Kodiak Gun Safe Reviews: High Quality Products from Rhino

You have a right to own a gun. However, that right comes with the responsibility of ensuring that gun is out of reach of children. You also want to protect your gun from damage or theft. A gun safe can help you achieve all that.

In some states, it is mandatory to have your guns stored in a secure location.  Therefore, you would be breaking the law if you own firearms but don’t own a gun safe. However, finding the right gun safe can be an uphill task. If you want a budget-friendly but reliable safe, you might be interested in these Kodiak gun safe reviews.

Most Popular Model

The Kodiak line features several gun safe models, but the Kodiak 30-gun safe, in particular, has won the hearts of many. This 350-pound gun safe can hold up to 30 long-barrel guns and six handguns.

It has adjustable shelving allowing you to store your stuff the way you want. It also has a deluxe door organizer giving you more room for keeping your possessions securely. It is a nice mid-ranged safe that is going to suit most gun owners well.

Five Top-rated Kodiak Gun Safe Reviews

Kodiak KB19ECX 30 Gun Safe

A step-up from the Kodiak 21, the Kodiak KB19ECX 30 is large enough to fit 30 long-barrel guns and four handguns. If you’re sensing a theme here as far as these safe names, you’re right. The number is indicative of size.

Kodiak KB19ECX Gun Safe by Rhino Metals, 30 Long Guns & 4 Handguns, 350 lbs, 30 Minute Fire Protection, Electronic Lock and Bonus Deluxe Door Organizer

Key Features

  • 350 pounds
  • 1400°F, 30 minutes Fire Protection
  • Expandable heat-activated door seal
  • 2.00 mm steel composite door and body
  • Drill-resistant hardened steel plate lock protection
  • UL-Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock
  • Spring-loaded re-locker and internal anti-tamper clutch
  • Adjustable shelving and deluxe door organizer
  • Pre-drilled for a dehumidifier installation

This safe comes with a door organizer allowing you to keep your stuff organized and easily accessible. It is also equipped with a UL-listed commercial type 1 electronic locking system.

It can be unlocked with a three to eight-digit code allowing you quick access to your firearm. Adding to the security is an internal anti-tamper clutch. It also has a drill-proof plate to prevent forceful entry further.

The Kodiak 30 has the same heat-activated door seal, which can expand up to seven times to protect your firearms from fire, as the Kodiak 21. The safe also has eight, one-inch door bolts for added security.

We like that this model maintains the same quality and features of its smaller counterparts without a huge jump in price. Our major issue with the Kodiak 30, though, is that also like others in this line it is built with 2mm steel. This kind of steel falls between 12- and 14-gauge steel. A knowledgeable and experienced burglar can easily cut into this material and access your guns and other valuables.


  • Solid construction
  • Extra storage options
  • Fire protection certified by California firearm system


  • Customizing the shelves is quite limited
  • May not withstand a professional theft attempt

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Kodiak KB5933ECX 28 Gun Safe

With the Kodiak  KB5933ECX  28 gun safe, you are assured of a high-quality and durable gun storage solution. This safe meets Penal Code section 23655 requirements.  

Kodiak K5933EX Gun Safe, 28 Long Guns & 6 Handguns, 550 lbs, 60 Minute Fire Protection, Deluxe Door Organizer and Electronic Lock

Key Features

  • 550 pounds
  • Fully fire lined, 1400°F, 60 minute Fire Protection
  • UL-Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock
  • Eight, one-inch diameter door bolts
  • Drill-resistant hardened steel plate lock protection
  • Spring-loaded re-locker
  • Adjustable shelving and deluxe door organizer
  • External hinge, 180° door opening
  • Factory-installed USB power outlet
  • Slots for 28 long barrel guns and 6 handguns
  • Interior upholstered in automotive-grade fabric
  • Detachable steel shipping feet

The Kodiak KB5933ECX is designed to accommodate, you probably guessed it, 28 long-barrel guns, leaving some extra space for other accessories and valuable items. It is equipped with a UL-listed commercial-grade electronic lock to prevent unauthorized access.

Check it out in this video:

Adding to the security is a spring-loaded re-locker to ensure the safe remains secure even if someone tampers with the lock. The lock is also protected by hardened-steel plate. With eight locking bolts, the safe’s door remains locked and can only be unlocked using a three to eight-digit code.

In case of a fire in your home or office, you’re sure to salvage the contents of the safe. The safe can withstand temperatures up to 1400° Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. Adding to the fire protection is a specially designed heat-activated door seal.

We like the size of this safe, particularly for those who have a good-sized gun collection and some other valuables they’d like to stash inside, but we wish that the shelving was a bit more customizable.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Up to 40-minute fire protection
  • Stylish look
  • Multiple storage options


  • Quite expensive

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Kodiak K5940EX 52 Gun Safe

Do you have an extensive gun collection? Maybe you are a gun collector who adds a new gun to your collection quite often? If so, the Kodiak K5940EX 52 would be a great choice.

Kodiak K5940EX Gun Safe by Rhino Metals, 52 Long Guns & 8 Handguns, 677 lbs, 60 Minute Fire Protection, Electronic Lock, Patented Swing Out Gun Rack Compatible and Bonus Deluxe Door Organizer

Key Features

  • UL-Certified RSC Burglary Rating
  • UL-Listed electronic lock
  • 1.25-inch diameter solid steel locking bolts
  • Spring-loaded re-locker and patented anti-tamper clutch
  • Deluxe door organizer with pockets and handgun holders
  • Carpeted interior and adjustable shelving
  • External hinges for 180° access
  • Factory-Installed USB power outlet
  • Textured tan finish

With a capacity of at least 52 long-barrel guns, this gun safe can save you the stress of purchasing a new safe every time you add some pieces to your collection.

