The 6 Best Tactical Pants – (Reviews & Unbiased Guide)

No matter where you find yourself engaged in a tactical scenario, you need the best possible gear to get through it. Wearing tactical pants will not only allow you to blend in with the environment around you, but it will also protect you from the elements. But did you know that wearing tactical pants won’t restrict your mobility and flexibility? Modern tactical pants are specially designed to allow you to move at your full reach without impeding or reducing this movement. If fact, most models have reinforced knees so you can change shooting stances easier and keep them for longer. This will also help you move around while crouching or crawling. In the following article, you’ll be able to discover which are the best selling tactical pants available in the market, and our unbiased reviews will present the pros and cons for each of them. Our comprehensive buying guide will explain how to select between the features of different pants models, and how wearing the best tactical pants in different scenarios can bring several advantages. No matter how long you’re planning on wearing them, finding the right pair of tactical pants will make every experience comfortable and will make you enjoy it more.

Overview: Best Tactical Pants

  • Color: Black
  • Made Of: 65% Polyester , 35% Cotton
  • Fabric Properties: Teflon fabric
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  • Color: Battle Brown
  • Made Of: 65% polyester/35% cotton ripstop fabric
  • Fabric Properties: Teflon fabric
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  • Color: Khaki
  • Made Of: 100% Other Fibers
  • Fabric Properties: DuPont Teflon DWR
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  • Color: Law Enforcement Black
  • Made Of: 98% COTTON/ 2% LYCRA
  • Fabric Properties: Bunch at your ankle due to the extra fabric.
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  • Color: Khaki
  • Made Of: Polyester/Cotton
  • Fabric Properties: Lightweight Fabric
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  • Color: Coyote
  • Made Of: Polyester/Cotton
  • Fabric Properties: Rugged canvas fabric with DuPont Teflon fabric protector
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Best Tactical Pants (Updated List)

1. 5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant

5.11 Men's Taclite PRO Tactical Pants, Style 74273, Black, 34Wx32L 5.11 tactical pants are made out of a polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) fabric combination which makes them very durable but lightweight at the same time. They represent a good clothing solution for everybody who likes spending time outside, in work or recreational purposes both. The Teflon treated fabric will protect you from spills, stains and keep the dirt from clinging to your pants, making them look as good as new every time you use them. The seat and knees are double-reinforced, so you’ll be able to bend, seat, kneel, or crawl comfortably if needed. These pants have multiple pockets specially sized for tactical use featuring YKK zippers, or strap-and-slash locks.


  • Triple Stitches – These pants’ high-stress areas feature triple stitch reinforcements, so you’ll be able to use them for a long time without worrying they might rip free.
  • Teflon Treatment – The Teflon treatment will make your pants look as good as new even you spill liquids or walk in a dusty environment. The treatment is specially designed to repel oils, dirt, and liquids.


  • Not Very Comfortable In Heat – These pants are not very comfortable if you wear them in high temperatures. The polyester will not allow your legs to breathe as well as cotton would.



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2. 5.11 Men’s Stryke Pant with Flex-Tac

5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant, Battle Brown, 40x30 These tactical pants’ manufacturer used a ripstop fabric made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton to produce a durable and comfortable pair of pants. You can wear the pants indoor and outdoor and keep comfortable in all types of conditions, from arid to humid, from cold to hot. The pants benefit from a Teflon treatment that protects them against stains or spills of every nature, including oily substances and dirt. The treatment also makes them less prone to wrinkle when you’re wearing them for a longer time. This pants model has 12 pockets specially designed and sized for tactical use, and you’ll be able to store any tool you want in them and make sure it won’t fall by securing the pockets with YKK zippers.


  • Very Comfortable – These pants are very comfortable to wear, and the elastic waistband will allow you to keep wearing them even if you lose or gain some pounds.
  • Reinforced Hand Pockets – Even though these pants have multiple pockets, you’re most likely to use the hand pockets, so the manufacturer reinforced them so they won’t buckle under the weight.


  • Sizing Might Vary – Some customers who bought more than one pair of this model complained that the size might vary between them.

