Umarex Colt Commander 177 Air Gun Review


Colt Commander Blowback Metal Frame .177 BB Gun Air Pistol, Colt Commander Air Pistol A terrific-looking pistol that makes use of CO2 cartridges, the Umarex Colt Commander Air Gun manages to pack a nice and hard kick when shot. While putting this Umarex Colt Commander 177 Air Gun review together, we discovered a series of features which come together to produce a great feel when you hold it in your hands. This pistol is often described to be quite realistic, resembling the authentic Commander pistol.

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  • Lightning-fast trigger pull:

The trigger draws on this unit’s commander is precisely what you would expect from a genuine 1911-styled gun. It has a short take up and afterward a pleasant light and fresh draw and discharge. In light of the comparable mechanics to the trigger as well as different parts of this weapon, it would make a really marvelous minimal effort coach to be utilized when your genuine 1911 is not useful furthermore to save money on the high cost of genuine 45 self-loader shells.


  • Firepower and optics:

Shooting up to 325 FPS (feet per second), the Umarex Colt Commander gun could make use of the grip of other Commander guns. With sights that make use of a white dot, this pistol could easily be used for a good round of plinking.


  • A classic build:Umarex-Colt-Commander-.177-BB-Steel-Air-Gun1

Like other replica guns, the Umarex Colt Commander adaptation is general a well-assembled and mechanically stable BB gun. Resistances are great and the completion may even be a touch better than what KWC makes for its own particular non-authorized variants of this exceptionally well known 1911 arrangement.

The Umarex Colt Commander Pistol is as close as you can get to a genuine steel  1911 styled self-loader yet with a cutting-edge Tactical look to it, the Colt Commander form has the expansion of a: Tac-style trigger and mallet, and redesigned white spot sights. This weapon is about all metal with an overwhelming blowback activity that reenacts the more languid and postponed blowback of a genuine steel 1911. You will be quite happy with the experience too.

Coming with a manual, a tool to bed in the CO2 cartridge and a magazine that could hold up to 18 pellets, the Umarex Colt Air Gun offers good aim with the white-dotted sights. Licensed by Colt, the realism of this gun seems to be one of the main reasons why it has a large base of fans. Even though there have been a few claims of finding jammed slides that are problematic to handle, there also have been several positives for this gun, in terms of customer feedback.


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  • The magazine could hold a generous amount of ammunition.
  • The grip safety needs to be held to enable shooting, which encourages safety when the pistol is being used.
  • The overall look is impressive since the gun resembles the Colt 1911 and is entirely made up of metal.
  • Although the sights are not adjustable, the white dot at the front helps the user get a good aim.
  • Does well if used for hunting small game or pests


  • This gun makes use of CO2 cartridges, which will need to be replaced over and over, as they keep emptying out over time.
  • Although it is very realistic, it cannot be used for hunting, due to the low intensity of damage.
  • Loading could be a matter of challenge since the slide of this gun needs to be pulled all the way to the back.

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Despite coercing the user to purchase CO2 cartridges every now and then, the Umarex Colt Commander BB Steel Gun is a good investment. Along with giving the owner a realistic feel, this unit is amazing when it comes to accuracy and efficacy. Although a little expensive, this gun has parts that are interchangeable with those of the Colt 1911. If not anything else, the main point to take away from our Umarex Colt Commander 177 Air Gun review is that this air pistol is highly useful for both beginners and trainers.

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