Champion Gun Safe Reviews: Why the Triumph Series is the Bestseller

champion gun safe reviews


If you own guns, whether for hunting or for security reasons, it is imperative that they are stored in a safe manner. You don’t want your guns to end up in the wrong hands! If your child gets hold of a gun, it could have tragic results. Gun safes provide the safest and most secure place to keep your guns and other treasures.  Not all safes are created equal, however.

You may choose a gun safe simply because it is cheaper, but it will only deliver a false sense of security, as it surely will not perform adequately. Alternately, an expensive gun safe may not necessarily be the best one for your needs. Champion safes are some of the best on the market today.

Most Popular Series

Champion Safe Company produces four major series of gun safes – Triumph, Medalist, Crown, and Trophy. The Medalist, however, is the most popular model of them all. With the Medalist, you get premium quality at a competitive price. This gun safe series offers unmatched security and fire protection.

It is composed of 12-gauge American-made steel, and features a robust double-steel door casement: The door is composed of two complete steel layers, featuring a meticulous four-way active bolt mechanism.

The Medalist series beats all other safes in its price range. It is, in fact, better than most higher-priced gun safes on today’s market. See their reviews, included below, for other outstanding features of this popular series.

Five Top-Rated Champion Gun Safe Reviews

With a Champion gun safe, you get more security for your money than you would from another brand or model in the same class. The company still employs the old techniques for building gun safes – heavy and tough. Champion is a frontrunner in the market of high-end gun safes, so if you are ready to spend a bit more in order to get the highest level of safety possible for your guns and other valuable possessions, then you absolutely want to invest in a Champion gun safe.

Champion has a wide selection of safes that are designed to meet a variety of different needs. The high-end models of Champion safes are built with plenty of steel, and they feature other cutting-edge features. That means they come at somewhat a higher price than other safes on the market. Nonetheless, with great looks, strong fire resistance, exceptional durability, and maximum security, you can rest assured you’ll get great value for your money.

It can be hard to choose the right one for your needs, especially if don’t know what to look out for. So if you’re shopping for the best safe, and have no idea where to start, you can draw information and inspiration from the following Champion safe reviews. Take a moment to read each one of the following detailed Champion safe reviews; we have compiled this comprehensive list so you can determine which option meets your gun safe needs.

Champion Crown 65

With a large capacity of 65 guns, the Champion Crown 65 is one of the bestselling gun safes available on the market today. It features a luxury exterior, as well as a tastefully-designed velour interior. For its price, the Champion Crown 65 sits well above its competitors when it comes to security, and fire resistance.

The Champion Crown 65 safe features a diamond-embedded armor plate, which ensures its lock will not give in to any external attacks. In fact, Champion is the only safe company that bonds industrial diamonds to their hardened tungsten steel hard plate. Most other companies prefer to manufacture their gun safe cases from lower quality hardened mild steel, a weaker but more cost-effective material.

Like other Champion safes, the Crown 65 is equipped with heavy-duty, ball-bearing terminal hinges. These hinges are costly, but Champion uses these because they provide the safes with additional security. Another remarkable feature of the Champion Crown 65 gun safe is the robust and smooth bolt mechanism.

Here’s an overview of the Champion Crown 65 gun safe specifications:

  • Dimensions:  52 x 73 x 30 inches
  • Weight:  1975 pounds
  • 1750° Fahrenheit, 120-minute fire rating
  • Two-inch thick composite wall construction – almost impossible to penetrate
  • Glass-Guard relock system with remote re-lockers
  • Champion’s Auto-Relock™ system
  • Thick Beveled™ door.
  • Door organizer
  • Up to 22 active, 1.5-inch diameter door bolts

If you have a large collection of guns, and are looking for a safe with quality features for its price, the Crown 65 is a great choice for you.

Champion Crown Series C-55

Champion Crown C-55 gun safe excels at both form and function. It is a perfect blend of technology, strength, and elegance, and it features a high-strength steel body and robust double-steel doors.

In addition, this safe features Champion’s Glass-Guard Relock system, providing you with the assurance of maximum security. The Crown 55 boasts a luxurious velour interior with a premium polyurethane gloss finish, giving it a touch of class. It is offered at a more competitive price compared to other safes in its class.