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3. BLACKHAWK! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants

BLACKHAWK Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant (Khaki, 28 x 32) These tactical pants are made out of a durable ripstop fabric containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The fabric is benefits from a durable water repellent Teflon treatment which makes it stain resistant and allows it to dry faster after washing. The pants have a double layering in the knees and seat for increased wear and tear protection. The reinforced belt loops will accommodate any belts of up to 1.75” in width. The pants’ waistband can slide and expand to provide increased mobility. There is a hidden large pocket in the right-hand pocket which can be secured with a zipper. You can use this pocket to keep your most valuable items secured. All of the storage pockets are zippered for increased security.


  • True Sizes – You can order these pants online without having to worry their size might not be accurate. As long as you buy them in your size, they will fit nicely.
  • Belt Loops Spaced Right – The belt loops on these pants are sized nicely, so you’ll be able to carry a weapon or a knife holster without any problems.


  • Silicon Strip – These pants have a silicon strip in the waistband which is supposed to keep your shirt tucked in, but the only thing it does is chafe your skin.



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4. Vertx Men’s Original Tactical Pants

Vertx Men's Original Tactical Pants, Law Enforcement Black, 28-30 These tactical pants are made out of a fabric containing 98% cotton and 2% lycra, and they can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. These pants will handle both high and low temperatures great, and you’ll be able to wear them all year round. Despite their tactical construction, the pants are specially designed to have a low profile, so all the cargo pockets are inserted, providing a lesser tactical appearance but delivering a great storing capacity. These pants have a concealed pocket on the right side, allowing you to store valuable items and securing them with a zippered lock. The back pocket has a credential flap which will protect your items from falling accidentally.


  • High Mobility – These pants have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees, so they will allow you to move freely without restricting your range of movement.
  • Low Profile – These pants are designed to have a low profile but to be highly functional at the same time. This makes them great for policemen around the country


  • No Reinforcement For Main Pockets – These pants don’t have a reinforcement for the main pockets, which makes them unsuitable for storing heavier objects. Since these are the pockets you’re most likely to use, this is a disadvantage.



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5. TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant

Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Tactical Pant, 32W 32L, Khaki These tactical pants are lightweight and comfortable. They are made from a fabric containing 35% cotton and 65% polyester which will handle both cold and warm weather easily. The pants benefit from a water resistant Teflon coating which not only will protect them from spills and stains, but it will increase their resistance and durability, as well. The pants’ front pockets are extra deep, so you’ll be able to store more objects in them or a single larger one. The waistband has a self-adjusting slider without elastic gathers visible on the outside. Each of the pants’ cargo pockets has two magazine compartments on the interior, and the pants also have two accessory or knife pockets.


  • Supplemental Cargo Pocket – These pants have an additional small cargo pocket sewn over the main one. This small pocket is just large enough to fit an extra magazine for your handgun.
  • Casual Look – These pants are inconspicuous, so most people won’t be able to tell they’re tactical at the first glance. This makes them good for everyday wear.


  • Baggy Legs – These pants have somewhat baggy legs, which can be a disadvantage for some people.


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6. Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant

Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant, Coyote, 34 x 30 These tactical pants are made out of a combination of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). They are specially designed to be worn all year round, so they will handle both high and low temperatures well, providing the necessary warmth or coolness and protection you need. The pants’ fabric is treated with a Teflon water-resistant substance, so you won’t have to worry about staining them when you spill something on them. The fabric treatment also protects the pants from dirt and offers increased anti-rip protection. The fabric will dry in a short time after the pants have been washed or submerged under water. These pants have 9 separate pockets, with one specially designed for a phone, one for a wallet, and one for coins. The cargo pockets are large and you’ll be able to use them for storing the most usual hand tools.


  • Good Quality Finishes – These pants’ finished are top quality. The seams and stitches are straight, without loose threads or crooked seam patterns.
  • Wallet Pocket – The pants’ rear pockets are large, but each of them has a smaller “second” pocket within which will fit a wallet perfectly. This is a great addition, as storing your wallet in a large back pocket can make it move around and land in uncomfortable spots.


  • Colors Are Darker Than They Appear – The pants’ colors are darker than how they appear online.


