Snapsafe Gun Safes Reviews: Heavy Duty Security You Can Lift

Are you looking for a gun safe that you can easily move from one location to another, whenever you want? If so, you should consider investing in a modular gun safe.

Modular gun safes serve the functions of a traditional gun safe. However, they come in multiple pieces that need to be assembled. This kind of construction allows you to easily dismantle your safe, move it piece-by-piece to the location you want, and then quickly re-assemble it.

Snapsafe is one of the frontrunners in the modular gun safe market. By the time you finish reading these Snapsafe reviews, you’ll have a clear idea of what modular gun safes have to offer and be able to decide if they are ideal for you.

Most Popular Model

Snapsafe offers a range of firearm storage options, but if you check out one thing among these Snapsafe reviews, it’s that the Snapsafe Titan 12-gun modular safe is their most popular model. It is the smallest of the Titan gun safe series and can fit at least 12 firearms. It is also reasonably priced and offers the security of a traditional welded safe.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow, and the assembly process is simple and straightforward. The safe arrives in pieces with a tool kit that includes door handles, nuts, washers, shelf supports, and a wrench for assembly.


Snapsafe Gun Safe Reviews

SnapSafe Titan 12-Gun Modular Gun Safe

SnapSafe holds a reputation for making some of the best modular gun safes, and the SnapSafe Titan 12-gun safe is no exception. This safe features thick, nine-gauge steel exterior walls giving you as much security as you would get from a conventional gun safe in a far more convenient format.

SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe, Storage for Firearms and Valuables for Home or Office, Security Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Fire Protection, Measures 59"H x 22"W x 17.5"D- Matte Black

Key Features

  • 400 pounds
  • 2300°F, 60 minutes Fire Shield Protection
  • Sledgehammer and Pry-Resistant Solid-Steel Door
  • Total of nine-gauge exterior walls
  • Heat-activated door seals
  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) internal panels
  • Lined interior
  • Customizable lined shelving
  • Pre-cut holes for floor mounting

To enhance security, this safe is fitted with a 3/16-inch solid steel non-breach seal deadbolt that can resist a sledgehammer or a pry-bar. It also features eight, one-inch chrome steel live bolts, which work together with a spring-loaded re-locker to prevent tampering.

The inside of the safe features a nine-slot full gun rack and adjustable shelves. These storage options provide enough room for at least 12 long-barrel guns. You also get some room for your firearm accessories and other valuables.

We like that, despite its bulk and security, this safe is easy to move thanks to the modular design. However, that does mean you have to assemble it, and some users report the fireproofing on the inside can be a bit tricky to place.


  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Heavy, non-breach steel door
  • Modular


  • Some units tricky to assemble

The Titan is our choice top choice from the Snapsafe line thanks to its durability, ease of use, and well-fitted size for most gun owners.

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SnapSafe 75050R Modular Gun Cabinet

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight but sturdy modular gun safe, the SnapSafe 75050R  would be a good pick for you.

Key Features

  • 55 pounds
  • 20-gauge steel body coated with a protective powder
  • Strong three-point locking system
  • Removable shelves for ample and convenient storage
  • Eight-gun adhesive-backed rifle rest

The 75050R is built with 20-gauge steel. This steel is coated with powder on both the inside and outside, giving the safe a sleek look while enhancing the security of your guns.

It also offers several storage options. It has a shelf at the top that can hold a couple of pistols, a few boxes of ammunition, and some other valuables that you want to store securely.

Besides the shelf, there’s also an adhesive-backed rifle rest. This can accommodate up to four long-barrel firearms. Keeping your rifles here ensures they are safe from scuffs and scratches as they don’t rub against the steel walls.

This gun safe is equipped with a keyed-entry lock. It comes with two keys, so you don’t have to get worried about how to access your stuff if you misplace one key.  This safe weighs about 55 pounds and is quite easy to move around.

We like how the simple design, lightweight, 52.8-inch height, and sturdy construction make the 75050R a great entry-level modular gun safe. However, if you want a gun safe with more advanced features, you may want to look at other Snapsafe models.


  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple storage options
  • Tall


  • Limited advanced features
  • Poor quality rifle rest

The 75050-R is our pick for the best portable safe from Snapsafe. It is ideal for those who need to be able to move their guns easily, but still want to keep them safe from children.

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SnapSafe 75011 Super Titan Modular Gun Safe

Conventional, large gun safes can be expensive. If you are looking for a capacious gun safe but are working with a limited budget, the SnapSafe 75011 Super Titan Modular gun safe would be a better choice. With the Super Titan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a conventional safe at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • 550 pounds
  • 2300°F, 60 minutes Fire Shield protection
  • Sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant solid steel door
  • Heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel door
  • Heavy-duty, nine-gauge steel body
  • SecuRam™ Digital Lock and spring-loaded re-locker
  • Customizable lined shelves
  • Eight, one-inch chrome steel live locking bolts
  • Lined interior
  • 24-gun capacity
  • Pre-cut holes for floor mounting

The Super Titan utilizes a Kwik-Lock Modular Assembly system making it easy to assemble. The only tool you need is the wrench that it comes with it.

The safe also comes with pre-cut holes for easy bolting to the floor. It features a fully-lined interior with enough room to accommodate at least 24 long-barrel guns. The safe has a number of security features.