Here are some of the features that make the Champion Crown C-55 gun safe stand out from its competitors:

  • Security and fire ratings – UL security rating and 1750 ° Fahrenheit, two-hour fire rating
  • Locking system – Diamond-embedded Armor-Plate, Sargent & Greenleaf™ Grp. II dial, Glass-Guard Relock system, Champion’s Auto-Relock™ system.
  • Bolt works – 4-way active bolt works, up to 20 1.5-inch active bolts, precision radial gear-driven system, Roughneck™ bolt guides, and Auto-detent system.
  • Ultimate security door – 5-inch thick composite door, exceptional double-steel door structure, internal ball-bearing hinges, three layers of fire resistance material, internal ball-bearing hinges, gold-plated lock, and 5-spoke handle.
  • Internal construction – Luxurious velour interior, 2.75-inch thick composite wall, and premium gloss polyurethane finish.

If you are shopping for a gun safe with elegant looks and exceptional fire and burglary protection, you will more than likely want to invest in the Champion Crown C-55 gun safe. The safe comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure you’re spending your money wisely, and protecting your home and family properly.

Champion Triumph Series TR-25

If you are shopping for top-level security in a safe of this class, chances are you’d never find one…until now. Champion has broken the barrier and produced the Triumph Series TR-25 gun safe. Unlike other safes in its class, this safe comes with a high-strength, 10-gauge steel body. When combined with a double-steel door casement, this construction creates a pry-resistant stronghold. The Champion Triumph Series TR-25 also features thick double-step door and precision cam-driven boltworks with 1.5-inch diameter locking bolts. These features help this safe deliver maximum security.

Moreover, the Triumph TR-25 gun safe has a cutting-edge door defense system. This system includes diamond-embedded Armor Plate lock protection, a Cam-Lock pressure reliever, and a mechanical relocking system; it also features double fire seals, which deliver a 1650° Fahrenheit, 90-minute fire rating. This is the best you can get in this class. A velour interior, deluxe door organizer, and LED lighting give this gun safe a luxurious finish.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the Champion Triumph TR-25’s main features:

  • Dimensions: 32 x 60¼ x 24½ inches
  • Weight:  900 pounds
  • Classic steel arch doorway
  • 10 gauge steel body
  • 1650º F, 90-minute fire rating
  • 0.25-inch outer door steel, 12-gauge inner
  • Exceptional five-inch thick Delta Force™ door
  • Diamond Embedded Armor-Plate™
  • Champion’s Auto-Relock™ system
  • Four-way active boltworks —up to 20 1.5-inch diameter active bolts

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Champion Medalist Series MD-45

Are you looking for a gun safe that offers tasteful looks at a pocket-friendly price? If that sounds attractive to you, then you might want to consider what the Champion Medalist MD-45 has to offer.

The Medalist is Champion’s most popular series. It beats virtually all other series when it comes to the build quality, security, and price. One of the bestselling gun safes in this series is the Champion MD-45 gun safe.


This safe has plenty of features that you won’t find in other safes in its class. The Champion Medalist MD-45 features thicker steel, the renowned Sargent & Greenleaf lock, four-sided active door bolts, and internal ball bearings. All of these features work together to provide you and your home with excellent security.

You also don’t have to worry about fire destruction. The Champion Medalist MD-45 safe boasts a 1400o Fahrenheit, 60-minute fire rating. Its body is built from 12-gauge American-made steel with an armor-plated double-steel door casement, making it more secure.

Besides the fire-resilience and pry-resistance, the safe also features a tastefully designed interior with several shelves and a deluxe door organizer for your smaller valuables. It’s also reasonably spacious, allowing you to store up to 52 guns conveniently.

Here are the major specifications of Champion Medalist MD-45 gun safe:

  • Dimensions:  40 x 72.5 x 29 inches
  • Weight:  900 pounds
  • Capacity: 52 guns
  • 1400°F, 60-minute fire rating
  • Double steel 4.5-inch thick composite door
  • 12-gauge steel body
  • Four-way active boltworks
  • Bolt-Detent system
  • Auto-Relock system
  • Clutch-driven mechanism
  • Complete door defense systems

With its great looks, excellent security, and lifetime warranty, the Champion Medalist MD-45 gun safe makes a great choice for someone shopping for a gun safe on a budget.

Champion Medalist 17 Gun Safe

If you are shopping for an entry level gun safe, the Champion Medalist 17 would be a great choice. While this gun safe is not large, it provides more than enough space for 12 guns and several other valuables and documents. With the Medalist 17, you get a substantial level of security and great fire resistance at a competitive price.