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Tactical Pants Buying Guide


Most people think that buying a pair of tactical pants is not that difficult. After all, they’re just pants. However, different pants models have different advantages and disadvantages, and since you’re going to spend money buying them, it would be better to buy a pair that’s actually good for what you intend to use it most. The following section addresses the features you should seek in a pair of good tactical pants. best tactical pants

  1. Fabric: One of the most important features you should decide on is the fabric. All types of fabric have pros and cons, so make sure the one you choose is best suited for you.
    • Cotton – There are only a few tactical pants models on the market using 100% cotton. Most manufacturers which still use cotton as the main component of their fabric only use in in a 90 – 98%, combining it with lycra or polyester to lower their stretching resistance and to lower the wrinkles resulting after they get wet. Wearing a pair of tactical pants made out of cotton has the advantage of letting your legs breathe. You’ll be able to wear this kind of pants in the hottest environments and still feel comfortable. Another advantage of cotton is that it can be worn by people with sensitive skin without provoking rashes, especially in warm temperatures. A slight disadvantage of buying a pair of tactical pants made out of cotton is that they can shrink slightly. If they have 3 – 8 % of lycra and polyester in their composition, the shrinkage can be kept at a minimal. Another disadvantage of wearing cotton pants is that they don’t offer very much protection from the elements. If you’re caught wearing them in the rain, they will get soaked. If you spill something on them, they will get stained. Cotton pants are generally very comfortable to wear for a long time.
    • Polyester And Cotton – Most tactical pants manufacturers use fabrics made out of combining polyester and cotton, with the percentage of polyester varying between 60 – 80%, the rest being cotton. This is a very popular combination because polyester is tougher than cotton, and it has several other proprieties that make it suitable for tactical use. Polyester pants are easier to treat, and most manufacturers make sure they’re less prone to get stained by treating them with a Teflon coating. This treatment not only makes the pants more water resistant, but it also increases their wear and tears resistance. Unlike cotton, polyester doesn’t shrink after getting wet, so once you buy a certain size of pants, you can be assured it will stay the same until you stop wearing the pants. A disadvantage of wearing polyester pants is that they won’t allow your legs to breathe, so if you wear them in a warm and humid environment, your legs will sweat a lot, making you uncomfortable.


  1. Style: The pants’ style is important, especially if you’re thinking about buying them for everyday use.
    • Classic Tactical Style – This kind of pants are designed in the classical tactical style, which means the cargo pockets will be obvious on their sides, and any additional features will be seen from the distance. These models are suited for working around the house, going fishing, hunting, or practicing at the range. You can store a lot of different tools and objects in their pockets, and most of them have comfortable waistbands so you’ll wear them comfortably for a long time. However, these pants may not be suited for everyday use, depending on your job and usual activities.tactical pants
    • Low Profile Style – This kind of pants are designed specially so they won’t look like a pair of tactical pants at a first glance. Their pockets, even the large cargo ones are recessed and stay flat when they’re empty, even though they’re just as large as normal pockets. This type of tactical pants is better suited for everyday activities. You could wear them when going shopping, going out to eat, or even at work if you don’t have a dress code.
  1. Durability And Insulation: Durability and insulation are some important features you have to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a pair of tactical pants because it’s better to have a pair you can wear all year round.
    • Cotton Tactical Pants – Even thick cotton pants won’t offer too much insulation, and because they’re thicker they’ll suck up more moisture from the rain, fog, or snow. They have a medium level of durability. The lack of insulation makes them more suitable in a warm environment where they perform better.
    • Polyester Tactical Pants – Polyester tactical pants are better at insulating than cotton ones, but they won’t keep you warm enough in the coldest days of the year. However, they are water resistant, so they will keep most of the moisture out even in heavy downpours. This insulation makes them less suitable for warmer environments where they will trap some of the warmth generated by your body, making you sweat and uncomfortable.


When And Why Should You Wear Tactical Pants?


best tactical pants

Most people think about wearing tactical pants when they go out shooting with their friends at the range just to look apart, but the truth is, tactical pants have many uses. The following section addresses some scenarios where wearing tactical pants is an advantage.

