Vortex Sparc Review – 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

In this Vortex Sparc review, we’re going to look at this red-dot sight from the point of view of the budget hunter or target-shooter that is typically getting warmed up by way of their shooting exploits and seeks the right sight to match their evolving sighting needs.


Design & Features

New-Vortex Sparc Review - 2 MOA Red Dot SightSitting pretty towards the top of the budget price-range for red dot sights, the Vortex Optics SPARC II Red Dot (SPC-402) is a sight you’d be considering if you’re serious about your target-shooting or hunting exploits. In fact, for a sight that resides in this price bracket, you might even be surprised at just how close this sight comes to military-grade precision in its application.

A longitudinal view of the Vortex Optics Sparc II might leave you wondering where the power and MOA adjustment buttons are, which are quite cleverly located facing backward. In-use adjustment in this fashion might take some getting used to (you’ll be using your thumb more), but only if you’re used to sights with dials on the side of the device’s body.

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Between the highly refined good looks, compact design and versatility offered via the included multi-height mounting system, the true value of this sight shines through when you realize just how many different firearms it’s compatible with. Compatible firearms include (but are not limited to) AR-15s and AR-22s, your H&R 1871 Shotgun (Pardner Pump) and even your 10/22 Raptor (and more).

Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat — That’s what SPARC stands for and that’s what the sight delivers, aided by the easily-accessible power controls that can be adjusted for peak performance on-the-fly. The element-proof (fog and water) aluminum build is perhaps what accounts for its durability, but it’s also very light in weight and is simply built for quick target spotting. You won’t have to fiddle around too much with this device once mounted and it’s pretty much ready for use straight out of the packaging. This sight features in our list of the best red dot sights for AR 15 firearms.

The Vortex Optics Sparc II in Action!

What’s the SPARC 2 like in deployment? While the compatible Picatinny and Weaver bases aren’t included with the sight, so too the magnifier which must be bought separately, the quality of the clear lenses comes together perfectly with plenty of brightness and relatively easy zeroing to deliver great performance that is backed by about 285-300 hours of battery life. You probably won’t use it at full brightness, however, so considerably more battery life is available (up to 5k hours).

As far as the intensity of the dot’s lighting goes, you have full control as the user with an impressive total of ten levels of intensity (which can be set to auto-adjust as well). The device harbors a very nifty little memory function too in that when you turn it off and on again, the brightness returns right back to your last used intensity level. You’d think that this would use up a bit more battery power, but it seemingly doesn’t — it’s negligible. This sight is often weighed up against its same-brand cousins, the Vortex Crossfire and Vortex SF-RG-501 Strikefire II red dot sight, which probably make for a better option if you’re going to sight a range of different rifles since it mounts much quicker than this Sparc II.



  • Versatile (accommodates a very wide variety of hand-pieces & has a wide range in brightness and even includes night vision functionality)
  • Light, compact, durable and very easy on the eye (great design)
  • Waterproof and offers further protection (removable lens covers)
  • Can be mounted in four different ways
  • Very easy to use (easily zeroed as well and holds zero very well)
  • Built-in brightness intensity memory function
  • 10 levels of red dot brightness intensity
  • The sight’s exterior coat does not reflect light, so no unnecessary glare that could potentially give your position away to living targets
  • The battery it uses comes included in the purchase

10 brightness intensity-levels are more than ample, but if you require even more (up to 20), take a look at our Eotech 512 review of the 12.A65 Tactical Holographic Sight.


  • Astigmatism might cause a sun-burst effect on the lens or distort the red dot slightly
  • The red dot may appear to resemble some pixelation (the red dot seems to be made up of fibrous strands instead of being solid), but only if you focus directly on staring at the dot


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The Verdict

Is the Vortex Optic Sparc II Red Dot Sight (SPC-402) worth my Investment? Largely depending on the firearm with which you use this sight, it might take a little while to optimize its functions to perfectly match your requirements. After a little bit of tweaking here and there, however, you’ll find that even the slightest of drawbacks can be overcome in one way or another. Hopefully, this Vortex Sparc review has assisted you with some deep insight which will help you make your decision on whether to go with it or perhaps look to a go little bit beyond the budget-sights price range. If it’s versatility you’re exclusively after, this is definitely the red-dot sight for you.