Namely, it has nine-gauge exterior walls and heat-activated doors. It can withstand temperatures up to 2300o Fahrenheit for 60 minutes, so in the event of fire, you can be certain that your firearms and other valuables will remain secure.

We like the balance this safe strikes between size and usability. The capacity is well suited to most gun owners and allows for some extra storage to boot. There isn’t really anything about this safe we don’t like—though for this build quality, while it is cheaper than non-modular choices, the price is higher than some more budget options. Depending on your needs, you may be able to scale down.


  • Great utility
  • Multiple storage options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks great, thanks to the powder coat finish


  • Expensive

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SnapSafe Super Titan XL Double-Door Gun Safe

If you have more than 24 guns, you can consider investing in the SnapSafe Super Titan XL double-door gun safe.

SnapSafe Super Titan XL Digital Modular Safe, Storage for Firearms and Valuables for Home or Office, Security Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Fire Protection, Measures 59"H x 38"W x 24"D- Matte Black

Key Features

  • 900 pounds
  • 2300°F, 60 minutes Fire Shield protection
  • Heavy-duty, nine-gauge two-ply steel body
  • Heat-activated door fire seals
  • MgO constructed internal panels
  • SecuRam SafeLogic Digital Lock  with override key
  • Eight, one-inch steel live locking bolts
  • 36-gun capacity (long guns)
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Lined interior
  • Powder coated finish
  • Pre-cut holes for floor mounting

The 660-pound Super Titan XL double-door gun safe is designed to accommodate as many as 36 long-barrel guns. There aren’t a lot of brands with gun storage this size, not even Champion.

This modular safe is also easy to transport and assemble. It utilizes the SnapSafe modular assembly system, which ensures the walls are locked together from the inside. You only need a socket wrench to put it together.   

Here’s an assembly video:

For added security, this safe features eight live-locking bolts. The hinges are also protected by a breach-resistant seal. After closing and locking the safe, it can’t be dismantled from the outside. You can’t even remove the door when the safe is locked.

Another remarkable feature of this safe is that you can configure it to suit various needs. It is equipped with one full gun rack, one full shelf, two halve shelves, and a split shelf. If these storage options aren’t enough for your needs, you have the option of purchasing additional shelves.

We love the space and versatility the SuperTitan XL offers—and the heavy-duty security—but, like the Super Titan, these benefits come with a price tag to match.


  • Customizable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can easily fit into tight space
  • All assembly tools include


  • Very heavy – It’s advisable to find space to assemble it permanently.

The Super Titan XL is the best Snapsafe model for those with large collections.

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SnapSafe 75400 Under-Bed Safe

If you want a secure storage solution for your firearms but don’t have sufficient space in your home for a standing gun safe, you may consider the SnapSafe 75400 under-bed Safe.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400, Matte Black, Gun Storage and Security

Key Features

  • Capacious slide-out drawer
  • Fully programmable digital lock with override key
  • Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel body
  • Thick, pry-resistant door
  • Strong three-foot anchor cable
  • Pre-cut holes for permanent installation

The SnapSafe 75400 is designed to hold at least two long-barrel guns and two handguns. You can also get some room for ammunition and other prized items. The SnapSafe 75400 is built with high-strength 14-gauge steel, which ensures unauthorized users can’t break in easily.

The security is enhanced by an electronic keypad, which can be unlocked by a three to eight-digit code. This safe also comes with an override key in case you forget your code or the keypad malfunctions. Additionally, the SnapSafe 75400 features a pry-resistant door. It comes with pre-cut holes to facilitate secure and permanent mounting.

The safe also comes with a strong tether cable that you can connect to any surface like your bed. While it is sturdy enough to deter burglary and prying, the SnapSafe 75400 may not be a great alternative to a full-size gun safe featuring thicker gauge steel. However, it would be a great choice if you want a temporary but secure storage solution for your firearm, or theft is not a concern for you.


  • Solid construction
  • Space efficient
  • Highly portable
  • Tamper-proof
  • Padded tray to preserve firearm quality


  • 14-gauge steel is quite light
  • Limited storage capacity

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Company Overview

A subsidiary of Hornady, SnapSafe is one of the major players in the modular gun safe market. The company focuses on providing gun safes that are broken down into multiple components. They are unlike the conventional safes, which are welded together into gigantic, bulky storage units.  

Modular safes are shipped as a flat pack. This allows you to carry your safe easily, piece-by-piece, to the desired assembly location. Once they are fully assembled, SnapSafe modular safes remain solid and impenetrable like their welded counterparts.

These safes have a fire rating of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit at 60 minutes. That is much more than the industry standard, and twice the resistance of other popular brands. You can rest assured that your firearms, important documents, jewelry, and even money are safe from fire and burglary.  

With SnapSafe, you get a great value for the money. The products come with a lifetime warranty. The company also has excellent customer service to ensure you have a great experience purchasing and using their products.

Final Thoughts

Modular gun safes are rapidly gaining popularity among gun owners. They have loads of advantages over conventional safes. They are easier to move since you can easily dismantle and re-assemble them after getting to your desired location.

There are many brands of modular gun safes on the market, but SnapSafe produces some of the most reliable units, and their fire resistant to boot. We hope that these SnapSafe reviews will help you chose the right modular gun safe for your needs. 

If you want to view more gun safe options, you can go to our list of the most reliable gun safes or our picks of fireproof safes.

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