  1. Tactical Scenarios – This is the most important time to wear combat pants. When you’re in a high-stress environment, having your additional ammunition, accessories, and tools close at hand is very important. Tactical pants have multiple pockets, and you can use them to store a lot of things. The pockets are specially designed for magazines, knives, and other accessories can be safely stored be reached quickly. Wearing your tactical pants when you train, whether you rehearse a tactical scenario or you’re simply firing rounds at the range will allow you to store all your things in the pockets in an orderly fashion. This will allow you to reach them quickly in a tactical scenario when every second matter. Besides having a lot of pockets, tactical pants have a design which allows knee pads to be inserted without making any modifications. This will allow you to change between shooting stances more easily. They are also more resistant to tears and stains.
  1. Hunting: Hunting is a great way of relaxing alone or with your friends and family. Wearing tactical pants while hunting is a good choice because you’ll be able to store most of your equipment in their pockets. Even if you have more equipment than you can carry in your pockets and you need a backpack as well, you’ll still be able to store the ones you use more often in them. Hunting usually takes longer and you have to walk, stalk and sometimes you have to crawl through mud or bushes in order to aim properly at your target. Tactical pants are more resistant than other types of pants, so the chances of ripping them is lower. They are also more resistant to the elements, so you’ll be able to continue your hunting session even if it’s foggy or it rains.
  1. DIY Projects: As every DIY enthusiast already knows, every project needs a lot of tools in order to complete. In fact, projects usually need more tools than you initially think they would. What easier way to ensure you have your tools close at hand at all times than carrying it in your pockets? This way you won’t have to make countless shifts between your toolbox and your project, you’ll just stick your hand into a pocket and take out the right tool. Cargo pants have reinforced seams and you’ll be able to bend over your project, sit down and move around without fearing your pants will rip open. The knees and behind are usually reinforced as well, making the pants more durable.
  1. Household Chores: Household chores can sometimes be demanding, especially if you don’t live in a large city or its suburbs. The larger your home, the more work you have to put into keeping it running nice and smooth. Some people need to split wood for their wood stoves to keep warm during the cold season. They carry various objects, from sacks of food for their pets to spare tires for their vehicles. Every day presents another challenge, and you have to meet that challenge with the right equipment. Tactical pants can help you in this scenario because they are durable and you’ll be able to use the same pair for years before needing another. They are also stain resistant, so you won’t need to wash them so often.
  1. Fishing: Tactical pants are great for fishing trips. First of all, you can choose a pair which will keep your legs warm in the colder seasons, or one which will allow them to breathe in the warm one, depending on when you like to fish. The pants have many pockets, so you’ll be able to keep all your gear close at hand. Sure, you can always take your fishing gear box with you, but why bother when you can store what you need in your many pockets and move around to find the perfect spot? Some tactical pants are water resistant, so you won’t have to stay soaked all day until you change. As long as you stay out of the water and just some splashes reach you, you’ll be nice and dry.
  1. Paintball And Airsoft Matches: Tactical pants can come in various colors and design patterns, so you’ll definitely be able to find the right one to match your paintball or airsoft arena. Besides matching the background and making you harder to see and shoot at, tactical pants also allow you to move freely, not limiting your natural reach and flexibility. They will also allow you to carry extra ammunition in your pockets, and even some gadgets and accessories.


Most Common Questions Regarding Tactical Pants!

  1. Are These Tactical Pants Going To Fit Me?

If you’re going to buy clothing online, you’re definitely going to ask yourself this. Are the sizes real? Should I buy a smaller or a larger size than usual? There are several ways you can tackle and answer this question.

  • Try Them In A Store – Sure, we understand the concept of buying online. It’s way easier and most often cheaper than buying something from a store. But since you’re willing to spend some money on a pair of tactical pants, why not try them before? The best way of making sure a pair will fit is to try them in a shop and then buy them from a reliable online vendor. This way you’ll make sure the size you pick is the right one, no matter if it’s smaller or larger than your usual one.
  • Check The Reviews And Questions – Reliable vendors like Amazon will have many reviews and questions asked for each product. If you’re wondering if the pants will fit, chances are several people have wondered before you, so make sure you check their questions and reviews. If some people say that the pants are sized right, but others say that they’re not, make sure you check the fit tab next to the size. If more than 80% of the customers say that the pants fit as expected, they most likely will. Sometimes people order clothing for the width they wish they had, rather than the one they actually have.
  • Check With Customer Support – Keep in mind you can always contact customer support for this kind of information. If the manufacturer’s customer support service receives complaints about the size of their product, they will tell you the necessary details so you can determine which size to buy.
  • Return The Product – If you didn’t choose the right size for your pants, you can always return them and take another one that will fit you just right. This might take a little longer, but ultimately you’ll end up with the product you wanted all along.
  1. Are These Pants Waterproof?