It offers customizable storage, so you can arrange your stuff the way you want as well as a deluxe door organizer.

The Kodiak K5940EX is equipped with a patented F-15 locking system. To enhance the security of the lock, this safe is fitted with an anti-tamper clutch and spring-loaded re-locker. These features help to prevent access even if the lock has been compromised. The Kodiak 52 can protect your firearms and other valuables from fire for 60 minutes.

We like that Kodiak finally upped the steel gauge with this safe from the standard 2mm we’ve seen thus far to 2.75mm. We don’t like the pretty significant price jump that came with that change, though.


  • Heavy-duty, durable body
  • Ample storage space
  • Multiple security features
  • Easy to install


  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy to move around

The Kodiak 52 is our clear pick for those who have a large collection and need maximum storage space.

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Kodiak KB5520ECS 18 Gun Safe

If you have a small gun collection and have no plans to purchase more, the Kodiak KB5520ECS 18 Gun Safe might be for you. It is the smallest of the Kodiak gun safe models—but that doesn’t mean it is less durable than the bigger models.


Image from manufacturer’s website

Key Features

  • 258 pounds
  • 1400°F, 30 minutes Fire Protection
  • Thick 2.00 mm steel body and composite door
  • UL-Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock
  • Drilled-resistant single hardened steel plate lock protection
  • Spring-loaded re-locker and internal anti-tamper clutch
  • Plush interior with adjustable shelving
  • Standard door organizer
  • Space for 18 rifles and four handguns
  • Pre-cut holes for down bolting

The Kodiak KB5520ECS is designed to accommodate 18 long-barrel firearms. It is equipped with a UL-listed commercial-grade electronic locking system. This ensures no authorized persons can have access to the contents of your safe.

A hardened-steel plate further protects the lock. Adding to that security is a specially-designed anti-tamper clutch installed inside the safe. Your guns and other valuables are also protected from fire.

The Kodiak KB5520ECS has a 1400o Fahrenheit fire rating. The interior is also lined with fireboard protection.

It comes with pre-cut holes for easy anchoring on the floor. When it comes to storage options, the safe has adjustable shelves, which allows you to organize your staff as you desire.

We like that the Kodiak 18 is compact enough to fit in small spaces but worry that it may not stand up to a professional thief.


  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • Several storage options


  • 2mm steel body may not stand up to an experienced burglar

The KB5520ECS 18 is our top pick for the best compact Kodiak gun safe.

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Kodiak UAK19ES 21 Gun Safe

This is another gun safe that is ideal for someone with a small gun collection. The Kodiak UAK19ES is designed to hold 21 firearms in a safe, secure, and convenient manner.

Image via manufacturer’s website

Key Features

  • 420 pounds
  • 1400°F, 30 minutes Fire Protection
  • Fireboard protection in the interior walls and door
  • Expandable, heat-activated door seal
  • Drill-resistant hardened steel plate lock protection
  • UL-Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock
  • Spring-loaded re-locker and internal anti-tamper clutch
  • Eight, one-inch diameter door bolts
  • Plush interior with adjustable shelving
  • six-gun swing out rack

It features adjustable shelving so that you can arrange the interior of the safe according to your storage needs. It also has a patented swing-out gun rack, providing more room for up to six firearms. This California Department of Justice (CDOJ) approved safe has several features to ensure the safety and security of your firearms. It has eight large bolts that help to deter forceful entry.

The safe is also fitted with a heat-activated door seal that can protect your guns and other valuables from temperatures as high as 1400° Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Additionally, the heat-activated seal can expand up to seven times during a fire, ensuring smoke and heat can’t find its way into the safe.

We love the fire protection this safe offers, making it a solid selection if you plan to store valuable items that could be damaged by smoke. As a gun safe though, those features may be less necessary and add to its bulk.


  • Constructed with solid, stylish metal design
  • Multiple storage options
  • Multiple security features for the price
  • Tested and proven fire protection


  • Quite heavy to move to another location

The Kodiak 21 takes our top spot for the best multi-use safe in this lineup.

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Company Overview

Kodiak is a subsidiary of Rhino Safe Company, which was founded in 1995 by a fighter pilot by the name Don Suggs. Kodiak was started with the aim of building secure and affordable gun safes. Hence, the company holds a reputation for providing high-quality safes at a competitive price.

It offers a range of gun safe models to meet the different needs of different gun owners. Kodiak gun safes may not be as popular as other major brands on the market, but they have a lot to offer. Here’s a look at some of the attributes of Kodiak gun safes:

A variety of sizes to choose from — Kodiak is one of the manufacturers that offer a wide range of gun safes in terms of size. Whether you want a unit that holds 18 guns or 52, Kodiak has you covered.

  • A unique design – Kodiak gun safes have a characteristic traditional design that sets them apart from the competitors. The interior of their units are also neatly organized, so you can keep your stuff well-ordered and easy to retrieve whenever needed.
  • Warranty – A good gun safe should have a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind that your unit won’t let you down for at least a given period. Most Kodiak gun safe models come with a comprehensive warranty.

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Final Thoughts

If you are shopping in the budget-gun-safe market, you might want to choose a Kodiak gun safe. While they are not famous, Kodiak gun safes are solid enough to keep your firearms safe and secure, and compliant with state regulations. They boast high-quality construction and a couple of valuable features.


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