Vortex Venom Review: Is this Red Dot Sight Right for You?

vortex venom red dot review


Just because it isn’t open season is no reason to slack off. I’ve been practicing and honing my shooting skills in the hopes of leveling up my speed and accuracy. And I’ve been upgrading my arsenal as well by investing in a couple of handguns, a Creedmoor, and a Vortex Venom red dot sight.

It’s been a lot of fun so far playing with my new babies, especially with the new optics. Can’t beat the ease that comes with getting the help. I’ve used the Vortex Venom both on the new rifle and the pistol. I’ve tested it in the range in various light and weather conditions, and varying distances.

Read on for the juicy details and my review…

Things to Consider Before Buying a Red Dot Sight

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of this Vortex Venom Red Dot review, here are three major things that you must consider first about a red dot .

  • Make sure you’ll have use for it. Know firearm you’ll be using it with and whether you’ll require special mounts for it.
  • Choose function over aesthetics, unless aesthetics affect function. Small lightweight sights make them easy to carry and look slick, but they give you a narrow field of view — and sometimes in hunting one just needs to see a little bit wider.
  • Get a model that will withstand extreme weather conditions and usage. If you are going to use outdoors, a model that is made from a durable material like aluminum and has a multi-layered coated lens is a great pick.
  • Choose a red dot sight that can be used on different firearm models. A versatile product will give you more bang for your buck especially if you are an enthusiast and an active user.

My Vortex Venom Review

The Vortex Venom, a product of Vortex Optics, improves target attainment by providing an accurate point of aim. It has an aluminum casing that makes it extremely durable, as well as a fully multi-coated lens that gives a clear and wide field of view. It has 10 brightness levels that the shooter can adjust to his or her liking and a convenient auto-brightness mode.

What makes the Vortex Venom unique is its top load system where you can change its battery conveniently. You don’t have to take it off your firearm to replace its power source, which can make you still focus on your target.

This product is best for regular firearm users who want a red dot sight that they can use on different models. However, I think this product is not for someone who will not be able to use it to its full extent. An example is shooters who have great eyesight since it will be easy for them to hit the target.

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The Key Features of the Vortex Venom

Compact and Lightweight

Looking out for a red dot sight that does not take up much space or is bulky is important to consider as well. The Vortex Venom is simply that, as its specs are 1.11” in width and 1.9” in length. It weighs 1.1 oz, which is lighter than a regular chocolate bar!

Available in Different Sizes

It comes in 3 MOA and 6 MOA options. This supports the claim that it can be used on various firearms, as 3 MOA is specifically for pistols while 6 MOA is for handguns.

Waterproof and Shockproof

Its durable material means it is also waterproof and shockproof. What shockproof means is that can take continuous impact after drawing back the firearm.

Easy to Access Controls

The controls of the product are easily accessible too, such as the power and brightness level. It is on the left side of the optic that your fingers can reach without any difficulty. As for MOA adjustments, it is already on set into the device to keep it safe from unintentional changes.

Long Battery Life

The Vortex Venom’s illumination has a 14-hour auto-shutoff. It can last from 150 hours (on the brightest setting) up to 30,000 hours (on the dimmest setting), depending on how you use the device. Its battery model, the CR1632, is also an uncommon choice compared to the CR2032.

Easy to Clean

The only thing that needs to be clear of any debris or dirt is the exterior lens. According to its manual, soft, dry cloth is the best way to clean this.

Fairly Affordable

It won’t cost as much as a new or even pre-owned handgun. It is available in the market for less than $250.

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

As with all Vortex Optics products, this comes with a VIP Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. This guarantees the user that they can have the Vortex Venom repaired or replaced whenever it has defects or failures any time.

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Pros and Cons of the Vortex Venom


  • I like that it is small and lightweight since I can slip it into most bags and it won’t add too much weight or space.
  • I am confident that the Vortex Venom would not give up on me due to its durability. I need something that can outlast all the wear and tear from shooting practice as well as the different environments that I could be in. It shares this strength with another member of the Vortex range, the Viper.
  • I also like that I don’t need fancy stuff to clean it because that would mean another expense on my part.
  • Having it in different sizes is also a good thing since you can use it on other particular firearms and still get the same accurate results on them.


  • Its battery life can be a bad thing if you tend to use the red dot sight at the highest setting most of the time.  
  • Batteries that are not easy to come by might make it difficult to use it on instances where one needs additional illumination.
  • This is the part where I have a little complaint about the top load system, particularly its battery cover. It might seem convenient for some, but it can be troublesome for someone who always finds it difficult to open or close their devices. Every time the battery needs to be replaced, I find it puzzling every time I have to shut it close.

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General User Impressions

I hope I did my best in giving an impartial review to the Vortex Venom, but I also checked what others have said about this product. After all, the more reviews there are, the more confident a consumer is in deciding whether this product is for them or not.

I have checked some sites and I share almost the same sentiments with other people on how great the device is despite some small setbacks. Some have also complained of the battery cover of the top load system, which I understand, but I think the top load system is more efficient and much less of a hassle than these reviewers make it out to be.

Our Opinion

The Vortex Venom is a great aid in target shooting as it vastly improves one’s precision. I would recommend it for beginners and relatively new shooters and any other gun enthusiast who wants that extra edge.  

Although it is no joke to buy firearms and accouterments, I find that the Vortex Venom is a great investment to have along with my rifles and handguns. It is still within my budget and it is of great quality that can live with me for a considerable while if I take care of it well enough.  

If you plan to get the Vortex Venom, I suggest that you really scour firearm dealers or the Internet to find a great deal since you never know when a product can be counterfeited. I am sure that the model that I have is an original, but always be vigilant and take advantage of return policies if you see one.

Also, while I do love this brand, we could do well with some variety and exploration. I like to think of the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro as a viable alternative to this Vortex.

Product FAQ

What type of guns is the Vortex Venom compatible with?

It can work well either with full-sized handguns, rifles or shotguns.

Does the Vortex Venom have a rail mount?

It comes with the following accessories: a rail mount (particularly the Picatinny version), a Torx wrench for adjustments, a battery, a lens cloth, and a protective cover.

Can the Vortex Venom’s brightness levels be fully adjusted?

Yes, it can. It is located at the left side of the optic along with the power on/off buttons. It also has an auto brightness mode if you do not want to adjust it manually.

Final Thoughts

The Vortex Venom is an awesome device to perfect your aim and hit that target 100%. If you are a beginner shooter or if you have problems with target accuracy, this portable and lightweight sight can improve your performance. This can also be used on a variety of firearms that veterans will enjoy and it takes little to no maintenance in keeping it clean.

This device has made me better at target shooting and I can’t rave it enough to others who plan to get a great red dot sight. I hope this Vortex Venom red dot review has helped with your decision-making process.

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