This is a popular question online. Tactical pants are not waterproof. You’re not buying a scuba diving suit, you’re buying pants. Some tactical pants can be water resistant and they will repel most water if you’re caught out in the rain, it will withstand a normal spill of liquid on top of them, and some might even withstand oil spills and heavy downpours. But the moment you walk into a pool of water with them, they will get soaked. However, there is still an advantage of wearing tactical pants over normal ones, even if you get them soaked. They will dry faster than normal pants would.

  1. Can I Wear A Tactical Belt With Them? How Large Are The Belt Loops?

All the manufacturers know that a pair of tactical pants needs to go along with a tactical belt, so they design them as such. All models have belt loops, but their size can differ. If you want to find out how large the loops are, here’s what you can do.

  • Check The Product Description – Most of the times the manufacturers will post this kind of details on their website. If you can’t find this detail in the short description offered by the vendor, make sure you check the manufacturer’s website as well before giving up your research.
  • Check The Product Reviews – You might not be the first potential customer who wants to find out if the pants will be able to hold his/hers tactical belt. This is why you should check the products reviews already online. Most of the times you’ll be able to find the information there or in the questions section.
  • Check With Customer Support – Even if you’re not able to find the information online, the customer support service should know such things. Giving them a call or an email can clarify the matter.
  1. Will These Pants Handle Well In The Heat/Cold?

If you’re going to spend some money on clothing, it’s only normal to think about wearing it all year round. This is true about tactical pants, as well. As a general rule, different pants models will behave differently in the warm or cold temperatures. However, models made out of a fabric containing a lot of cottons, more cotton than anything else will allow your legs to breathe, making them more suitable for the warm season. Unfortunately, this feature makes them a poor choice for colder temperatures, and an even worst one when it’s raining outside. You’ll be cold and soaked. Models using a fabric which contains more polyester will insulate you better, making them more suitable for colder temperatures and humid environments, but not that great in warm ones.

Best Tactical Pants Comparison Chart

5.11 Men's Tactical 74273 Taclite Pro Pant
$$$Black65% Polyester , 35% CottonTeflon fabric
5.11 Men's Stryke Pant with Flex-Tac
$$$$Battle Brown65% polyester/35% cotton ripstop fabricTeflon fabric
BLACKHAWK Tactical Pants
$$$Khaki100% Other FibersDuPont Teflon DWR
Vertx Tactical Pants
$$$Law Enforcement Black98% COTTON/ 2% LYCRABunch at your ankle due to the extra fabric.
TRU-SPEC 24-7 Pant
$KhakiPolyester/CottonLightweight Fabric
Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants
$$CoyotePolyester/CottonRugged canvas fabric with DuPont Teflon fabric protector

Wrap Up

After reading this article we’re sure that you can now see clearly the advantages of wearing tactical pants in different scenarios. Not only will a good pair of tactical pants keep you comfortably warm while you wear them, but they will also protect you from scratches, from the sun’s direct effects, and will provide the necessary storing space for some of your gear.

However, finding the best tactical pants is not as easy as it seems at first. Different models are good at different scenarios, so you have to make sure you pick the right model for the scenario you’re going to engage in the most.

If you’re going to use it in a warm and humid area, you don’t want to buy a pair which will provide extra warmth. On the other hand, you don’t want a pair designed to keep you cool while the temperatures outside drop. Our short reviews and our detailed tactical pants buying guide should provide all the information you need to find the right model for your particular needs. Keep in mind that a tactical situation demands an appropriate gear, so make sure you take a look at our tactical vests, tactical gloves articles.

You can visit Shooting & Safety as well in order to find loads of reviews accompanied with best tactical gears.

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