Senzu Sharpener Review: Is This Tool as Reliable as Most Chefs Say?

Are your knives dull or damaged? Has your razor-sharp blade started losing its sharpness after cutting a few ingredients?

Well, we all know that knives become blunt after slicing a few ingredients. However, the rate at which it becomes blunt will depend on the quality of your knife sharpener.

But, thanks to this Senzu knife sharpener, you will never have to deal with blunt blades again! This sharpener can transform your blunt and old knives into razor-sharp shiny blades within seconds.

Senzu knife sharpener has received well-deserved attention from top chefs. And for such an affordable sharpener, Senzu has all the features you would expect to find in high-end sharpeners.

Knife sharpeners make the culinary world move. But, finding a reliable sharpener is not as easy as walking to a store and picking the first one you see. However, with this Senzu sharpener, you will never be disappointed.

To find out more about this sharpener, please read this extensive Senzu sharpener review.

Our Senzu Sharpener Review

Kitchen Knife Sharpener,2020 Best Upgraded 3-Stage Blade Senzu Sharpener Stone(Ceramic,Coarse,Fine).Made For Chef/Fillet Knives.Easy Manual Sharpening with Cut-Resistant Glove for More Safety

Knife sharpeners have evolved over the years from a sharpening stone to unique electric ones. In fact, modern sharpeners can improve your culinary experience by making sure your blades are razor sharp.

And Senzu sharpener is no exception. The new 3-step Senzu sharpening tool has everything you will ever need to keep your blades razor-sharp.

The new 3-step Senzu knife sharpener is an upgrade of the rigorous 2-stage Senzu sharpener. It is the first Senzu sharpener that can sharpen your blades with a 3-stage diamond-coated wheel system. This tool claims to sharpen your blade within 5 seconds.

Most chefs love and have used Senzu sharpeners for years, but this model is a game-changer. This is the first diamond-coated wheel version by Senzu with 3 sharpening slots. And the addition of the diamond slot to this model is a significant upgrade. The 2-stage Senzu sharpener only featured the coarse and ceramic slots.

The 3-step Senzu sharpener is ideal for busy chefs and home kitchens. Remember, knives can become blunt after slicing through some ingredients. Senzu sharpener can fine-tune your already sharp blades.

Weighing about 8 ounces, this sharpener promises to restore old blunted knives into their original form. Simply place the blades in all the 3 slots.

And gently pull it through the slot several times for effective sharpening. No more tedious grinding and worrying about destroying your costly blade with some hand held sharpening stones.

Although it’s not ideal, this sharpener can also handle tactical, German, Japanese, hunting, and utility blades. Senzu knife sharpener is possibly the best option for both ceramic and metal blades.

Features and Benefits


Senzu sharpener comes with a well-crafted handle that is made from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is one of the most durable materials that are used for mechanical purposes.

ABS is the best material for building kitchen wares since it can withstand high temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your sharpener’s handle melting in your hot kitchen. This material can be heated to its melting point several times and then cooled without any major degradation.

This durable and robust tool is designed to serve you for a very long time. This tool comes with a perfect grip that requires a soft grip and touch. And the good news is that both left and right-handed chefs can use it.

The handle features a non-slip cushion, which keeps your tool steady as you sharpen your blades. The non-slip cushion is a safety feature that helps keep you and everyone in your kitchen safe.

3-Stage Sharpening Head

Senzu knife sharpener comes with a unique 3-stage sharpening system that can handle any blade. In fact, each slot is meant to handle a certain type of blade or function.

One of the main reasons why chefs love this tool is that it comes with a feature for just polishing an already sharp knife. These slots include:

Ceramic Slot

The ceramic slot is made from premium diamond abrasive. Diamond is one of the strongest materials on the planet; therefore, this slot can handle any blade.

The ceramic slot is used to repair some of the most damaged tough blades that haven’t been used for years. The diamond abrasive can restore damaged and blunt blades into the original form.

Coarse Slot

If the edge of your blunt blade has lost its V-shape, then the Senzu sharpener is the best tool for you. The coarse slot can restore the V-shape.

This tool can cut through your blade’s material and restore the edge angle. This slot is great for the daily maintenance of your knife, and it can handle medium blunt blades.

