Microtech Ultratech Review: An OTF Wonder

Whether you are looking for a pocket knife for self-defense or EDC purposes, your knife’s blade deployment rate really matters. The deployment rate of your tactical knife plays a key role in the outcome of any combat scenario.

And one of the fastest methods deployment method is the OTF (out the front) technology. This deployment method is quite common among the knife producers, with one of them being the Microtech.

Microtech has produced some of the best knives in the market for over two decades, and the Ultratech is no exception. Ultratech is the first dual-action OTF automatic knife from Microtech, which they launched in 1999. And thanks to its unique design, the Ultratech has been in production for over two decades now.

Microtech Ultratech is a unique dual-purpose pocket knife that can serve as both an EDC and a tactical tool. But, I bet you already knew that? What you might not know is the different features of the Microtech Ultratech knife and why it has been in production for this long?

So let’s dive right in…

Our Microtech Ultratech Review

Microtech Ultratech is a flagship model from Microtech that set the standards for OTF technology. Microtech took the EDC market by storm when they launched the Ultratech in 1999. This type of pocket knife was so impressive that Microtech still produces this model to date.

Microtech has maintained the design over the last two decades with some technological updates. The current Microtech Ultratech knives use the latest OTF technology and material. The Ultratech knives are the great OTF weapons in the market that features the dual-action spring.

When they were launched in 1999, these knives used a single-action opening mechanism. The current Ultratech models have Dual-action spring mechanism. With the single-spring mechanism, you could only open it automatically and then close it manually. And over the last two decades, the OTF technology has evolved to the current dual-spring mechanism.

Microtech Ultratech knives are unique tactical blades that can also be used as an everyday carry tool. These knives have an open length of about 8.36 inches. And they come with 3.35 inches long blades that are made from steel. The Microtech Ultratech knives come in 3 different blade styles (dagger, drop point, and tanto blades).

Despite having a 6061 T6 aluminum alloy handle and a stainless steel blade, this knife is quite light. Microtech Ultratech has a maximum weight of about 3.5 ounces, which makes it an ideal EDC knife. For easy carry, Microtech added a unique pocket clip. The Microtech Ultratech knife is not the best option for handling heavy-duty tasks. But, its fast opening mechanism makes it the ideal self-defense pocket knife.

Features and Benefits


Ultratech knives come with a 3.35 inches blade that is made from different steel alloys with a high edge-retention rate. Most Ultratech blades are made from Elmax steel and M390 steel. As of 2019, Microtech started making the blades from CTS 204P steel.

This blade can withstand years of abuse and still retain its unique shape. The Ultratech knives come with a wide range of blade style and shape. And this includes tanto, dagger, combo-edge, and drop point blades.

Drop Point Blade

The drop point Ultratech knives have a single edge with a thick spine made for slicing and cutting. The Drop point blade is quite common among people looking for an EDC tool.

Dagger Blade

The dagger-shaped Ultratech blades have dual-sharp edges and a very sharp point. The dagger blade is ideal for stabbing hard surfaces. It is the most common blade design for classic OTF knives.


The Tanto Blade

The tanto blade is ideal for tactical knives, and it features a single-edged blade with a sharp-angled tip. Microtech Ultratech tanto blade is a perfect EDC tool with a flat grind and great point.

Despite the blade design, these pocket knives have a combo edge. The fact that they are partially serrated means that they can handle both slicing and sawing tasks.



The handle of this OTF pocket knife is made from the durable 6061 T6. 6061 T6 is an aluminum alloy that has been in use since the 1930s. Microtech used this aluminum alloy because it has very high tensile strength. The 6061 T6 handle is a sturdy option and great for balancing the blade. And for easy carry, they come with a reliable pocket clip.


Opening Mechanism

Microtech Ultratech OTF pocket knives have a dual-action spring mechanism that makes it easy for you to open or close them. The dual-action spring OTF mechanism is one of the fastest opening mechanisms on the planet.

Microtech Ultratech Review Summary

Ultratech is durable OTF knives that come with sharp blades that will slice through most materials. Weighing about 3.5 ounces, these knives are perfect everyday carry tools. And the fact that they are very easy to use is a bonus.

The dual-action spring mechanism is one of the fastest deployment mechanisms on the planet. Ultratech OTF knives come with a 6061 T6 aluminum handle and 3.35 inches long blade.


  • Ultratech comes with a razor-sharp blade
  • The blade has a high edge-retention level
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with a pocket clip


  • Ultratech knives can be too light and small for some users.


Our Opinion

Microtech Ultratech is one of the best automatic pocket knives from Microtech that has survived for over two decades. Ultratech has a unique design that is loved by most EDC enthusiasts.

