Glock 30 Review — Is The Gen 4 Success or a FLOP?

Glock 30Whenever I hear of a new gun brand, I immediately test it out. You see, I want to save myself from an uninvited scam in the future. If the product doesn’t live up to my expectations, the entire company seems to have lost its charisma—which is why I bought the Glock 30 ACP as soon as I heard of it. I knew the company was pretty big and the brand is an obvious choice for many, so I needed to get a clear view of the quality—and change my name if I wasn’t impressed.

Below, I’ve listed a few of the key features along with my own recommendations in this Glock 30 review. Check them out.

Things to Consider Before Buying a .45 mm Pistol

The right features to look for in .45 mm pistols aren’t different from other pistols. Getting full knowledge of the product category—especially when it comes to guns—is crucial. You want to make a good purchase while making your product last.

There are a few things you need to look for.

  • To begin with, get a good load of the weapon. Make sure it feels nice and snug inside your hands. The grip should be excellent. Handguns should feel comfortable in both single and double-handed use. They shouldn’t feel too heavy, too big, or generally loose.
  • Accuracy is another important factor. You can’t test the gun before buying it. So, be sure to get a good deal or a return policy in case you need it. Shoot the gun with the target placed five, ten, 15, then 20 yards away. It should hit bull’s eye within 20 feet. This also depends on your shooting ability.
  • The material of the frame and the internal parts will decide the durability. Most pistols and revolvers have frames made from polymer or steel. The internal parts are constructed from nickel or steel alloy.

Presenting The Glock 30

G30 Gen4 PistolThe Glock 30 is no ordinary pistol. It is Glock’s most prized production. This Glock product features a strong grip frame, the best shooting caliber in the industry, and a compact barrel design. One of the reasons why we love it is because it’s so small and light.

This is a .45mm semi-automatic handgun made for both concealed carry and target practice. It has a barrel length of about 3.78 inches and a weight of 26 ounces. The weight is slightly heavier than most concealed carry guns, so watch out for that. The gun has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. This is standard in most handguns.

With the Glock 30 Gen 4, pulling the trigger has never been easier. I recommend this for someone who has larger and stronger hands since it’s a heavier model. I wouldn’t suggest it to those with smaller hands or who can’t handle the weight of the product.


  • Small and handy. Fits inside the hands. Made for concealed carry
  • Recoil spring and frame composition are top-of-the-class
  • Replacement parts and accessories are easier to find
  • Easier to maintain and field strip. Gunpowder and residue come off with little effort


  • May require contouring to make it fit properly
  • A bit heavier than what the average user is used to

Features and Benefits

Ergonomics and Portability

For users who need the gun for self-defense, the portability and carrying ability are very important features. The Glock 30 has a barrel length of 3.78 inches and an overall length of about 6.97 inches. This is definitely smaller than other models from Glock and will fit perfectly inside holsters on your belt or ankle.

The Glock 30 is, however, a bit heavier, weighing in at 26 ounces. This means that it’s better if your hands can handle the weight. I would recommend it more for gym-goers or heavy lifters. But the weight is nothing that a little effort can’t overcome.

Shooting Accuracy

Accuracy with the Glock G30 is nothing short of excellence. I tried to shoot the gun from around ten to 15 yards. Every single time the G30 hit the target. There were a few instances where the bullets didn’t hit bull’s eye. For example, when used in rapid fire or when using the 9-round magazine.

Still, I feel as if this will be pretty big in terms of accuracy. It is best for target practice and self-defense. Of course, the accuracy also depends on your shooting skills. This video demonstrates perfectly the shooting capabilities of this versus the Colt.

Composition and Construction

Composition matters since it decides the durability. The Glock G30 has a polymer frame, which is usually the standard. The barrel is constructed from Tenifer-treated steel, which altogether gives it the best durability. I feel that Glock uses a better grade of steel than other brands. I say this because the barrel hasn’t rusted or even scratched after firing 5,000 rounds.

The design is superb in this one. The finish is both polymer and Tenifer steel. And the color is matte black. Although a blued Glock makes for an even better addition to your collection.

Customization and Personalization

Getting up close and personal with your handgun is something we all love. The Glock provides incredible amounts of personalization—so you can have a gun that hits home. This product has a number of aftermarket and replacement parts. So even if you damage a part, you can get your G30 fixed in no time.

