trijicon MRO. Even though it’s not as common as the AA and AAA batteries, it can be easily bought from drug stores and shopping centers. The battery is quick and easy to insert, so you won’t have to worry about it even if you’re in a hurry. 

Another good thing about the MRO is that it’s designed to be electronically efficient so even if you leave it in the on position for long, it will continue to work for up to five years. 

If it’s for home use or self-defense, I recommend that you leave the setting on to what works for you so in cases of emergency, you won’t have to fumble to turn the optic on. 



One of the things that make the Trijicon MRO stand out from its competitors is the ease of adjustment. There’s no special tool required because all you need is a coin. Yes, you heard that right. Any coin will do. 

The elevation and windage adjustments are found on the optic’s top right side. You don’t have to worry about accidental engagement as well because they’re designed to be slightly recessed so they won’t budge. 

The total adjustment range is 70 MOA and each click is equivalent to 0.5 MOA shift. And you don’t need to fret about losing parts as well as there are no caps to lose and the dials are located below the turret rim. The MOA dot is small, yet sharp, which makes it perfect for close and long distance shooting. 

Read more about red dot sights for AR-15s and other rifles.


The optic is advertised as having no magnification and while there are a few debates online whether or not there is actually magnification, I didn’t notice it when I tried the Trijicon MRO myself. 

While the glass used for this product isn’t cheap and you can be sure of the quality, any glass can affect your vision. So this is one thing to keep in mind as well. 


You have the option of buying the MRO with or without the mount. The company is currently focusing on the design of the optics and is open to other companies developing additional mounting options that customers can purchase. So you will always have the option of getting mounts with better performances and one that will complement your new MRO. 

Reflection and Contrast

High-quality glass is used for the lens so reflection and contrast aren’t issues when using the sight. This still holds true even when you’re using it under the full sun or at night. 

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General User Impressions

Based on user impressions, the Trijicon MRO is one of the most affordable, yet most reliable, optics in the market. Most users found it hard to install the optic the first time they bought it, but as long as you take the time to figure it out, you should be able to use it without a problem at all. It’s also made to be durable so they’re quite happy with its performance and how they can use the MRO in all weather conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the battery life of the Trijicon MRO? 

The battery life is designed to last you for at least 5 years, despite leaving the optic continuously on. Setting it at the highest brightness setting will drain the battery life faster, cutting it short to just 25 days. Keep note as well that using it in extreme temperatures will affect the battery life. 

How do I clean the lenses?

Protect the lens from scratches by using compressed air to clean large debris and dust off it. Then use fresh water or lens cleaner to completely remove dirt. Do not use strong solvents as it will damage the coating.  

How do I avoid getting a fake device?

Make sure you buy from accredited dealers. Whether you plan to buy online or at your local retailer, look them up on the Trijicon website’s dealer locator.

Can this be used with both eyes open?

Definitely, yes.

Is there any fisheye distortion? How bad is it?

No, I haven’t experienced this issue.

What about the mount?

The Picatinny rail that it comes with is usually suitable for any rifle. But if you’re worried about this, there are mounting rails for your firearm’s brand and model that you can purchase separately.


The Trijicon MRO is one of the best designed optical sights, both for hobby and military use. This also comes at a price that would be considered a steal. Its long battery life, ambidextrous operation, and clear, zero magnifying sight, makes it worth every cent worth it. The rest of its features makes it a must-have for hobbyists and serious gun users who want to improve their accuracy and take their target shooting to the next level. 

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