Slot Fine

This slot is perfect for polishing already sharp blades. It is an ideal option for chefs who want to add quick touch-ups to their blades before they start preparing their ingredients. The third slot leaves your knives clean and ready for cutting and slicing. It fine-tunes your blade for a clean polish.


Our Opinion

Senzu sharpener is a well-built tool that is quite easy to use. It comes with three slots that can guarantee you a razor-sharp blade. All you have to do is place it on your table and hold the handle and insert your blade in one of the slots and sharpen. Move your blade back and forth, and it will be ready in seconds.

Plus, the fact that you are in control means that you are determining the sharpening speed. Therefore, your knife won’t be over sharpened. Even though it is a manual pull-through tool, this sharpener is quite fast.

Just like all kitchen wares, a knife sharpener can also get dirty, especially after being used. The grinding head can collect some metal particles. For easy cleaning, Senzu sharpener comes with a removable head grinder. So you can detach the head grinder and clean it after you have finished sharpening your blades.

Senzu sharpeners are built to last long. This 3-stage sharpening tool features a high-quality handle with a non-slip base. So you don’t have to worry about it falling off the table when being used or getting damaged when it does. The ABS plastic handle has a high melting point; therefore, it can survive the heat in the kitchen.

With Senzu, the user’s safety is important. So this tool is designed to protect you from the sharp blades that you are working on. This tool comes with an ergonomic handle for a secure grip. And to keep your fingers away from the sharp knives, its handle is situated on one side. This tool comes with a cut-resistant glove to make sure that you don’t lose a finger if the knife slips.

This company believes in their product and values its customers. So Senzu sharpener comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what this sharpener has to offer, you can get a full refund.

The only issue I have with the Senzu sharpener is that it cannot handle serrated blades. However, this is more of a problem all most manual pull-through and electric sharpeners. This sharpener is designed to handle straight-edge knives.

General User Experience

Most users claimed that the Senzu sharpener is an effective sharpener that can do the job. Some of the features they loved include the 3-stage sharpening mechanism and its detachable sharpening head.

A huge percentage of the users didn’t find any problem with controlling the sharpener and knew the function of the slots.

Several users commented on how the sharpener will always leave your blade, looking new and sharp. That is because it comes with a 3-stage sharpening mechanism.

The fact that its slots can turn an old blunt blade into a shiny, razor-sharp knife was a talking point. Many Senzu knife sharpener reviews rave about how easy it is to use, control, and clean.

What Accessories Does This Tool Come With?

Senzu knife sharpener comes with a cut resistance glove for extra security. Cut level 5 gloves are perfect when dealing with sharp blades.

And it is ideal for people working in meat butchers and for plate glass and heavy metal stamping work. This glove can protect your fingers from the blade that you are sharpening.

Review Summary

The 3-stage knife Senzu sharpener is a reliable tool that can tune-up your already sharp blades within seconds. It is a beautifully designed tool that is made from durable materials.

And its ceramic slot can restore your severely damaged blade. This tool can restore your blade’s V-shape edge making it a perfect sharpener for maintaining your knives.


  • Senzu sharpener is easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • A durable tool that can serve you for a very long time
  • Safe to use
  • Saves money and time
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Portable


  • Cannot sharpen a serrated or partially serrated blade


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Knife Sharpener

Everybody who owns a knife will eventually have to sharpen it. You can use a sharpening stone, pay for knife-sharpening services and an electric or manual pull-through sharpener.

As a professional chef or a person who cooks for their family, you already know how hard it is to work with dull blades. Cutting and slicing your ingredients with a dull blade can be tedious, especially since you will have to apply more pressure on the knife.

Working with a blunt blade is more dangerous than the sharp ones. And it is the main reason why thousands of knife enthusiasts end up in emergency rooms every year.

Senzu sharpeners can handle all of the knives in a kitchen — with the exception of serrated blades — and is a great addition for the chef who loves keeping their knives sharp.

Plus, the fact that they are easy to use means anyone in the kitchen can sharpen the blades. So, it is an excellent option for every home, and it can never disappoint anyone preparing a meal for their family.

However, being a manual pull-through sharpening tool, this sharpener might not be the best for some EDC and hunting blades. Most of the camping, hunting, tactical and EDC blades are made from sturdy materials.

These blades vary in size and shape; therefore, sharpening some of them with this sharpener can be tricky.