Apart from that, contouring is pretty easy and diverse. In fact, contouring is recommended, since the Glock may not fit for many users. Contouring will make it feel more comfortable and reliable.


Comfort with the Glock 30 greatly depends on the user and their build. If you have strong, well-built hands then carrying the Glock won’t be an issue. The recoil is pretty negligible, although it may be more than what you’d expect. With that being said, there are a few downsides. For example, almost every Glock 30 model needs to be contoured or stippled. This will make it fit easier in the hand.

Many users might find the Glock to be too wide or big for their hands. It certainly fits in holsters, but might not fit inside your palm.


Pros and Cons


  • The Glock 30 features portability and concealability. The barrel is a little over 3 inches, and the entire slide is only about 7 inches long. This makes it perfect for concealed carry and for shooting
  • This gun uses .45 ACP ammo, one of the most reclaimed types of ammo in the world. It will hold up to 10 bullets in the magazine, 2 more than the comparable colt pistol.
  • It is the most readily available pistol in the world. Aftermarket parts can be found easily, and replacement is trivial
  • Has a milled steel barrel and slide, along with a frame made of polymer and steel treated with Tenifer steel. It has the most ergonomic and dynamic design made for the user’s hand
  • The non-slip design increases reliability and decreases accidents. Includes safety features as well


  • Weighs a little over 26 ounces with a loaded magazine. This makes it heavier to hold. Many users with weaker hands won’t find comfort in it. Not recommended for the elderly or sick
  • The width is over an inch. Users with smaller hands may complain about the gun being too wide and unfit. It is best for those with larger and stronger hands. But it’s not recommended for people with small hand size
  • The unit requires heavy contouringand stippling to make it fit. This can not only be tedious but pretty expensive. Avoid the Glock 30 if you know you won’t be able to customize it
  • Accuracy is great, but rapid fire might result in a reduction of the effect. In case you might need to rapidly fire at someone, the Glock won’t be the best at hitting bull’s eye. But it might shoot in the general area with slight left offset

General User Impressions

Among the users, a general pattern was easy to find. Many were happy with the design of the Glock 30. They especially loved how beautiful the weapon looked with slight bluing. They even commented on how easily it fits in their hands. Some noted how hard it was to hold the gun due to its large design, but many felt it fit fine.

Many users felt that customization was beyond diverse. Surely, with the Glock 30, you get endless options and criteria. The aftermarket is full of replacement parts and accessories. Even the Glock official website has some neat auxiliaries.

Customers loved how the Glock is so easy to conceal and maintain. They specifically counted using it for concealed carry and keeping it by their beds at night. The Glock 30 is one of the best guns when it comes to self-defense.

Our Opinion

As for what we think of the Glock 30, it is one of the best. The small compact design and the concealable features make it perfect for carrying in public. It’s quite heavy, though, and you might have a harder time picking it up for shooting.

I would myself recommend the Glock 30 for anyone who needs extra protection while out on the go. It is recommended for people with larger hands because of the width and size. Keeping it in holsters is not too hard. But you may have problems holding it if you have small hands.

I highly recommend this Glock product for the accuracy and overall shooting range. I would also suggest it for its high customizability and personalization. It isn’t recommended for the elderly or those who are physically handicapped. Both men and women can benefit from it, although experienced people may be able to hold it better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to contour my Glock 30?

Yes. Although many may find solace in the G30 without any issue, a lot of you will be better off with a contoured gun. Stippling and other forms of modification are recommended.

Is the Glock 30 good for concealed carry?

I highly recommend it for concealed carry, although its heavy weight might make it heavier to carry.

Is the Glock 30 an ACP?

The Glock 30 carries .45 mm Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP), designed to last and prosper. It functions well with a handful of ammunition brands.


Final Thoughts 

The question still stands: “Is the Glock 30 worth it?” From my side, it’s a definite yes. Apart from its flaws and inconveniences, I loved the three-dot sight system and matte black finish. I would give the Glock 30 an overall rating of 8.9 out of 10. I added an extra 0.9 points in this Glock 30 review for its commercial availability.

But, of course, the one thing that matters is how you see it against the Colt 1911.

As always, shoot safely!

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