The specifications of the Champion Medalist 17 include:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 22.5 inches
  • Weight: 475 pounds
  • Capacity: 12 guns
  • 1400oFahrenheit, 60-minute fire rating
  • 12-gauge body
  • 0.5-inch reinforced-plate door edge
  • 14-gauge full inner plate in door
  • 11-gauge full inner plate in door
  • Four-way active bolts; 1-inch diameter bolts

The Champion Medalist 17 gun safe also comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on fire and burglary. Combined with its attractive price, this warranty helps to make the Champion Medalist 17 gun safe a great option for those of you that may be looking for an entry-level gun safe without sacrificing quality or function.

Company Overview

Champion Safe Company was founded in 1999, and is headquartered in Provo, Utah. Since its inception, the company has remained consistent in building high-quality, strong, and secure gun safes. This stellar reputation has made it one of the premier gun safe manufacturers in America.

Here’s a look at five reasons you should always choose a Champion gun safe:

Robust Door Design

The design of the door plays an integral role in the security of a gun safe. A burglar will normally attack the door first before trying to access the safe from any other area. Compared with their competitors, Champion safes come with a stronger door with full inner door steel.

Champion adds a double steel door encasement to the opening of their safe doors. The encasement is composed of at least two steel layers. This significantly increases the strength and rigidity of the door’s opening.

Moreover, the company uses the heavy-duty American-made steel to build the doors for its gun safes. With this kind of steel, there’s a minimal chance that the doors will fail. Most of Champion’s competitors make their safe doors with only one piece of up to 12-gauge metal.

It isn’t uncommon to find other manufacturer’s gun safes with one to two-inch thick doors filled with sheetrock; some of these safe doors feature small pieces of metal on their inner side. At first, it’s easy to believe that these doors are structurally strong. Unfortunately, they are not as solid as you may think. They don’t have the steel necessary to uphold maximum security. That makes the safes vulnerable to breach with simple everyday tools. These other safes are also light, which makes them easy to haul off. It would only take two people to cart your gun safe away. Champion safes are built with more steel to protect you from such occurrences.

100% American-Made Steel

Champion Safe Company builds its safes with 100% American-made, high-strength steel. This is one of the heaviest and costliest types of steel. If you invest in a Champion gun safe, you get a high-quality product that can withstand the test of time.

Most gun safes on today’s market are built from Chinese steel. This type of steel can’t be compared to American-made steel when it comes to sturdiness. 12-gauge American-made steel delivers at least three times more strength and durability than 14-gauge China-made steel. Before you buy a gun safe, be sure to find out the kind of steel it is made of. To avoid making a costly mistake, make your life easier and simply choose an American-made safe with American-made raw materials.

Steel Safe Body Design

Champion builds their safes using one solid piece of steel; the steel is bent to fit into the desired shape. Its top and bottom are then welded to the safe using continuous MIG welds.

Most other safe manufacturers use smaller metal strips and then use a two-part polyester resin filler to fill in the gaps left by the metal pieces. This results in less a far less durable safe compared to a Champion gun safe.

Ultimate security

Champion Safe Company designs and builds its safes with ASTM certified, high-strength steel plate. The company also surpasses the stringent security standards from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Residential Security Container (RSC). Moreover, Champion is one of the few gun safe manufacturers that produces safes with a UL 72 Fire Gun Safe Rating.  

Lifetime Warranty

All Champion gun safes come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. You don’t have to worry about your safe getting broken into or destroyed by fire; Champion will have it replaced and take care of all the costs, including shipping and installation.

We also cover cosmetic issues; if the paint peels, for example, Champion will fix it. The company also offers an optional lifetime warranty on the locks.

Here’s a video introduction to the various Champion Lines.



Despite their great attributes, Champion safes are not without some downsides, which include:

  • High cost – Champion Safes are some of the most expensive in today’s gun safe market; they may be out of your reach if you are working with a tight budget.
  • Optional accessories not included– The company also offers lighting and dehumidifier kits, but unfortunately, these come as extra add-on accessories.

Final Thoughts

People invest in firearms for hunting, property protection, and sports shooting. But regardless of the use of your gun, you need to make sure it is safely stored. A firearm is designed to keep you safe, but it can be deadly if it’s not kept safe.

That’s where gun safes come in. We review the best models in this post.

Champion gun safes are some of the best on the market today. They are characterized by high-quality construction and offer a variety of storage options to meet your specific needs. These gun safes are heavier, stronger, and tougher compared to most other safes in their respective classes.

They are also fire-resistant. They are designed to protect your guns from temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Champion gun safes are available in four main series, under which there are several models; this wide array of options means there is a Champion gun safe for every level of need and every budget.

All images in this post via Champion Safe.

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