Maverick 88 Review: Exactly How Insane is This Mossberg 12 Gauge?


I’m going to let you in on a secret. Before my family had a home invasion and I bought a shotgun for defense, I didn’t like them much. The truth is I am more of a handgun kind of person. I like that I can carry a pistol with me and that they fit well in my hand.

However, I was always curious about shotguns and their overall functionality. I mean was I ever not curious when it came to guns? Probably never in a million years! Anyway, to get the hang of things, I tried and tested all major guns and analyzed the data to come up with a list of some of the most insane rifles on the market. And the Maverick 88 is one of them.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about exactly how insane the Maverick 88 is. For some, it’s the ultimate arms gear with a decent recoil, good magazine capacity, great pump action, synthetic stock, and so on. However, to ensure that I don’t include any unnecessary information, I have only covered vital things such as the rifle’s features, benefits, pros and cons, and the general impressions users have about it.

Sounds good? Let’s get to it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical Defense Rifle

Do you ever feel like no matter how many guns you’ve bought you still can’t seem to get over the fear of choosing the wrong one the next time around? Well, I do.

The truth is, gun shopping can seem like a monumental task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. To help you cut through the confusion, I’ve compiled a list of factors that you should consider the next time you go gun shopping.


Price? I hear you ask. Yes. It may not seem like it, but the price of the rifle is an integral factor to put into consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable shotgun. I mean, think about it. Every time you go to the store, you’ll almost always pick a commodity based on how much it costs.

Like with all other items, not all shotguns are equal. Some are topped with an impressive number of features which means that they will cost a lot more. However, some are topped with fewer features. And these will probably require a lot less.

When choosing a suitable shotgun for your needs, you’ll need to establish how much you’re willing to spend before you make a purchase decision. However, in my opinion, you get what you pay for. But that might not always be the case.


Another important factor you need to consider is the size of the shotgun. As I said earlier, rifles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are, of course, bigger than others. You’ll want to go for a shotgun that’s comfortable enough but still functional to get the job done effectively. Preferably one that won’t weigh you down with its bulky weight.

Purpose of the Rifle

Maverick 88 ReviewDifferent shotguns are meant for different kinds of tasks. Some for hunting and yet others for tactical tasks. When choosing a suitable rifle, you’ll want to narrow down what you’re going to be doing with the gun so that you can pick one that will meet your needs. Besides, you’ll agree with me that there’s no point of picking a hunting gun if all you need is a self-defense tool.


If you’ve been shooting long enough, then you know that precision is everything. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a crossfire without any fighting chance. Accuracy is one of the most critical factors that you need to put into consideration when choosing a suitable shotgun. I am not saying that your expertise can’t help you nail the target. But the rifle’s precision makes it easier to nail the target both accurately and precisely.



Another important factor to consider is the optics. Using a shotgun is more like driving a car. You need to see where you are going or else you might get into an accident. Only that with the shotgun it’s more of a life and death situation. Optics helps give you a better view of the target and allow for faster target acquisition.


If you’ve been shooting long enough, you know that an unreliable shotgun is as good as a toothless dog. All bark no bite! And if you’ll be using your gun for tactical purposes or self-defense, you’ll need a reliable shotgun that can get the job done. Fortunately, most shotgun manufacturers have got everything covered in as far as reliability goes. As is expected, some are more reliable than others, so we recommend that you do proper due diligence before you make a purchase decision. The way your shotgun will behave will also depend on the type of ammo that you are using, so always make sure that you are feeding the gun with the right stuff for the job you want to be done.

Ease of Use

Many shotguns sold for tactical defense require a little practice before the owner can fully learn the ropes. While other rifles are not designed with the beginners in mind. These models often have a more advanced assembly and require technical know-how for one to be able to maneuver.

Plus, the features are also not as intuitive as with beginner-friendly models, so users have to be prepared to receive additional instruction on how to use them. If you are in the beginning stages, you no doubt want an easy to use a rifle that you can easily maneuver without having to sit through classes.

Now that were done with what you need to consider when shopping for a rifle, let’s have a look at the Maverick 88 in brief.

A Brief Description of the Maverick 88

The Maverick 88 is a multi-function shotgun manufactured by Mossberg & Sons. It claims to be the most popular firearm there is providing unmatched reliability and lots of other advantages.

Who is the Maverick 88 For?

If you are looking for a reliable tactical home defense shotgun to help protect your family, the Maverick 88 might be a great place to start.

Features and Benefits

Still here?

Here’s a roundup of some of the features that make the Maverick 88 an insane shotgun.

Short force Stock

The Maverick 88 shotgun is topped with a short force stock that can be fired from either a folded or extended position. This means that you can shoot from pretty much any position you are and still get a clean shot.

18.5-inch Smooth Bore Barrel

Another fantastic feature of the Maverick 88 shotgun is the 18.5-inch barrel. It is not only smooth to the touch but also quite maneuverable, too. So, you can use it easily both indoors and outdoors.

Polymer Trigger Housing

Another remarkable feature included in the Maverick 88 is the polymer trigger housing. This is a traditionally rounded trigger guard that helps keep the bow trigger from going off unintentionally.


  • A low-priced firearm
  • Total shell capacity of 5+1 when loading 2 ¾ inch shells or 4+1 when loading 3-inch shells
  • A nice hinged butt plate topped with a textured surface to provide comfort while shooting
  • Feather-light, so it won’t weigh you down when you’re using it
  • It requires little to no maintenance with the only areas needing maintenance being the gunk area and the barrel
  • As easy to use as they come. You could take it right off the box and use it


  • While the Maverick 88 is durable, the blued finish is subject to rust and wear and tear
  • Doesn’t do too well in cold conditions
  • If you don’t rack the gun well, it won’t pick up the next round. So, instead of going bang, your gun will click
  • Quite hard to disassemble and so you might want to rethink the whole idea of taking the gun apart when you want to maintain or clean it up



General User Impressions

Based on user impressions, the Maverick 88 Shotgun is one of the best shotguns on the market. It is a reliable multifunction pump shotgun that guarantees a smooth and consistent action every time. One of the things that stand out the most among users is that it is a low-priced shotgun that packs a punch in as far as features go. Plus, it fires with very little kickback meaning no more shoulder sores.

Our Opinion

The Maverick 88 shotgun stacks up pretty well as a tactical defense shotgun. It is not as expensive as the Mossberg 590a1 and offers plenty of amazing features to be relished. If it’s important for you to find a reliable defense shotgun, the Maverick 88 is a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Maverick 88?

The Maverick 88 registers a barrel length of 18.5 inches.

Are Maverick 88 shotgun barrels interchangeable?

Yes. But they can only be interchanged with the Mossberg 500 barrels alone.


Final Thoughts

That’s it, folks! A comprehensive review of the Maverick 88 shotgun. If you’re looking for a suitable rifle for hunting, the Maverick 88 packs quite a punch. It is reliable, robust, and accurate, making it ideal for any tactical shooting. Plus, it is an excellent gun for the price. I’d say that it’s pretty darn insane in as far as shotguns go and vital addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

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