Microtech has maintained this design for over the years. And the only thing they have changed is the technology, which means it is a classic pocket knife with modern technology. Therefore, it is a durable pocket knife that you can trust to keep you safe. The 6061 T6 aluminum handle is quite durable, and it helps the blade retain its blade when not being used.

Microtech Ultratech knives are available in 3 models (tanto, dagger, and drop point blades). Therefore, they have an Ultratech knife for any occasion. The material used to make the blades has also been changing over the years with the latest material adopted by Microtech being CTS 204P steel. These steel alloys have high edge-retention and rust-resistance levels.

Most Ultratech blades are made from Elimax steel, which is quite durable and can withstand high impacts. These durable blades are designed to handle a wide range of heavy-duty tasks.

Other than being very light, these pocket knives come with a reliable pocket clip for easy carry. And their small size means that you can carry them comfortably. Weighing about 3.5 ounces, the Ultratech pocket knives can be quite light for some users.

General User Impressions

According to most Microtech Ultratech reviews, these OTF pocket knives are loved by many pocket knife aficionados. Many users love these knives for their durable and razor-sharp blades that can handle several tasks.

A huge percentage of Ultratech knife users agree that this tool is solid, easy to carry, and lightweight. One user claimed that he always carries the Microtech Ultratech pocket knife as a backup EDC tool.

One of the selling points of the OTF knife is the dual-action spring fast deployment mechanism. Some users commended the pocket knife for having such a quick deployment rate. Its dual-action spring mechanism makes it an ideal tactical knife.

Things To Consider When Buying The Microtech Ultratech

As an EDC aficionado, who loves the outdoors and goes fishing regularly, you know the pain of not owning a reliable tool. The sharpness, efficiency, toughness of your pocket knife can make a significant difference in your fishing trip.

Your day can be even better if your knife can also serve as a tactical knife. The fast blade deployment rate can help turn this EDC knife into a reliable tactical blade.

Microtech Ultratech is an ideal pocket knife for individuals who love camping and hiking, among others. The Ultratech is a must-have OTF knife for all everyday carry aficionados.

The fact that it’s quite easy to open makes it an excellent option for less experienced pocket knife enthusiasts. This OTF pocket knife is not the best option for people with big hands or individuals who need heavy knives.

Every knife can scare an attacker, and this includes the Microtech Ultratech pocket knife. And the fact that it has one of the fastest deployment methods in the market makes it an ideal tactical knife.

Selecting the right everyday carry tool can be very difficult, especially with the many OTF knife models. Here are some of the main things to consider when buying an ideal OTF pocket knife:

  • The handle and blade material
  • The weight and size of the knife
  • The blade size
  • Blade design
  • Your budget

About Microtech Knives, Inc

Microtech is one of the top American knife producers that is known for its unique automatic knives. Microtech was established in 1994 in Florida, where it operated until it relocated to Pennsylvania.

Microtech has a wide range of knives, and their main focus is always on their quality. Microtech always pays attention to their testing process and makes sure that every product is of high quality.


Microtech believes in the quality of its products, and they expect every knife to surpass your expectation. To prove their commitment to their customers, they have extended a lifetime warranty to all their knives. The warranty is against defects in workmanship and material.

The lifetime warranty of materials and parts has some limitations. When you submit your knife for warranty service, Microtech will evaluate numerous factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • Is the model still in active production?
  • If not, do they still have parts for your knife

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get Extra Screws Or Components To Repair My Ultratech Knife After It Gets Damaged?

Microtech doesn’t sell extra screws or components for their pocket knives. In fact, they discourage anyone from disassembling their knives even after they get damaged. Instead, they encourage you to return it to them for repairs. Remember, all Microtech knives come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Do The Ultratech Pocket Knives Come Razor-Sharp From The Factory?

Yes, all pocket knives are razor-sharp, and they are usually ready to use straight out of the box.

Can Sharpening Void My Warranty?

Proper sharpening can never void your warranty. However, improper sharpening, which always results in the blade getting damaged, will void any warranty.

How Can I Tell If My Microtech Ultratech Pocket Knife Is Authentic?

The best way to make sure that you get an authentic Ultratech knife is by buying your knife from Microtech’s authorized dealers. Most auction websites sell counterfeit knives, which are usually very cheap. The price of the product should be evidence enough that the knife is fake.

Final Thoughts

Every EDC enthusiast needs a perfect pocket knife that can also double as a tactical knife. They need a lightweight and sharp knife that has a fast deployment mechanism.

They need a reliable knife that can handle a wide range of tasks with ease. And with any Microtech Ultratech knife, you will be prepared for anything.

Microtech Ultratech is an ideal tactical knife that can compete with all the high-end knives in the market. And it’s simple design and fast deployment mechanism makes it a great tactical blade.

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