Also, some of the EDC knives have partially serrated blades. Serrated blades need a different type of sharpener.

So here are a few other things you must consider before purchasing this product:


Your ideal sharpener should be perfect for the job at hand. It should be able to sharpen the different types of blades in your kitchen.

And for extremely sharp edges, a tough, abrasive material will be required. The sharpening material must be tougher than your blade.


To prevent accidents when sharpening your blades, it’s advisable only to get products that have proven themselves in terms of safety.

And just like most renowned sharpeners, Senzu sharpener is encased, which helps protect your body. A great sharpener should be safe to use.

Materials Used to Make the Sharpener

As mentioned before, if you want an extremely sharp edge, the sharpening material must be tougher than your blade. Fortunately, most modern sharpeners come with more than two sharpening slots.

These slots are for dealing with certain types of blades. Therefore, look for one with more slots for extra sharpening options.


Since you will be dealing with sharp blades that vary in size, design, and style, your safety is essential. So, look for a tool with a perfectly designed handle that can give you a perfect grip. Remember, the sharpening process can be vigorous.


Most household appliances use a lot of energy, and adding an extra electric tool is not a good idea. So you can opt for a manual sharpener or a low energy consuming knife sharpener.

However, the amount of electricity used will depend on the amount of time it takes for all your blades to become sharp.

Electric sharpeners are very easy to use and less tedious. But, if you are not careful, you might end up removing more metal than necessary. Manual knife sharpeners require some skill, but you have a low probability of thinning out the knife too much.

With manual sharpeners, you are more in control than with an electric sharpener. Remember, you are the one setting the sharpening speed of your tool.

Edge Angle

Most chefs have either Asian or western style knives. The Asian knives are meant for dealing with softer vegetables and fish. The edges of the Asian blades have a finer angle (13 to 15 degrees). Western knives have strong, large blades that come with a 20-degree edge.

If you are a serious chef who owns Japanese and German knives, then your search can be complicated. Japanese blades should be sharpened to a 17-degree edge. Therefore, the blade styles of your set of knives play a crucial role when looking for a knife sharpener.

Specialty Sharpening

You might be looking for a sharpener for your kitchen blade, but do you know that there are models that can handle other tools.

Some of these tools include cleavers, scissors, and ceramic knives, among others. These sharpeners can be a bonus for you.


Product FAQ

How Does This Senzu Knife Sharpener Work?

The principle of how this tool works is quite straightforward. There are several materials that can be used to sharpen knives. Therefore, the abrasive material should always be tougher than the blade.

The sharpening head of the Senzu sharpener is made from premium diamond abrasive, which can handle any blade. So, to sharpen your blade, you must pull it through the slots, and you will have your knife razor-sharp and shining in no time.

Can I Sharpen My Pair of Scissors Using This Sharpener?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You should never sharpen any kind of scissors with this knife sharpener. Instead, look for another sharpener that is made for sharpening scissors.

Can Senzu Knife Sharpener Damage My Blade?

Damages can be prevented by using the right sharpener for the right type of blade. Remember, some sharpeners cannot handle long blades. Fortunately, Senzu sharpener can sharpen any blade irrespective of the size, and it won’t damage your blade.

How Often Should I Use This Sharpener?

Depending on how often you use your blade, you can end up using a sharpener even thrice a day or even twice a year. Chefs use their knives every day and, in some cases, several times a day.

Therefore, they need to use a sharpener after a few cuts. A regularly sharpened blade never gets dull. However, blades made from carbon steel or stainless steel should be sharpened after every use.

Can I Sharpen My Partially Serrated Blade With a Senzu Knife Sharpener?

No, manual pull-through and electric knife sharpeners are not the best tools for dealing with serrated blades. The right tool for sharpening serrated blades is the ceramic honing rod.

Final Thoughts

Working with blunt blades can be more dangerous than using a sharp one. And as most chefs will tell you, cutting ingredients with blunt blades is tedious. But with Senzu sharpener, you will never have to worry about this problem again.

This is a high-quality tool that can sharpen various blades, including a tactical, chef, German, and Japanese knives.

Senzu sharpener is an excellent tool that can compete with all the high-end sharpeners. Its 3-stage sharpening system can give your dull and old knife a new look. And the fine slot can re-sharpen your already sharp blade every time before you use it. Please click here to check out this sharpener.

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